Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 15. Eun-Gyeol does time travel to the past of his parents when they were young. He wishes to stop the accident which causes his father to be a deaf. But he doesn’t expect that his father had an accident because of him.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 15 Recap

Twinkling Watermelon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 15.

Eun-Yu knows Eun-Gyeol’s brother when she loses her hearing. Eun-Ho tells her about a story he’s writing. The hero of the story is Yi-Chan. The time returns to 1995. Dong-Jin is a member of the band. The band rehearses before festival.

But they get beaten by the thugs. Yi-Chan is hurt. Dong-Jin leaves the band after the accident. Other members choose to leave as well. The band gets disbanded. Yi-Chan writes a new song for building the band. He takes the tape to visit Choi Hyun for getting accepted.

Because Choi Hyun was one of members of the famous band when he was young. But he rejects Yi-Chan because he has a visitor. He promises to listen to the song when he’s free. Yi-Chan’s head is hit by a boy when he’s on the way home. He plays with the boy after he saw his mother buying. The toy of the kid rolls to the road. There’s a car passing by. Yi-Chan saves the boy before the boy is hit by the car. But he’s hit by the car.

Eun-Gyeol hears the whole story. He doesn’t believe it was true. Because his father wouldn’t conceal it from him. He thinks it’s a novel his older brother wrote. Eun-Ho actually knows the past by chance. Yi-Chan runs into his best friend Ma-Joo when he takes care of Eun-Ho in the hospital.

Ma-Joo wishes to know what happened to Yi-Chan after he hasn’t seen him for many years. But Yi-Chan doesn’t recognize Ma-Joo. He’s cold to leave. Eun-Ho wishes to know how did his brother turned into a deaf. So he goes to the cafe with Ma-Joo. He knows the accident and he writes the accident into his novel.

Eun-Gyeol believes it after he heard the story. Eun-Yu reveals the date of the accident is tomorrow. He decides to take action after he studied the accident with her. He plans to follow Yi-Chan when she watches the scene of the accident.

He hugs her before he leaves. He thanks her for her help. He promises to be nice to her after they return to 2023. But there’re two cops showing up in front of Eun-Gyeol. They intend to arrest him because he kidnapped someone. Eun-Gyeol knows it was Ji-Mi’s trick.

He gets in the police car. He wants to reveal what Ji-Mi did. But he finds out that it’s not the way to the police station. He realizes that the cops are bad persons who were sent by Ji-Mi. The two man take off their makeups after knowing Eun-Gyeol knows who they are.

They ask Eun-Gyeol to sign the contract Ji-Mi prepared. They promise to let him leave if he signs. Eun-Gyeol has to sign the contract. But the two want to kill him. He tries his best to grab the wheel. It makes the car swing. Gun-Hyeong’s secretary comes with the police.

Ji-Mi gets the contract Eun-Gyeol signed. It wrote that Eun-Gyeol was close to Chung-A with bad intention. He swore not to come to the family. But Gun-Hyeong shows up. He gets the key of the house. Chung-A painted on the wall when she was locked in the house.

Ji-Mi asked her follower to cover the paintings with the paper. But Gun-Hyeong is very smart to tear up the paper. Chung-A’s painting shows up in front of him. Gun-Hyeong is furious to slap Ji-Mi. He lets her take her two kids leave the house. He fires all of the maids.

Ji-Mi tries to explain it. She tells Gun-Hyeong what he heard were lies. She wrongs Eun-Gyeol for kidnapping Chung-A. But Eun-Gyeol shows up in front of her. Eun-Gyeol told Gun-Hyeong how did Ji-Mi bully his daughter after he left.

Gun-Hyeong watched what Ji-Mi did for finding the evidence. So he let his secretary save Eun-Gyeol. Eun-Gyeol proves to Ji-Mi what’s repaying. He takes revenge for his mother. Chung-A needs to return home since her father came back.

She prepares dinner for everyone before she leaves. The people praise her. But they run away after they tasted the food. Only Yi-Chan eats up the food. He takes Chung-A home after the dinner. She grabs his hand and asks him to accompany her to face her father.

She hides behind him when she sees her father. She doesn’t know how to get along with her father. Yi-Chan asks Gun-Hyeong for a talk alone. Eun-Gyeol worries that Yi-Chan will do something bad. But Yi-Chan is calm. He tells Gun-Hyeong that his grandma had a good talk with Chung-A even if she knows nothing about the sign language.

He thinks communication is the best way if he wants to tell his intention to someone. He takes out his sign language book. He tells Gun-Hyeong that he wishes him to be a good father of Chung-A. Eun-Gyeol decides to focus on Yi-Chan after he resolved Chung-A’s case.

He swears to stop the accident. He returns to Yi-Chan’s house. He wakes up in the evening. He finds out that Yi-Chan is playing a song. The song was taught by Grandpa Viva. Grandpa Viva told him that the works came from an unknown musician.

Eun-Gyeol doesn’t expect that the song came from Yi-Chan. The song means the youth of Yi-Chan. But Yi-Chan doesn’t complete the song. Eun-Gyeol promises to complete the song with Yi-Chan. But he asks him not to leave his house tomorrow.

Yi-Chan agrees to it. Because he knows what Eun-Gyeol does are good for him. Eun-Gyeol swears to guard his father’s dream. Eun-Yu comes to the scene of the accident when Eun-Gyeol accompanies Yi-Chan. She sees the boy who was saved by Yi-Chan.

She’s hit by the boy. She tells him to be careful. But he runs to the road. Eun-Yu calls Eun-Gyeol. She tells him that everything is over. She saw the accident. There was nobody being hurt this time. Eun-Gyeol invites Eun-Yu to Yi-Chan’s house. But she wants to go to confirm something.

She arrives at the music store of Choi Hyun. She wishes to know why Choi Hyun rejected Yi-Chan. She sees her mother walking out of the music store. She avoids her mother because she worries that her mother will see her. She takes a cab to tail her mother. But her mother is missing because of the red light.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 15 Ending Explained

Episode 15 of Twinkling Watermelon ends with Eun-Gyeol finding Eun-Yu. She leaks that her mother visited Choi Hyun. Eun-Gyeol remembers Se-Kyung told him that Grandpa Viva is her father. So Grandpa Viva is Choi Hyun. Eun-Gyeol runs to the music store because Grandpa Viva was close to him.

He doesn’t expect that Yi-Chan is nearby. Ma-Joo played the song of Yi-Chan. He thinks the song is suitable for the game. He took the tape to see Choi Hyun. Yi-Chan followed Ma-Joo because he promised Eun-Gyeol not to let anyone hear the song.

The two arrive at the music store. Ma-Joo’s father call Ma-Joo. He asks him to go home. Ma-Joo gives the tape to Yi-Chan before he leaves. He tells him to think about it. Yi-Chan and Eun-Gyeol come to the music store. But there’s a car rushing to Eun-Gyeol.

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Yi-Chan pushes Eun-Gyeol away. He’s hit by the car. Eun-Gyeol climbs to Yi-Chan. He doesn’t know Yi-Chan recorded some words when he wrote the song. Yi-Chan thought Eun-Gyeol is like his father. Eun-Gyeol reaches Yi-Chan. He hugs him to cry.

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