Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 21 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 21. Shi Yan drinks with Zheng Shuyi at home. She teaches him finger-guessing game after knowing he doesn’t know how to play finger-guessing game. She wants to continue to play the game with him.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 21 Recap

Only for Love Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 21.

But Shi Yan rejects it because he thinks Zheng Shuyi is drunk. She denies it and she praises him because he didn’t lose. But he thinks he’s a loser. He mentions he didn’t expect that Bruce left him. He reveals he paid a lot to invite Bruce.

He didn’t expect that there was a person who’s better than him. Zheng Shuyi thinks the person isn’t better than Shi Yan. Shi Yan mentions he didn’t know how to answer it when the shareholders asked him about his plan. He confesses to Zheng Shuyi that he didn’t know how did it happen.

She comforts him that he couldn’t resolve the problem on his own. She asks him about what Chen Kang said. He reveals Chen Kang doesn’t know what to do. She tells him to just think about her. He kisses her. Shi Yan arrives at his company.

He gets a call from Yu You. Yu You reports to Shi Yan that Bruce has made the decision. Shi Yan thinks they should find a way to make up. He reveals he’s going to talk about it with Chen Kang. Zheng Shuyi receives the morning message from Shi Yan.

She learns that he’s working on weekends. She thinks Shi Yan didn’t actually ask her to work. She gets a call from Qin Shiyue. She realizes that she forgot she agreed to go to art gallery with Yu You and Qin Shiyue. Qin Shiyue asks Zheng Shuyi if she needs her to come to pick her up.

Zheng Shuyi rejects it. She promises to go to see Qin Shiyue. Qin Shiyue and Zheng Shuyi arrive at the art gallery. Qin Shiyue sees Yu You. She thinks he’s not like her uncle. Zheng Shuyi points out that Shi Yan cannot hear it even if Qin Shiyue praises him.

She notes that Qin Shiyue didn’t sleep well last night. Qin Shiyue is surprised because she used the makeup. They join Yu You. They walk into the art gallery. Qin Shiyue claims that she knows Raphael well. She tells Zheng Shuyi to leave Raphael to her.

Qin Shiyue introduces Raphael’s works to Yu You. Zheng Shuyi praises Qin Shiyue. But Qin Shiyue reveals she spent a couple of nights to study Raphael. Zheng Shuyi gets a message from her mother Ms. Wang. She learns that Yu You’s mother is the dean of art academy. She reports it to Qin Shiyue. It makes Qin Shiyue sad.

Bi Ruoshan does yoga at home. She checks her messages. Guan Ji gets first place after he played car racing game. His friend tells him to drink with them. But Guan Ji rejects it. It makes the guy believe that Guan Ji is going to be a good man.

Zheng Shuyi tells Yu You that she’s going to work overtime. He wants to give her ride. She rejects it because her cab came. She runs away. Qin Shiyue decides not to let Yu You leave. She shows her phone to him. She reveals she was given two movie tickets when she ordered the exhibition tickets.

She tells him to go to watch the movie with her. He points out that it should be three movie tickets. She agrees to what he said. But he tells her that he’s free later. She’s excited after she heard the good news. Shi Yan texts Yu You. He asks him about the report.

Guan Ji texts Shi Yan. He reminds him that Yu You is going on a blind date. Shi Yan texts Qin Shiyue. He asks her who she’s staying with. She reveals she’s stay with her boss and her boss’s friend. Zheng Shuyi arrives at Shi Yan’s company.

She gets a message from Shi Yan. He mentions she promised to work overtime with him. She reveals she has come to his company. She wonders if he’s moved. But he tells her to go to take papers from President Qiu. She learns that he treats her as his secretary.

Qin Lezhi runs into Zheng Shuyi in the elevator. Qin Lezhi remembers President Qiu scolded her for Zheng Shuyi. She reminds Zhi Shuyi that President Qiu’s wife is a president as well. Zheng Shuyi talks back. She wonders if Qin Lezhi washed her hand in the gold basin.

Zheng Shuyi walks into President Qiu’s office. President Qiu has prepared the papers for her. Qin Shiyue watches the movie with Yu You. She thinks Yu You has feelings for her because he didn’t reveal her trick. She tries to lean her head on his shoulder.

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But he wants to take her home because he thinks she’s tired. Zheng Shuyi carries the papers into Shi Yan’s office. Shi Yan finds out that she dressed well. He wonders where she went. She reveals she dressed well for showing it to him. He thinks she’s hungry because she keeps looking at him. She points out he wouldn’t know she’s looking at him if he didn’t look at her. She mentions what he said that he has a niece.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 21 Ending

Episode 21 of Only for Love Chinese Drama ends with Qin Shiyue asking Yu You if he has a girlfriend. He denies it. She smiles to tell him that she wants to go to his house. Shi Yan invites Zheng Shuyi to go to the chip conference with him.

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