My Sweet Mobster: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for My Sweet Mobster: Episode 3. Ji-Hwan stops the car. He returns to the hospital. He sees the news on the big screen in the lobby. He learns that the milk Eun-Ha promoted caused some kids to be poisoned. He helps Eun-Ha when the angry father throws the milk to her.

Ji-Hwan carries Eun-Ha. He tells the angry father to throw the milk to the milk company. He carries Eun-Ha out of the hospital. He drops her when she threatens to call police. He explains it to her that he did it because he worried about her. She tells him that it’s not his business. She finds out that his coat is wet.

Ye-Na shaming Eun-Ha

She tries to return to the hospital. He blocks her way. He persuades her not to take the duty. But she rejects it because she promoted the milk. Il-Young shows up. He lets the two get in the car. Ji-Hwan and Eun-Ha are in the car.

Eun-Ha mentions she trusted the company and she fled. Ji-Hwan thinks it was a fight. But Eun-Ha disagrees. She thinks the parents were just upset. He gives the medicine to her. He reminds her that she was hurt. Mi-Ho is outside her store to throw trash.

She sees Il-Young getting off the car. He smiles at her and he opens the car door for Eun-Ha. Mi-Ho is surprised to see Eun-Ha. Il-Young gives his business card to Eun-Ha. He tells her to call him if she needs a ride. She tries to leave with Mi-Ho. But Ji-Hwan shows her the stains on his suit. She volunteers to wash his clothes.

Ji-Hwan returns home with Il-Young. He tries to ask him something. But Il-Young knows Ji-Hwan wishes to learn how to comfort a woman when she’s upset. He persuades him to share his feelings with Eun-Ha. Eun-Ha watches the milk news at Mi-Ho’s store. Mi-Ho turns off the TV.

She persuades Eun-Ha to go home. She wonders if she became Ji-Hwan’s friend. She takes out the medicine Ji-Hwan bought. Mi-Ho dresses Eun-Ha’s wound. Eun-Ha reveals Hyun-Woo comforted her when the loan sharks broke into her house and they threw a fit to her mother.

Ji-Hwan thinks about how to comfort Eun-Ha in his room. Eun-Ha visits the doctor at the hospital. He reveals all of the kids returned home except one. She runs into the mother who recognized her. She hands over the drink to her when they sits together on the bench.

The mother wonders if the drink is safe to drink. Eun-Ha apologizes to the mother. The mother reveals her daughter is Eun-Ha’s fan. We see Eun-Ha accompanies the kid when the kid’s mother doesn’t have time to accompany her. The mother agrees to what Ji-Hwan said that she shouldn’t blame Eun-Ha. She leaves. Eun-Ha tears up.

Young-Ho asks Eun-Ha to take the duty when they’re in his office. She decides to take a break. She walks out of his office. Ye-Na sees Eun-Ha. She follows her to the elevator. She invites her to clean her house. Eun-Ha rejects it. Ye-Na asks Eun-Ha about Ji-Hwan.

Dong-Hee reports to Ji-Hwan that he helped the kids get the best treatment. He leaves his office and he sees Ye-Na. Eun-Ha leaves Macaron Soft. She gets a call from Officer Song. She hangs up. Hyun-Woo walks into the office when Officer Song just ended the talk. He asks her what happened.

Officer Song explains it to Hyun-Woo that she wanted to ask Eun-Ha about the case of the Cat Club. He gets the paper from her. He calls Eun-Ha. But she thinks it’s a voice phishing. He learns that she’s taking a break. He asks her about the Cat Club case.

Ye-Na is surprised that Ji-Hwan doesn’t know her. She reveals she came to settle the debt. She gives the debt paper to him. But he tells her that she mistook him for another person. He leaves his office. Eun-Ha is looking for a job. She remembers Ye-Na invited her to clean her house.

