One the Woman: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 1. The van parks in front of the nightclub, some thugs get off the van. They hold the sticks. Inside the nightclub, Yeon-Joo meets with Ki-Man. She tells him that they’re different people when she rotates the wine glass. She places the wine glass on the table.

One the Woman: Episode 1 Recap

One the Woman

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 1.

Young-Sik takes a look at the wine glass. Seung-Deok breaks into the room. He has a seat on his own after Young-Sik’s follower left. He tells him that nobody will find out his crime after he threw the papers to the table. He leaves after he got a call from someone.

Yeon-Joo tells Ki-Man not to be nervous, and promises to protect him. He laughs and gives the letter which contains cash to her. She puts the letter into her pocket. Some gangsters break into the nightclub and begin to ruin the night club. Ki-Man tells Yeon-Joo to flee.

But Yeon-Joo chooses to face Woo-Bum. She tells him not to do that. Ki-Man introduces Yeon-Joo as the successor of the gang. Woo-Bum doesn’t understand it. He tries to slap Yeon-Joo. But she breaks his hand, and beats other gangsters.

Yoo-Joon runs into Yeon-Joo. He tells her that his follower saw her in the nightclub. He thinks she took money from Ki-Man, and tells her that she will be arrested. He thinks she has changed. Yeon-Joo spots Seung-Deok and runs to follow him. She takes away the gift from the woman.

Yeon-Joo greets Seung-Deok and shows her wallet to him. He finds out that his photo is in the wallet. It makes him happy. But the prosecutor brings up Bong-Sik and makes Yeon-Joo embarrassed. She sees the two off with smiling. She tells herself not to be influence by the two jerks.

Yeon-Joo laughs to turn around. She sees Yoo-Joon. He tells her that Bong-Sik is Seung-Deok’s follower now. He tries to tell her more about it. But she pushes him away because the place is suitable for the talk. She runs away.

Mi-Na walks into the dressing room. She takes a look at the dress. She wears the dress and walks in the living room. Myung-Won throws the box to Mi-Na. She yells at her for getting Sung-Woon involved. She slaps her. Sung-Hye stops Myung-Won because she worries that the workers will spot it.

Myung-Won points out that those guys won’t walk into the room. She tells Mi-Na not to have self-esteem because her mother is a concubine. Mi-Na goes to second floor. Sung-Hye asks Myung-Won why she scolded Mi-Na instead of her son. Myung-Won says that she wants to give Mi-Na a lesson.

Seung-Deok summons Yeon-Joo to his office. He tells her to accept the case of Hanju family. Jae-Hee tells Mi-Na that Myung-Won threw a fit to him because of her son. She shows the news to Sung-Mi. It makes Sung-Mi laugh. Jae-Hee tells Mi-Na to persuade Sung-Woon. But Mi-Na points out that her husband won’t take her suggestion. She walks away.

Sung-Mi thinks Jae-Hee doesn’t need to worry about her husband because the guy passed away. Jae-Hee is furious to break the flower. Yeon-Joo walks into her office. Sun-Kyung reports to her that the guy is sitting on the couch and waiting for her. Yeon-Joo thinks the guy is too arrogant. Dong-Young reveals the guy is Chairman Song’s relative.

The guy tells Yeon-Joo that he beat the plaintiff because he said something which made him angry. He promises her the position in Songseong Group. Yeon-Joo thinks the guy is very funny. She gets a call from Chairman Song. Young-Sik returns home and finds out that his son doesn’t attend the family banquet. He mentions Sung-Woon made a trouble.

Sung-Hye comforts Young-Sik that she resolved the problem. Mi-Na serves the families and makes sure everyone is satisfied with her. But Myung-Won still tells Mi-Na to get lost. Mi-Na closes her eyes. Yeon-Joo meets with Chairman Song at the restaurant. She blames him for not giving money to her. He explains that he doesn’t trust her because she didn’t do any bad thing with him.

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Yeon-Joo leaves the restaurant and gets in her car. She gets a call from Pil-Kyu who’s beating Chairman Song’s relative. She tells him that he has a new task. Yeon-Joo returns to the office. She tells her colleagues that she decides to look into Bong-Sik. But she doesn’t want Seung-Deok to know it. Yeon-Joo gets in the car. She takes out her wallet which contains the family photo of her and her grandma. She takes a look at the family photo.

