Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 2. Jiang Xuening blames Xie Wei for what he did. But he claims that he did it for justice. He thinks he had his mercy for letting her be alive. He reveals he didn’t kill her because she didn’t remember what he said.

Story of Kunning Palace Episode 2 Recap

Story of Kunning Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 2.

Jiang Xuening worries that Xie Wei will kill her if he finds out what she did. She asks the maid if Xie Wei visits often. The maid comforts Jiang Xuening that she doesn’t have to worry about it because Xie Wei is gentle. Xie Wei plays zither in his room.

He asks his follower about Jiang Xuening’s personality. The follower Jian Shu thinks Jiang Xuening is very smart. Xie Wei is surprised that Yan Lin didn’t note it since Jian Shu has noted it. Jian Shu realizes that Xie Wei went to Jiang family for Yan Lin.

Xie Wei thinks he should be careful of Jiang Xuening because the beauty is good at concealing her feelings. He reveals he went to capital with Jiang Xuening. He didn’t find another side of her. He believes that she knew his illness when they encountered the snowstorm.

Xie Wei thinks Jiang Xuening pretended to be a silly girl. He asks Jian Shu to send someone to watch Jiang Xuening. Jian Shu wonders if they need to remind Yan Lin. Xie Wei rejects it because he doesn’t wish others to know the relationship of him and Yan Lin.

Jiang Xuening writes down Xie Wei’s name. She thinks she ignored a lot of details in her previous life. She doesn’t know the relationship of Xie Wei and Yan Lin. She wonders if Xie Wei will believe her if she continues to pretend to be a fool.

She decides to join Xie Wei. But she owns nothing. She plans to go against him. It flashes back. Jiang Xuening asks Xie Wei how long he will lock her up. He points out that she used everyone for living in the palace. He thinks she shouldn’t complain.

She scolds him and she claims that Emperor let her manage the nation. He thinks she cannot let the people listen to her with the seal. He tries to leave her palace. She keeps him. She asks him about the relationship of him and Yan Lin. But he tells her that she’s not innocence.

Jiang Xuening plans to let Xie Wei fall for her. But she gives up the mind. Yan Lin returns home. His father Yan Mu promises to make a proposal to Jiang family after Yan Lin’s coronation. Yan Lin asks Yan Mu not to regret because he only loves Jiang Xuening all his life.

Yan Mu tells Yan Lin to ask Jiang Xuening about her feelings. Because he doesn’t wish his son to be hurt. Yan Lin reveals he’s going to confess his feelings to Jiang Xuening. He tells his father to prepare the wedding gift. Aunt Yang applies the ointment on Madam Meng’s wound. She tells her to have a good talk with Jiang Xuening.

But Madam Meng thinks it won’t be changed even if she does something good. She reveals she thought of Wan Niang when she saw Jiang Xuening. She complains to Aunt Yang that the ointment doesn’t work because she has used it for four years.

Master Jiang is happy to return home. He reveals he defeated Xie Wei. Madam Meng wonders why her husband became a friend of Xie Wei. She thinks Xie Wei is just the crown prince’s teacher. Master Jiang reveals Emperor likes Xie Wei very much. He believes that Xie Wei will have a good future.

He reveals Empress Dowager is looking for a studying partner for Elder Princess. Madam Meng wishes Jiang Xuehui to get the position. She believes that Jiang Xuehui will marry a good husband if she comes Elder Princess’s studying partner.

Master Jiang mentions what Jiang Xuening said that Madam Meng is biased. Madam Meng gets angry after she realized that her husband plans to let Jiang Xuening get into the palace. She reminds him that Jiang Xuening will get them involved if Jiang Xuening brings trouble.

Master Jiang agrees to what her wife said that Jiang Xuehui is suitable for the position. But he points out that Jiang Xuening won’t let it go if she knows they made the decision on their own. Madam Meng thinks they shouldn’t listen to Jiang Xuening.

Master Jiang plans to look for a chance to tell it to Jiang Xuening. Jiang Xuening remembers Yan Lin told her that she’s a liar. She wakes up from the nightmare. She hears the maid blaming Yan Lin for climbing to the tree. She walks out of her house.

The maid reveals Yan Lin cast the stone to her. She asks Jiang Xuening to do the justice for her. Yan Lin tells the maid that Jiang Xuening favors him. The maid is furious to leave. Yan Lin invites Jiang Xuening to attend the lantern festival with him.

Jiang Xuening remembers the elder princess Shen Zhiyi fell for her at the festival because she dressed up to be a man. Shen Zhiyi gave her a hard time after she became her studying partner. Jiang Xuening decides not to make the same mistake.

She tells Yan Lin that she doesn’t want to attend the lantern festival because she feels uncomfortable. Master Jiang shows up. He blames Yan Lin for climbing over his wall. He reveals there’re many girls in Jiang family. But Yan Lin only wants to see Jiang Xuening.

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Master Jiang lets Jiang Xuening hide behind him. He uses the bamboo pole to drive Yan Lin. But he trips. Yan Lin flies. Jiang Xuening helps her father get up. She reminds him that he will be late if he doesn’t go to the palace. He leaves. She plans not to run into Xie Wei because he was her teacher in her previous life.

Story of Kunning Palace Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Story of Kunning Palace ends with Yan Lin seeing Xue Shu. He worries that she will hurt Jiang Xuening. He plans to walk to Xue Shu. But Shen Jie stops Yan Lin. He thinks the girls are painting. Shen Zhiyi finds out that Jiang Xuening doesn’t take action. She thinks she doesn’t know how to paint.

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