Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18. Shi Yan waits for Zheng Suyi outside her house. She mentions what he told her that he will return next week. He explains to her that he came back because of something.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18 Recap

Only for Love Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18.

Zheng Shuyi finds out that Chen Sheng doesn’t return with Shi Yan. Shi Yan wonders if Zheng Shuyi wishes to see Chen Sheng. She denies it and she thinks he’s jealous. She decides to return home since he doesn’t have other businesses.

But he takes her arm to keep her. He blames her for not telling him that she was celebrating New Year with her friend. He takes her to get in his car. She explains to him that she did it because he didn’t tell her that he would come back.

He tells her that they’re going to go to watch stars. But she doesn’t prepare anything. He takes her to the restaurant. He tells the waitress to serve the food. Zheng Shuyi is surprised that Shi Yan planned it. She blames him for tricking her that he will come back next week.

He denies it. She realizes that he intended to come back to accompany her. Qin Shiyue texts Yu You. She asks him if he ate. Her mother Shi Huaiman shows up. She tells Qin Shiyue to come to eat. Yu You’s mother tells Yu You to come to eat.

He receives messages from Qin Shiyue. She wishes to accompany him if he celebrates New Year alone. Shi Huaiman tells Qin Shiyue not to play phone when the families are eating. Guan Ji believes that Qin Shiyue has a boyfriend. But she thinks he knows nothing.

Zheng Shuyi eats with Shi Yan at the restaurant. She asks him if he’s going to give up Zhan Lan. But he doesn’t want to talk about it because it’s New Year. They go to the balcony to watch fireworks. Shi Yan thinks the stars are more beautiful than before. Because he’s staying with Zheng Shuyi.

Bi Ruoshan is waiting for Guan Ji’s phone at home. He watches his father and his grandpa play chess. Qin Shiyue complains to Song Lelan that her father went on a business trip. Song Lelan calls her husband. Chairman Shi tells Qin Shiyue to go to look for a boyfriend.

But she thinks she’s young. Shi Huaiman agrees to what Qin Shiyue said. Guan Ji calls Bi Ruoshan. She thinks he’s celebrating New Year with his friend. But Qin Shiyue calls Guan Ji. Bi Ruoshan claims that her friend is waiting for her. She hangs up.

The waitress reports to Shi Yan that the flowers he ordered has arrived. He tells her to send the flowers to his older sister Shi Huaiman. Zheng Shuyi regrets for confessing her feelings to Shi Yan. He tells her that he wishes her to do the digital magazine well.

She thanks him for giving his wish to her. But she’s lost. He conceals the note that she’s his best present. Guan Ji sends a message to Bi Ruoshan. He wishes her a happy New Year. But she’s lost. Qin Shiyue takes a photo of the fireworks. She sends the photo to Yu You.

She asks him if he saw the fireworks. She tells him that she wishes to chase him. He replies to her that they’re not suitable. She persuades him to give it a try. But he rejects it. Madam Yu thinks Yu You is sending messages to his girlfriend.

But he tells his mother that it’s ordinary friend. Shi Huaiman finds Qin Shiyue. She wonders who she’s texting. She thinks the guy is her daughter’s boyfriend. Qin Shiyue denies it. Shi Huaiman reminds Qin Shiyue that she needs to send a message to her uncle.

Shi Yan takes Zheng Shuyi home. She thanks him for accompanying her to celebrate New year. She gets off his car. He leaves. She reports to Bi Ruoshan that Shi Yan didn’t give the flowers to her. Bi Ruoshan tells Zheng Shuyi not to confess her feelings to Shi Yan.

She comforts her that she has a chance. Because Shi Yan doesn’t have a girlfriend. She asks her about the wish she made. Zheng Shuyi reveals she wished to do the digital magazine. Bi Ruoshan blames Zheng Shuyi for doing it. She thinks Shi Yan didn’t confess his feelings to Zheng Shuyi because of it.

She reminds Zheng Shuyi that Shi Yan didn’t know her feelings. Shi Yan returns home. He remembers Zheng Shuyi told him that she wishes to do the digital magazine. Shi Yan tells Qin Shiyue to get changed. Because he wants to take her to the ranch.

But she rejects it because she has a business. Bi Ruoshan and Zheng Shuyi arrive at the ranch. Zheng Shuyi thinks there’s nobody. Guan Ji drinks coffee with Shi Yan. He asks him about Qin Shiyue. Shi Yan reveals Qin Shiyue refused to come because she has a business.

Guan Ji gives the amulet to Shi Yan. Bi Ruoshan sees Shi Yan. Zheng Shuyi thinks they disturbed Guan Ji and Shi Yan. She intends to leave with Bi Ruoshan. But Guan Ji tells the two ladies to have fun. He volunteers to take Bi Ruoshan to walk around the ranch.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18 Ending

Episode 18 of Only for Love Chinese Drama ends with Zheng Shuyi taking a look at Shi Yan. She remembers she screamed when he took her to ride the horse. She rejects it when he asks her to get on the horse. She claims that she came to relax.

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