Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 3. Do-Kook thinks Yi-Joo wishes to get married with him because she wants to take revenge for Yoo-Ra. Yi-Joo admits it when she tears up. She thinks everybody will get involved.

What Happens In Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 3?

Perfect Marriage Revenge

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 3.

Do-Kook goes to pick the flower. He puts the flower on Yi-Joo’s ring finger in episode 2. He makes a proposal to her. She accepts his proposal. But she prepared nothing. She holds his face and she kisses him. She apologizes to him because she mistakes that he didn’t to get the kiss from her. He hugs her and he kisses her.

Soo-Jin calls Yi-Joo. She reveals there was an article talking about her and Do-Kook’s dating. Yi-Joo takes a look at the article. She sees the kissing photo of her and Do-Kook. She wonders who post it. Soo-Jin finds out that the person who posted the article was the reporter Mi-Hyun.

Yi-Joo realizes that Do-Kook intended to do it. Do-Kook’s mother Yeon-Hwa calls Do-Kook. She blames him for doing it. She claims that she won’t allow the marriage. But he hangs up. Secretary-Byeon intends to take down the article.

But Do-Kook rejects it because he wants to get married with Yi-Joo. He shows the kissing photo to Secretary-Byeon. He asks him what he thinks. Secretary-Byeon mentions Do-Kook’s mother was against the marriage. But Do-Kook points out that Secretary-Byeon married his sister even if Yeon-Hwa was against the marriage.

Secretary-Byeon mentions he went through endless hardship for achieving the goal. But Do-Kook thinks he can get the results he wants. Jin-Woong thinks Yoo-Ra is striking when he has dinner with her at home. He wonders why she doesn’t eat.

She blames him for agreeing to Do-Kook and Yi-Joo since he knows she dated Do-Kook first. But he points out that he cannot stop Do-Kook because the guy loves her sister. Jung-Hye shows up. She reveals Do-Kook’s mother was against the marriage. She reminds Jin-Woong that Yeon-Hwa won’t do business with them if he agrees to the marriage.

Jin-Woong calls Yi-Joo. He asks her if they can trust Do-Kook. She claims that she will make Yeon-Hwa agree to the marriage. She thinks Yoo-Ra just needs to get her bouquet. Yoo-Ra is furious to return to her room. Jung-Hye wonders when Yi-Joo will introduce Do-Kook’s parent to them. Yi-Joo promises to talk about it with Do-Kook.

Yi-Joo walks out of her house. Do-Kook calls her. He tells her to get in the car. She gets in his car. She’s startled when she sees a stranger. Do-Kook tells Yi-Joo that the person is his secretary. The secretary Jae-Ho greets Yi-Joo.

Yoo-Ra cries when she lies in the bed. Jung-Hye joins Yoo-Ra. She persuades her to eat something. Because it breaks her heart when she doesn’t eat. Yoo-Ra thinks her mother is going to take Yi-Joo’s side. Jung-Hye hugs her daughter.

She reminds her that her father agreed to the marriage because he fears Do-Kook’s family. Yoo-Ra worries that Do-Kook’s family is going to agree to the marriage. Jung-Hye promises to help Yoo-Ra. Jae-Ho takes Yi-Joo to Do-Kook’s house. He thinks they met before. He drives away.

Yi-Joo walks into the house. She finds out Do-Kook is cooking. He brings a cup of coffee to her. He continues to cook. He brags to her that he’s good at cooking. He brings the food to her. He tells her that he likes cooking. She mentions he posted the article.

He reveals he did it because he worried that she will regret. But she tells him that she won’t betray him. He takes out the marriage contract he prepared. But she asks him to let their families agree to the marriage. He agrees to it. So they sign the marriage contract.

Do-Kook asks Yi-Joo to live with him. He takes her to her room. He hands over the house key to her. He tells her not to get defeated. Jae-Ho makes himself a cup of coffee. The girl asks him who got Do-Kook’s heart. He doesn’t reply to her. She follows him to the office.

She mentions Se-Hyeok is going to get married. Jae-Ho remembers Se-Hyeok met with Yi-Joo. He’s startled to stand up. Se-Hyeok wonders what happened to Jae-Ho. Jae-Ho leaves the office. The girls ask Se-Hyeok if he knows who Do-Kook is going to marry. He scolds the girls for spreading the rumor.

He takes a look at his messages that he asks Yi-Joo to give him a chance. She agrees to meet with him. Yoo-Ra takes Se-Hyeok’s sister Se-Hee to the mall. She buys her a bag and she tells her to go to persuade Yi-Joo. Se-Hee thinks Yoo-Ra is very nice. She mentions she saw the bag from Do-Na’s social media.

Do-Na shows up when she talks with Jae-Ho over the phone. She learns that her brother Do-Kook has feelings for his employee’s fiancee. She thinks her husband likes the girl as well. Jae-Ho denies it. She tells Do-Na that she’s the best girl. It makes her happy.

Which Rival Yi-Joo Chooses?

Do-Na joins Yoo-Ra. She realizes that Yi-Joo isn’t a bad girl according to what Yoo-Ra said. She decides to see Yi-Joo with her eyes even if Se-Hee badmouths Yi-Joo. Yi-Joo walks out of her house. Jae-Sook blocks Yi-Joo’s way. She persuades her not to break off the marriage when she grabs her hand.

But Yi-Joo shakes off Jae-Sook’s hand. Yi-Joo mentions Jae-Sook has gotten a store from her family. She tells her not to ruin her life. Jae-Sook is furious to grab Yi-Joo’s hair. Yi-Joo pushes Jae-Sook over. Jae-Sook begs Yi-Joo to give her son a chance. But Yi-Joo shakes off Jae-Sook’s hand.

Se-Hee finds out that Yi-Joo pushed her mother. She tells the people that Yi-Joo gave up her boyfriend for money. Yi-Joo runs away. Jung-Hye meets with Jae-Sook. She thinks her acting was very good. She asks her if she was hurt. She gives the cash to her.

Yi-Joo wonders if she will change her fate when she’s in her room. She takes a look at the house key Do-Kook gave to her. She grabs the key and she decides not to make the same mistake. She completes the painting. Jung-Hye shows up. She thinks Yi-Joo’s painting is perfect. But the follower reports to her that Yi-Joo got into the office.

So she asks Yi-Joo why she got into the office. Yi-Joo reveals she wanted to sell the paintings. It makes Jung-Hye believe that Yi-Joo wants to give up the marriage. Yi-Joo denies it. She reveals she’s going to go to see her grandpa.

Jung-Hye offers to let Manager Kim accompany Yi-Joo. Yi-Joo agrees to it. Manager Kim takes Yi-Joo to the hospital. Yi-Joo knocks at the door. But her grandpa doesn’t open the door. Manager Kim reports it to Jung-Hye. She wonders what Yi-Joo will do.

Yi-Joo drinks with Soo-Jin at a bar. Soo-Jin persuades Yi-Joo to choose the strong woman Yeon-Hwa as her rival. She gives the cooking class ticket to her. Yi-Joo arrives at the cooking class. She doesn’t know what to do. She shows up when Yeon-Hwa is going to beat the madam because the madam badmouthed her son.

Episode 3 of Perfect Marriage Revenge ends with Yi-Joo telling her grandpa that she has forgiven him. It makes him cry. She hugs him to comfort him. She tells Jung-Hye that she’s going to arrange the family meeting up. Jung-Hye is furious to tell Yi-Joo that she didn’t win.

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