Only for Love: Episode 25 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love: Episode 25. Zheng Shuyi calls Shi Yan. She tells him that she’s hungry. He promises to come to her soon. She wishes him to trust her when she tells the truth to him. She leaves her office.

Does Shi Yan Take Zheng Shuyi to the Train Station?

Only for Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love: Episode 25.

Zheng Shuyi sees Shi Yan’s car. She smiles to walk to Shi Yan. She asks him if he came to have dinner with Ms. Zheng. She wonders why the roof of the car is cold since he just arrived. She tells Shi Yan that she doesn’t have power to open the door.

He gets off his car. He opens the door for her. She gets in his car. He hands over the milk tea he bought to her. She realizes that he has waited for her downstairs. She thinks she cannot flee because he’s nice to her. She drinks the milk tea.

Tang Yi is at Guan Xiangcheng’s house. Guan Xiangcheng tells her not to miss the wine. But she worries that she will delay her work if she drinks a lot. She thinks she should solve the problems of this year. He wonders if she can resolve the problems.

He asks her to kiss him because she lost. She kisses his face even if she thinks he looks like a kid. Nan Nan gets the salary. She tells Zheng Shuyi and Qin Shiyue to go to celebrate with her. She tells the two that it’s her treat.

But Zheng Shuyi wants to go to buy her parents presents. Qin Shiyue claims that she has a business as well. Nan Nan thinks Zheng Shuyi is going to take the train home. She wants to join her. But Zheng Shuyi tells Nan Nan that she’s going to take her friend’s car.

Nan Nan leaves the office with Qin Shiyue. Zheng Shuyi goes to the watch store to buy the watch. But she runs into Qin Lezhi. Qin Lezhi tells her friend that Zheng Shuyi got a rich boyfriend who has a kid. Zheng Shuyi admits that her boyfriend is rich. She believes that Qin Lezhi will respect her boyfriend if she sees her boyfriend. She leaves the store with the watches.

Qin Lezhi gets angry. She gets a call from Yue Xingzhou. He tells her that he’s going to come to pick her up. Qin Shiyue runs to Yu You. He’s surprised that she’s there. She reveals she came to say goodbye to him. She sees the cat Shuang Shuang. She tries to hug the cat.

But the cat bites Qin Shiyue. Yu You finds out that Qin Shiyue’s hand was hurt. He volunteers to take her to the hospital. He holds her hand when he walks her. She feels happy. Qin Lezhi eats with Yue Xingzhou at the restaurant. She reveals his ex-girlfriend got a rich boyfriend.

But he tells her that Zheng Shuyi isn’t related to the president at her company. She thinks he contacted Zheng Shuyi because he trusts Zheng Shuyi. He denies it. She mentions what she told Zheng Shuyi that President Qiu’s wife will give her a lesson if President Qiu’s wife knows it.

He tells her to tell it to her uncle if she doesn’t like Zheng Shuyi. But she doesn’t want to bother her uncle. Yu You and Qin Shiyue leave the doctor’s office. Qin Shiyue thanks Yu You for accompanying her to the hospital. She asks him to continue to accompany her to the hospital.

But he rejects it because he needs to return to Qingan. Zheng Shuyi walks out of her house with the suitcase. She finds out that Shi Yan is waiting for her. She’s surprised that he came for early. He tells her to get in his car because he thinks it’s cold outside.

He takes her to the parking lot of the train station. He notes that she’s not happy. She reveals she’s not happy when she realizes that she won’t see him for several days. He hands over the suitcase to her. She wishes him to stop her and tell her that he has bought the tickets.

But he doesn’t do anything. She forgives him because she knows he needs to accompany his family. She leaves the parking lot. She returns home and she gives the watch to her father Master Zheng. He thinks she shouldn’t buy him the expensive watch. Because he has watches.

Does Yu You Agree to Accompany Zheng Shuyi to the Hospital?

She tells him that the watch is pretty good. He laughs. Madam Wang thinks her daughter’s taste is good. She shows the scarf to her husband. She thinks the scarf is match for her earrings. She complains that her friends will tangle her.

Master Zheng thinks Madam Wang is proud. But she talks back that he’s proud as well. She mentions he put the magazines on his desk to show off his daughter’s articles. Zheng Shuyi receives a message from Shi Yan. She returns to her room.

She tells Shi Yan that she missed him. Guan Ji calls Bi Ruoshan. But she doesn’t pick up his phone. He runs into the guy. He asks him about Bi Ruoshan. The guy reveals Bi Ruoshan has returned home. Bi Ruoshan is in the car. She takes a look at the messages Guan Ji sent to her.

Guan Ji waits for Bi Ruoshan at her house. He gets off his car when he sees her walking out of her house. But he sees her meeting with the guy. She leaves with the guy. Guan Ji is furious to hit his car. Zheng Shuyi calls Bi Ruoshan when Bi Ruoshan is seeing the wedding dress with the guy.

Zheng Shuyi thinks Bi Ruoshan is shopping. Bi Ruoshan reveals she’s accompanying her cousin to prepare the wedding. Zheng Shuyi is surprised that Bi Ruoshan’s cousin is going to get married. She thinks Bi Ruoshan is behind. Bi Ruoshan points out that Zheng Shuyi isn’t good as well.

Zheng Shuyi claims that she has a boyfriend. Bi Ruoshan wonders if she needs to prepare the red envelope for Zheng Shuyi. She intends to prepare the wedding for Zheng Shuyi. But Zheng Shuyi wants to wait until Bi Ruoshan gets boyfriend.

Qin Shiyue is at home. She wishes Yu You to remind her. He sends a message to her. He reminds her that she needs to go to the hospital. She’s very happy. She asks him to accompany her to go to the hospital. He agrees to it when she thinks she did it too much.

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Episode 25 of Only for Love ends with Madam Wang wondering why Zheng Shuyi dresses up because she thinks she doesn’t go to be the bride. Zheng Shuyi tells her mother not to care for her. She thinks she should be pretty since she has to attend the wedding alone.

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