The Wolf Chinese Drama Ending Explained

This is the Ending Explained for The Wolf Chinese Drama episode 49. Ma Zhaixing hugs Bo King and tells him to live well even if he only has half a year. She tells him to take a break, reveals she wants to do the last thing for him when she lets him in her arms.

The Wolf Chinese Drama Ending Explained

The Wolf

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Wolf Chinese Drama episode 49.

Bo King tells Ma Zhaixing not to leave. She cries and tells him to cherish the time. He passes out. She asks him not to enjoy the butterflies with other women. Because she wants the keep the memories of butterfly. The guy sees Ma Zhaixing and Yao Ji walking to the city gate. He summons the archers.

The guy asks the two girls about Bo King. Ma Zhaixing reveals Bo King cannot come. She asks for seeing Chu Yougui. The guy reports to Chu Yougui that Bo King is going to die. He adds that Ma Zhaixing asks for taking Chu Youzhen back.

But Chu Yougui doesn’t believe it. The guy points out that Bo King wound’t let Ma Zhaixing come if he’s not going to die. Chu Yougui worries that Jin troops won’t listen to Ma Zhaixing. The guy mentions what Ma Zhaixing says that Jin troops are going to leave if she takes away Ma troops.

Chu Yougui thinks Ma Zhaixing can do nothing once she gets into the city. He allows her to get into the city. Ji Chong wakes up. He pulls out the arrow from his chest. He takes a look at the amber. He finds out that it saved him.

The guy walks out of the city. He tells Ma Zhaixing that Chu Youguo agreed to let her get into the city. But she claims that she won’t get into the city until he releases Chu Youzhen. He gets the bodyguard to release Chu Youzhen. But he orders him to take Chu Youzhen to see Chu Yougui.

Chu Youzhen wakes up and sees Ma Zhaixing. Yao Ji tries to get into the city with Ma Zhaixing. But the guy only allows Ma Zhaixing to get into the city alone. Ma Zhaixing smiles. Yao Ji learns that Ma Zhixing knew Chu Yougui would do that.

Ma Zhaixing exchanges the hairpin with Yao Ji. She tells her that they became best friends after they exchanged the hairpins. She asks her for looking after Bo King for her if she cannot get back.

It flashes back. Ma Zhaixing tells Yao Ji that she wants to ask Chu Yougui to release Chu Youzhen. But Yao Ji worries that Jin Kingdom won’t agree to it. Ma Zhaixing reveals she wants to conceal from Jin Kingdom. She asks her for helping her get into Yang Kingdom. Yao Ji reminds Ma Zhaixing that she won’t come back if Chu Yougui wants to die with her.

Ma Zhaixing gets into the city. Yao Ji tries to follow her. But she’s stopped by the bodyguards. The butterfly wakes Bo King up. She flies away. He finds the letter Ma Zhaixing wrote to him. She tells him not to chase him because she knows the feelings when she chased him.

Ma Zhaixing tries to walk to Chu Yougui. But the bodyguards block her way. Chu Yougui points his sword at Ma Zhaixing. He mentions she had hard time after she took the path. She agrees to what he said. She thinks he sacrificed everything. He points out that he cannot get if he doesn’t sacrifice.

Chu Yougui mentions Ma Zhaixing gave up something to see him. He thinks she wants to get something. He asks her if Bo King is going to die. But she tells him that Bo King is fine. She adds that she will forgive him if he opens the city gate to surrender. He tells the bodyguards to kill her.

Bo King arrives. The archers shoot him. But Bo King avoids them. He remembers Ma Zhaixing thought he has someone he cares for. He gets shot after he climbed over the city bridge. Ma Zhaixing fights with the bodyguards. She casts the spear to Chu Yougui. He avoids it. But the spear hits his throne.

Bo King climbs over the city wall. He takes the arrow to kidnap the general. He tells him that he came to save his lover. The bodyguards make the way for Bo King. Bo King runs away. Ma Zhaixing defeats the bodyguard. Chu Yougui tells the archers to shoot her when she runs to him.

Ji Chong sees the troop running away. He learns that Ma Zhaixing is in the palace. Ma Zhaixing glares at Chu Yougui. He kills the bodyguard who wants to flee. He kidnaps Chu Youzhen with Bo King’s sword. He tells Ma Zhaixing not to be close to him. He reminds her that Bo King won’t forgive her if Chu Youzhen passes away.

Chu Yougui pushes Chu Youzhen to Ma Zhaixing. He catches the chance to stab her belly. He kicks her away. Bo King shows up after he defeated the bodyguards. He flies to catch Ma Zhixing. He holds Chu Yougui’s sword before the sword hurts Ma Zhaixing. He kicks Chu Yougui away and makes him fall to the ground.

Ma Zhaixing is in Bo King’s arms. She mentions he came in the end. She mentions he always catches her. He regrets that he didn’t come fast. But she thinks he came very fast. She thinks it’s enough to see him one last time. She mentions she didn’t rely on anyone this time. She asks him if she did a great job.

Chu Yougui apologizes to Bo King. He promises to give up the throne. He asks him for his mercy. He reminds him that he can guard the world if he has the jade seal. Bo King tells Ma Zhaixing that there was a little girl who worried him that he will be treated as wolf monster. He adds that he realized that the real monster is the person who distorted himself for power.

Chu Yougui tries to stab Bo King. Bo King picks up the blade from the ground. He casts it to Chu Yougui and kills him. Bo King tells Ma Zhaixing that he’s going to take her to return to Wolf Mountain. She tells him that she sees many butterflies. He wants to take her to see a doctor. She rejects it and touches his face. She cries to tell him that she doesn’t want to forget him.

Ma Zhaixing tells Bo King to find her if he likes butterflies in his next life. He cries to promise it. She passes away. Ji Chong shows up. He sees Bo King hugging Ma Zhixing to cry. He throws away his sword and gets on knees. He cries as well. Bo King carries Ma Zhaixing away.

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