Only for Love: Episode 26 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love: Episode 26. Zheng Shuyi attends Chen Yueding’s wedding. The guy wonders why Zheng Shuyi’s boyfriend doesn’t come because her boyfriend is Chen Yueding’s friend. She reveals she has broken up with her boyfriend.

Who Is Qin Lezhi’s Little Uncle?

Only for Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love: Episode 26.

Situ Yi thinks Zheng Shuyi should take her new boyfriend to come. She sees Yue Xingzhou and Qin Lezhi. Qin Lezhi wishes Chen Yueding a happy wedding. But she sees Zheng Shuyi. The bride throws the flower to the people. Zheng Shuyi catches the flower.

Zheng Shuyi takes a photo of the flower. She shares the photo. Shi Yan texts her. He asks her about the wedding. She tells him that she’s not happy because she ran into the people she doesn’t like. He’s on the way to Qingan. Qin Shiyue asks Shi Yan why he wants to go to Qingan.

He tells her to arrange it on her own once they arrive in Qingan. She tells him not to look for her because she has her own business. He takes a look at her. She texts Yu You. She asks him to take her to walk around Qingan. He rejects it because he’s in his relative’s house. He reminds her that she needs to go to hospital.

Qin Lezhi lets Yue Xingzhou peel shrimps for her. Situ Yi asks Zheng Shuyi when she’s going to get married. Zheng Shuyi reveals she doesn’t have the plan. Situ Yi realizes that Zheng Shuyi’s boyfriend is in financial circle after knowing Zheng Shuyi’s boyfriend is her peer.

Qin Lezhi tells the people that she knows Zheng Shuyi’s boyfriend. She reveals the guy has a family even if he’s perfect. Zheng Shuyi blames Qin Lezhi for stepping in someone else’s relationship. It makes Qin Lezhi get angry. Yue Xingzhou stops her girlfriend.

Zheng Shuyi gets a message from Shi Yan. He asks her to come out because he knows she’s not happy. She leaves the wedding. Qin Lezhi leaves the wedding as well because she thinks Yue Xingzhou scolded her for Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi walks out of the hotel. She sees Shi Yan. She’s surprised that he came for her.

He joins her and grabs her hand. He tells her not to glare at him because he didn’t bully her. He takes her to get in his car. Qin Lezhi shows up with Yue Xingzhou. Zheng Shuyi tells Qin Lezhi to greet her uncle. Qin Lezhi is surprised that Zheng Shuyi stays with Shi Yan.

The driver Mr. Fan is surprised to see Qin Lezhi. She calls him little uncle. She reveals she came to attend a wedding. Zheng Shuyi learns that Mr. Fan is Qin Lezhi’s little uncle. Shi Yan holds Zheng Shuyi’s hand. He asks her about those people. She thinks she’s over.

Does Qin Lezhi Apologize to Zheng Shuyi?

Chen Yueding apologizes to Zheng Shuyi. He thinks he didn’t arrange well. But she apologizes to him for bring trouble to his wedding. The guy mentions Qin Lezhi wronged Zheng Shuyi. Situ Yi thinks she will ruin the person’s mouth if she wronged her after she robbed her boyfriend.

Chen Yueding wants to apologize to Zheng Shuyi. She tells him to let it go. But Shi Yan refuses to let it go. Zheng Shuyi tells him not to step in it because he knows nothing. He lets Qin Lezhi apologize to Zheng Shuyi. Qin Lezhi apologizes to Zheng Shuyi. She bows to her.

Zheng Shuyi forgives Qin Lezhi. She leaves with Shi Yan. Chen Yueding scolds Yue Xingzhou. Yue Xingzhou asks Qin Lezhi about what happened. She explains to him that she just misunderstood Zheng Shuyi and President Qiu. But he asks her about her little uncle.

She scolds him and she thinks his little uncle isn’t related to him. She mentions she didn’t tell him who’s her little uncle. She’s furious to walk away. Shi Yan asks Zheng Shuyi to explain what happened. She reveals the girl just badmouthed her.

Does Qin Shiyue Know the Truth?

Zheng Shuyi wonders why Shi Yan came to Qingan. He reveals he came to watch stars. She gets a call from Qing Shiyue. Qing Shiyue asks Zheng Shuyi to come out to take a hot spring. She promises not to stand her up because she made an appointment with her.

But Qin Shiyue doesn’t remember she made an appointment with Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi tells Shi Yan that her friend invited her to take a hot spring. She tells him to go to taste the fish. But he thinks she’s avoiding him. She denies it.

She claims that she feels happy for his coming. But she needs to go to see her friend. He mistakes that she’s going to go on a blind date. She denies it and gets off his car. Qin Shiyue walks in the room of the hotel. She thinks Zheng Shuyi is alone because she agreed to take a hot spring.

She thinks Shi Yan didn’t go to see Zheng Shuyi. She remembers her little uncle told her that he wants to go to Qingan when she walked out of the house with the suitcase. She told him that she’s going to have fun in Qingan. Qing Shiyue decides to help her little uncle because she thinks Zheng Shuyi loves someone else.

Zheng Shuyi is on the way to see Qin Shiyue. She calls Bi Ruoshan. She tells her that Shi Yan isn’t Qin Lezhi’s uncle. Bi Ruoshan reminds Zhi Shuyi that Shi Yan will make her not be a reporter. But Zheng Shuyi tells Bi Ruoshan that she doesn’t fear it.

She tells Bi Ruoshan that she worries that she will lose Shi Yan. She thinks Shi Yan will forgive her if he loves her. Bi Ruoshan thinks Zheng Shuyi should conceal it since nobody knows the truth. But Zheng Shuyi tells Bi Ruoshan that Qin Shiyue knows the truth. Bi Ruoshan comforts Zheng Shuyi that Qin Shiyue doesn’t know who’s the little uncle Zheng Shuyi is chasing.

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Episode 26 of Only for Love ends with Qin Shiyue calling Shi Yan. She tells him that she’s sick. He asks her to wear her clothes well. He takes her to the hospital. She smells him and she finds out that he drank. She comforts him that there’s no woman resisting his charm.

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