It flashes back. Yeon-Joo rides the bicycle alone the street. She sees the car passing through her. She finds out that her grandma passes out. She cries to call the hospital, asking for a help. But she’s told that all of the ambulances were send out.

So-Yi parks the car at the parking lot. She yells at Sung-Woon, asking him for not using his phone. He complains that people dislike him because of the article. She asks him to get off her car. So he shows his lovely face to her. It makes her kiss him.

So-Yi asks Sung-Woon if she’s pretty. He praises her and gives her a kiss. He gets off her car and intends to see her off. But he’s startled after he saw Mi-Na. He yells at her that she startled his woman. She mentions the article and asks him if he wants to conceal his woman.

So-Yi gets off her car. She tells Mi-Na that she and Sung-Woon are in love. Mi-Na thinks So-Yi is cheeky. So-Yi claims that she walked Sung-Woon home in the evening. She walks away. Yeon-Joo takes a look at Bong-Sik’s photo. She thinks he will go to the auction. But she’s lack of the invitation card.

Yoo-Joon hands over the invitation card to Yeon-Joo. She praises him and wears a beautiful dress. But he thinks it’s not suitable for the auction. So he asks her to get changed. Yeon-Joo gets a call from Hak-Tae who asks for a meeting up. Yeon-Joo asks Yoo-Joon about Hak-Tae. He tells her that the guy is a good person. But she thinks the meeting up is a trap.

Myung-Won walks out of her room. She notes that Mi-Na is waiting for her. She asks her why she does so. Mi-Na explains that she wants her to take a look at her dress. Sung-Hye tells Myung-Won that she asked Mi-Na to go to the auction.

Myung-Won walks away after she took a look at Mi-Na’s dress. Mi-Na thanks Sung-Hye for helping her. Sung-Hye tells Mi-Na that she knows that she doesn’t want to stay with them. Sung-Mi asks Mi-Na for buying her the shoes. She walks away.

Yeon-Joo arrives at the auction. She spots a woman who is like her. Bong-Sik shows up. Yeon-Joo calls him. He sees her and begins to flee. She chases him and takes off her shoes. Bong-Sik jumps off the second floor. He runs away. Mi-Na meets with the woman and asks for the paintings. She calls someone after the woman went to take the paintings.

Yeon-Joo chases Bong-Sik to the parking lot. But he’s missing. She takes a look at the mirror and sees herself. She remembers the woman she saw at the auction. The car hits her. She’s sent to the hospital. Kyung-Shin goes to the dressing room and finds out that the dresses are there. She goes to watch the footage. She’s told that Mi-Na didn’t pick up the phone.

The Hanju families are listening to the speech of the priest. Young-Sik takes out the phone from his pocket. He’s told that Mi-Na’s families passed away from the plane crash. Hanju families return home and watch the news. Young-Sik turns off the TV. He wants to know Mi-Na’s whereabouts.

Eun-Hwa arrives at the funeral. The follower bows to her, and tells her that he found chairman’s dead body. Eun-Hwa thinks the only thing she can do is to wait. She cries in front of the chairman’s photo. She passes out. Kyung-Shin finds out that Mi-Na was hit by a car. She tells the follower to go to look for Mi-Na. She reports what she found to Young-Sik.

Eun-Hwa is sent to the hospital. She laughs after she realizes that she will take over the group. But she sees Mi-Na who is carried by the nurses. She finds out that she’s not dead. The followers of Hanju Family show up. They take away Mi-Na.

Seung-Wook arrives at the airport. He watches the news, and learns that Mi-Na wasn’t in the plane. He takes out the snack to eat. Young-Sik summons Hak-Tae to his office. He asks him for watching the funeral and Yumin Group. He tells him to show his talent to him. Hak-Tae leaves Young-Sik’s office. He badmouths him.

One the Woman: Episode 1 stars Lee Ha-Nee, Lee Sang-Yoon and Jin Seo-Yeon.

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