Ji-Hwan visits Cat Hotel with the coffee. The men in the hotel are startled. Ji-Hwan reveals he just came to see Yang-Hee. Section Chief Oh returns to his office. He thinks Ji-Hwan and Eun-Ha are fated. But Hyun-Woo disagrees. Section Chief Oh reveals Ji-Hwan’s employee Yoon-Taek worked for a drug ring. But Yoon-Taek betrayed his friends.

Ji-Hwan walks into Yang-Hee’s office. He throws the candy drug to the floor. He claims that he will take Yoon-Taek back. Ji-Hwan stays in the gym alone. Il-Young finds him. Ji-Hwan learns that Yoon-Taek took care of his brother well. He accepts the truth that Yoon-Taek is going to take the evil path. But he still misses the happy hour they spent together.

Eun-Ha looks at Ji-Hwan’s clothes in her room. She remembers he carried her at the hospital. She finds a button from the pocket of his clothes. She sews the button. She wears his clothes in front of a mirror. She receives a message from Ye-Na who asks her to come to her house.

Ji-Hwan finds out that Eun-Ha deleted all of her videos from her channel. He’s not happy. Eun-Ha visits Ye-Na. She finds out that her house is very nice. Ye-Na leaves her house. Ji-Hwan is lost in his room. Il-Young walks into his room. He persuades Ji-Hwan to go out. But Ji-Hwan rejects it. He claims that he doesn’t have a coat. But Il-Young finds out that there’re many coat in Ji-Hwan’s room. Ji-Hwan wonders if Eun-Ha called him.

Eun-Ha cleans Ye-Na’s house. She sees many awards there. She wishes to be like Ye-Na. She remembers Ye-Na thought she didn’t work hard enough. Mi-Ho calls Eun-Ha in her hair salon. Eun-Ha doesn’t pick up Mi-Ho’s phone. Il-Young walks into the salon. Mi-Ho falls for him.

He asks her to wash his hair. She tells him to take off his jacket. She ties his shoe. He gives a present to her. She gets a call from Eun-Ha. She gets angry after knowing her friend is working for Ye-Na. Il-Young sends a message to Ji-Hwan. He asks him to come to take his suit.

Eun-Ha tries to leave Ye-Na’s house. But Ye-Na returns with the colleagues. Ye-Na ran into the colleagues at the mall. She invited them to her house. Ye-Na reveals she invited Eun-Ha as well. But the girl knows Eun-Ha cleaned for Ye-Na after she saw the trash Eun-Ha is holding. Eun-Ha leaves. Ye-Na tails her.

Ji-Hwan arrives at the building for taking his suit. He sees Eun-Ha walking out of the building. He avoids her. Ye-Na gives one thousand dollars to Eun-Ha. Eun-Ha thinks it’s too much. Ye-Na wonders why Eun-Ha didn’t say anything since she knew she shamed her.

She reveals she hates her because she treated the job as a joke. But Eun-Ha confesses that she did it for the kids. She tries to leave. But Ye-Na makes her notice Ji-Hwan. Eun-Ha leaves. She goes to a street bar. Ji-Hwan finds her. He drinks with her. She mistakes that he’s interested in Ye-Na’s channel. He denies it.

Hyun-Woo is working at home. He remembers Eun-Ha gave her umbrella to him when it’s raining outside. He takes out the umbrella. Eun-Ha reveals the mobsters brought trouble to her when she was a kid. She wishes Ji-Hwan not to be a mobster.

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He mistakes the wine for the soda. He drinks it and he’s drunk. She tries to call a cab because she cannot carry him. She finds out that he’s missing. She goes to look for him and she finds him at a playground. They’re on the swings. They have fun.

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Eun-Ha remembers she stood on the swing when she was with Hyun-Woo. She stands on the swing like she did before. Ji-Hwan praises her. She reveals she’s not good at everything. But he brings up that she’s good at making bubbles. It makes her realize that he watched her other videos. They chase each other at the playground. They lie on the ground together. Ji-Hwan persuades Eun-Ha to continue to make videos. Because he likes them.

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