My Sweet Mobster: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for My Sweet Mobster: Episode 2. Ji-Hwan’s followers carrie Ji-Hwan into the ambulance. Eun-Ha sees the ambulance off. Ji-Hwan’s followers are preparing the funeral for Ji-Hwan in the ward. But Ji-Hwan tells them that he’s not dead.

Ji-Hwan wakes up. Il-Young shows him the photo that he fractured the 5th and 6th ribs. Ji-Hwan remembers Eun-Ha hit him with the mop. The followers pretend to cry. Ji-Hwan lets them leave his ward. He remembers Eun-Ha’s smiling. He looks into her and he finds out that she’s a WeTuber.

Eun-Ha blowing bubbles

Hyun-Woo is at home. He watches Eun-Ha’s footage. He sees her catching the thief. He thinks she’s better than him. He goes to his office. Chief Oh reports to him that Ji-Hwan beat someone at Yang-Hee’s club. He thinks it’s a small case. But Hyun-Woo disagrees. He thinks Ji-Hwan had no reason to go to Yang-Hee’s club. Because Ji-Hwan hates Yang-Hee.

Ji-Hwan watches Eun-Ha’s video. She is happy to make bubbles in the video. He smiles. He sees her blowing the bubbles to him. He’s startled to close the video. But he sees her in the bubbles. He’s furious to break the bubbles except the last one.

Eun-Ha shows up. Ji-Hwan mistakes her as a bubble. He rushes to her and he tries to hit her with the stick. He stops and he pokes her face. He learns that she’s not a bubble. Jae-Soo trains with his colleagues in a gym. He thinks Eun-Ha is a killer who was sent by Cat Gang.

Eun-Ha gives the soy milk to Ji-Hwan because she thinks it’s good for his health. She tries to leave. But his followers visit him. He lets Eun-Ha lie in the bed. He puts the cover on her. He lies in the bed with her when his followers walk into the ward.

Jae-Soo reports to Ji-Hwan that Eun-Ha is related to Cat Gang. He plans to beat the girl. But Ji-Hwan tells Jae-Soo not to touch Eun-Ha. He lets him leave his ward. Eun-Ha and Ji-Hwan have an eye contact after Ji-Hwan’s followers left. They’re startled to get off the bed.

Eun-Ha meets with Mi-Ho at Mi-Ho’s cafe. Eun-Ha reveals Ji-Hwan knows where she works and he was a gang member. She notes that someone uploaded her video. She goes to her company Macaron Soft. She finds Director Lee in the office. Young-Ho is happy to see Eun-Ha. He thinks she’s a new star. It makes her realize that he was the one who uploaded her video.

He takes her to his office. He plays the video. He reveals the video got 2.5 million views. But she points out that Director Lee edited the video with evil intention. She claims that she doesn’t want to be famous. Ji-Hwan watches Eun-Ha’s video when he drinks the milk Eun-Ha gave to him. He sees another video. He finds out that Jae-Soo is introduced to be a villain.

Hyun-Woo sees the video as well. He wonders what happened. Eun-Ha passes by the restroom. She hears the colleagues thinking she planned it. Ye-Na reminds the colleagues that Eun-Ha can hear what they say. Eun-Ha shows up. She claims that she didn’t post the video. The colleagues leave the restroom. Ye-Na tells Eun-Ha to be right if she wants to be a hero.

Yang-Hee is very happy after he watched the video. He thinks Ji-Hwan will be busy. Jae-Soo throws a fit to Ji-Hwan in the ward after knowing Eun-Ha wronged him to be a villain. But Ji-Hwan doesn’t believe that Eun-Ha did that. Il-Young reminds Ji-Hwan that the agency couldn’t post the video if Eun-Ha didn’t agree to it.

Hyun-Woo takes Eun-Ha’s side when he talks about the video with Section Chief Oh. It makes Section Chief Oh believe that Hyun-Woo has feelings for the girl. He reveals Ji-Hwan visited the Cat Club for looking for his employee. Ji-Hwan takes Il-Young to visit Macaron Soft.

Young-Ho and Director Lee meet them. Il-Young claims that he will sue Macaron Soft. Young-Ho explains it to Il-Young and Ji-Hwan that the video was posted by Eun-Ha. He intends to fire Eun-Ha. But Ji-Hwan thinks it’s enough if Young-Ho deletes the video.

Eun-Ha sneaks into Director Lee’s office. She gets the original video from Director Lee’s desk. She sees Ji-Hwan who just left Young-Ho’s office. She stops him and she explains it to him that she didn’t post the video. But he doesn’t trust her and he thinks she did it for money.

Ji-Hwan gets off the elevator. He runs into Ye-Na. Ye-Na gets in the elevator. She realizes something. She goes to chase him. But he’s missing. Eun-Ha is on the way home in the evening. She passes by the convenience store. She sees the store owner throwing Thirsty Deer’s sausages out of the store.

Il-Young walks into Ji-Hwan’s office. He reports it to him that there’re many stores refusing to accept their sausages. Ji-Hwan thinks they shouldn’t get angry. Jae-Soo watches the video alone in his office. He regrets for beating the man. Man-Ho tears up when he thinks about that he worked hard on the sausages.

Eun-Ha is at home. She sits in front of her laptop. She posts the original video. Director Lee scolds Eun-Ha in the office after he found out that she stole the original video. But she points out that he edited the video first. Ji-Hwan watches the original video in his ward. He finds out that Jae-Soo beat the man after the man bullied his employee Dong-Hee.

Ji-Hwan wonders why Eun-Ha posted the video. Il-Young thinks he was wrong that Eun-Ha can control her channel. Ji-Hwan remembers she was rude to Eun-Ha. Eun-Ha arrives at the hospital. Ji-Hwan runs into her. He avoids her and he tails her.

He finds out that she’s taking a class in the room for the kids patients. The nurse reveals Eun-Ha is a volunteer. The little girl pushes the little boy. Eun-Ha lets the little girl apologize to the little boy. She visits Ji-Hwan’s ward. But he doesn’t open the door. She leaves a present and she walks away.

Eun-Ha leaves the hospital. She goes to the convenience store to buy wine. Ji-Hwan walks alone the street. He sees Eun-Ha walking out of the convenience store. She enjoys the beer at the bus stop. She sees Ji-Hwan. She wonders why he’s there.

He claims that he came to drink beer. She reveals she left something to him. They apologize to each other. They part. Ji-Hwan returns to his ward. He finds the bag Eun-Ha mentioned. He takes out the apology letter and an apple from the bag.

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Eun-Ha walks on the street. Mi-Ho talks with her over the phone. She thinks Eun-Ha will run into Hyun-Woo. Hyun-Woo sees Eun-Ha when he crosses the street. He tries to tell her to be careful when it’s a red light. But she runs away and she gets in a cab after she saw the news. Hyun-Woo takes a look at the big screen. He learns that there were 42 kids sent to hospital after they drank the milk.

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Ji-Hwan is going to leave the hospital. He sees Eun-Ha running into the hospital. She breaks into the little boy Cheol’s ward when she remembers she gave the milk to the kid. She finds out that he’s fine. She sees the milk. She takes away the milk and she sees the kids sent to the hospital because they drank the milk. One of the kids’ mother recognizes Eun-Ha. She pushes her over. The man is furious to throw the milk to Eun-Ha. Ji-Hwan blocks it with his body. Eun-Ha looks up. She sees Ji-Hwan. He lets her close her eyes and count to ten when she stares at him.

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