Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 9. Shi Yan gives a speech at the conference. The guy thinks the conference belongs to young people. Zheng Shuyi notes that Qin Shiyue doesn’t feel well. She thinks she doesn’t get used to the scene.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap

Only for Love Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 9.

Qin Shiyue reveals she was scared when Shi Yan looked at her. Zheng Shuyi comforts Qin Shiyue that the one Shi Yan looked at was her. Qin Shiyue thinks Zheng Shuyi is confident. Guan Ji sees Bi Ruoshan. Zheng Shuyi finds out that Shi Yan get charm when he’s on the stage.

She tries to talk about it with Bi Ruoshan. But she finds out that she’s missing. The reporter He Boming joins Zheng Shuyi. He adds her WeChat. Shi Yan sees it. He tells Zheng Shuyi to come to him. She’s very happy because she thinks he’s jealous.

She walks into his room. She wonders why he wanted to have a talk with her. But he asks her about the female reporter who followed her. She’s surprised that he called her for Qin Shiyue. She realizes that he was looking at Qin Shiyue.

She reveals Qin Shiyue just left. Shi Yan tells Zheng Shuyi to contact Qin Shiyue. She calls Qin Shiyue. The girl thinks Zheng Shuyi wishes her to come back. But Zheng Shuyi tells Qin Shiyue to rest. She hangs up. She tells Shi Yan that the reporter was scared when she saw the president like him.

She claims that she’s excited when she sees him. Chen Sheng reports to Shi Yan that the conference is going to begin. Shi Yan leaves the room. Qin Shiyue orders the coffee. But the vending machine doesn’t give the coffee to her.

Yu You helps Qin Shiyue get the coffee. She’s lost when she looks at him. She smiles to thank him. But she finds out that he’s missing after she took the coffee. Bi Ruoshan joins Zheng Shuyi. She thinks Shi Yan is a top stock. But Zheng Shuyi worries that she cannot get the stock.

Shi Yan reveals Guan Capital is going to invest in Yun Chuang. He lets Yu You give a presentation. Qin Shiyue returns to the conference. She finds out that Yu You was the man who had a sweet voice. Zheng Shuyi notes that Shi Yan still looks at Qin Shiyue.

Shi Yan announces the ending of the conference. He thanks the reporters for their coming. He notes that Zheng Shuyi left. Zheng Shuyi runs into Yu You. She gets a call from Qin Shiyue. Qin Shiyue asks Zheng Shuyi about the person who gave a speech on the stage.

Zheng Shuyi tells Qin Shiyue that it was Shi Yan. She thinks she’s not awake. Qin Shiyue wonders why everyone only cares for her uncle. Shi Yan shows up behind her. He asks her if she’s sick. She denies it. He blames her for being lazy at the first conference. He thinks he needs to give her a lesson.

She tries to flee. But he grabs her arm. She asks him to release her. She tells him that she has known her mistake. He wonders if she wants to work at his company. She promises to work well. She begs him to forgive her when she takes his arm.

Zheng Shuyi shows up with Yu You. She sees Shi Yan flirting with the girl. Shi Yan lets Qin Shiyue leave because he worries that Zheng Shuyi will know the identity of Qin Shiyue. He walks to Zheng Shuyi. But she runs away. He follows her.

She doesn’t want to speak first. But she’s blocked by the wall. Shi Yan grabs Zheng Shuyi’s hand. He tells her that he wants to take her home. Qin Shiyue joins Yu You. She greets him. He thinks she’s waiting for a cab. She admits it and she hands over the coffee to him.

Zheng Shuyi falls asleep in Shi Yan’s car. Shi Yan holds her head. She wakes up and finds out that she fell asleep in his car again. She wonders why he didn’t wake her up. She tells him that she wants to interview him. But he tells her to contact Chen Sheng.

She gets off his car. She regrets for bringing up the interview. She realizes that he took her home after the conference. She’s very happy because she thinks he cares for her. But she realizes that he was two-timing. Because he just flirted with Qin Shiyue.

She gets angry. But she thinks she shouldn’t ask him because she has a goal to be close to him. She points out that she didn’t flirt with others. She takes out the pen. She breaks the pen. Shi Yan and Zheng Shuyi call Bi Ruoshan and Guan Ji. They ask the two to have a drink. They reject it because they’re in the bed.

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Bi Ruoshan is in Guan Ji’s arms. She tells him that she wishes to marry him. He agrees to it. But she thinks they won’t have the wedding day because they like freedom. Tang Yi has a meeting. She praises Zheng Shuyi for interviewing Shi Yan. She tells the people to learn from Zheng Shuyi. Xu Yuling isn’t happy.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of Only for Love Chinese Drama ends with Guan Ji watching the interview of Bi Ruoshan. He texts her and asks her to watch concert with him. She remembers Zheng Shuyi told her to listen to her heart. She agrees to it. She reveals she has tickets.

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