Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Guan Ji introduces Yu You as the counsel of Guan Group to the people at the conference. Yu You gives a speech. Bi Ruoshan looks at him. She thinks he’s very handsome.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

Only for Love Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

Bi Ruoshan asks Zheng Shuyi if Yu You is more handsome than Shi Yan. Zheng Shuyi thinks everyone can defeat Shi Yan. Shi Yan sneezes. He takes a look at Zheng Shuyi. Yu You greets Zheng Shuyi. He thinks he met her again. She reveals she lost the invitation which he gave her.

He thinks she should contact him. Bi Ruoshan shows up. Zheng Shuyi introduces Bi Ruoshan as a reporter to Yu You. Yu You tries to introduce his two best friends to the two ladies. But he finds out that one of his friends left. Zheng Shuyi sees Shi Yan off.

Yu You tells Guan Ji to come to him. He introduces Zheng Shuyi to him. He sees Bi Ruoshan. He wonders who she is. She introduces herself to him. He thinks the reporter is very beautiful. She tells him that she wants to interview him. He agrees to it.

She interviews him. Yu You leaves because he needs to prepare the banquet. Bi Ruoshan asks Zheng Shuyi to stay to attend the banquet. Zheng Shuyi rejects it because she needs to write articles. Qin Shiyue works overtime in the office with Zheng Shuyi.

She listens to Yu You’s recording. She thinks out that the man’s voice is sweet. She wonders if he’s good looking. Shi Yan drinks with Yu You at the party. He thanks him for helping him. Yu You points out that Bruce stayed in Le An because of Shi Yan’s plans.

Shi Yan reads Zheng Shuyi’s message. He laughs. Guan Ji shows up. He wonders why Shi Yan left during the conference. Zheng Shuyi finds out that Shi Yan didn’t reply to her. She thinks he’s an illiterate. Guan Ji wonders if the beauty Yu You invited came.

Yu You reveals he has introduced the beauty Zheng Shuyi to Guan Ji. It makes Guan Ji believe that Zheng Shuyi is Yu You’s soul mate. Yu You denies it. He thinks he and Zheng Shuyi are just friends. Guan Ji turns around. He sees Bi Ruoshan. He smiles at her.

Zheng Shuyi returns home. She receives a message from Shi Yan who thinks she’s unreasonable. She’s shocked after she realized that he heard what she said. Bi Ruoshan walks out of the hotel. Guan Ji comes to pick her up. She looks at him when she stays with him in the car.

She thinks he was different when he worked. He thinks she was a different beauty. It makes her laugh. She thinks he’s good at talking. But he tells her that it was his true feelings. He asks her to go to drink with him. She agrees to it.

The two go to the bar. Bi Ruoshan remembers the bar. It flashes back. Bi Ruoshan drinks alone. The drunk guy walks to her. He tells her that he wants to buy her a drink. But she tells him that she doesn’t drink ordinary wine. He claims that his wine is the best. He pours her a drink. Guan Ji shows up. He orders the wine. The waiter reveals the wine costs only 580 Yuan. The guy leaves with his wine. Guan Ji takes Bi Ruoshan to leave the bar.

Guan Ji thinks the memories of him and Bi Ruoshan were sweet. Bi Ruoshan thinks Guan Ji is drunk. He takes her to his car. She’s ready for the kiss when he’s close to her. But he finds out that he just ties the belt for her. Nan Nan wonders if Yun Chuang sent the invitation to Zheng Shuyi. She reveals the conference has been decided.

Zheng Shiyi takes a look at Shi Yan’s message. She thinks she has bad luck. Nan Nan comforts Zheng Shuyi that Shi Yan will send the invitation to her because the interview was good. Zheng Shuyi decides to attend the conference no matter he’s happy or not.

She sends a message to him. She tells him that she wishes to see him next week. The girl hands over the letter to Xu Yuling. Xu Yuling opens the letter. She finds the invitation. She’s happy to tell Chen Beier to collect the information of Yun Chuang.

Zheng Shuyi is lost. Qin Shiyi smiles. She thinks Shi Yan is her real uncle. But she thinks he did it too much. Zheng Shuyi visits Tang Yi. She thinks she’s over. But Tang Yi tells Zheng Shuyi to fight with it next year. But Zheng Shuyi wants to attend the conference. Because she wants to put the interview on her digital magazine.

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Tang Yi cheers Zheng Shuyi up. She tells her to take Qin Shiyue if she goes to the conference. Zheng Shuyi rejects it because she’s not sure if she can attend the conference. She asks Tang Yi to let someone else teach Qin Shiyue. She wonders why the rich girl like Qin Shiyue came to the magazine to work. She thinks Qin Shiyue would be easy if she did something she likes.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of Only for Love Chinese Drama ends with Shi Yan taking Zheng Shuyi to the conference. Zheng Shuyi sees Xu Yuling. She wonders if Xu Yuling is better than her. He explains to her that it wasn’t his job to confirm the media list.

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