Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 2. Yi-Joo throws the flowers to the couch. She takes out the pen from Se-Hyeok’s pocket. She uses the pen to tear up her wedding dress. She smiles to put the flowers on his hair.

What Happens In Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2?

Perfect Marriage Revenge

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 2.

Yi-Joo tells Se-Hyeok that it’s her breakup present in episode 1. She tries to leave. But he stops her. He asks her why she did it to him. She tells him that she doesn’t want to waste time on him. She reveals she’s going to inform Yoo-Ra’s family that the wedding is off.

She leaves the wedding room. Se-Hyeok’s mother calls him. She reveals the dresser told her to wear the pink ribbon. Yoo-Ra shows up. She wonders if Yi-Joo got changed. Se-Hyeok reveals Yi-Joo left because she didn’t wish to marry him.

Yi-Joo tells Jung-Hye that she doesn’t want to marry Se-Hyeok. Jung-Hye tells the maid to go to get her some chicken. The maid leaves. Yi-Joo thinks Jung-Hye pretends not to hear what she said. She leaves. Se-Hyeok shows up with Yoo-Ra.

Jung-Hye asks Se-Hyeok to explain it. He asks her to delay the wedding. Yi-Joo returns. She asks Se-Hyeok if he wishes her to leak the reason why she didn’t want to marry him. Jung-Hye scolds Yi-Joo because she doesn’t wish to see the two’s fight.

Se-Hyeok apologizes to Jung-Hye. He drags Yi-Joo out of the house. He thinks it was a misunderstanding. She points out that he didn’t choose Yoo-Ra because Yoo-Ra isn’t rich. She thinks he’s a trash. She gets a call from his mother.

Does Yi-Joo Have Feelings for Se-Hyeok?

Se-Hyeok’s mother is happy to tell Yi-Joo that she’s in clothing store. But Yi-Joo hangs up because Se-Hyeok asked her not to say anything. Se-Hyeok is furious to blame Yi-Joo for hanging up his mother’s phone. She reveals she’s going to tell his mother that their wedding is off.

He gets on knees to her. He promises to make up for hurting her. He tells her that he will do all of the housework when she wonders how he will make up. He mentions she still has feelings for him. But she denies it and reveals she has feelings for someone else.

She tells him that she chose him just because she pitied him. She’s heartless to walk away. Jung-Hye wonders why Yi-Joo called off the wedding since she loved Se-Hyeok. Yoo-Ra tells Jung-Hye to delay the wedding. She thinks Yi-Joo had a reason to do so. She reveals she’s going to get married with Do-Kook. She tells her mother that she wished to get the guy when she saw him.

Episode 2 of Perfect Marriage Revenge ends with Do-Kook telling Jung-Hye that he will protect Yi-Joo. He takes Yi-Joo to leave the house. But he asks her to give something to him because he just saved her. He thinks she didn’t eat. He decides to take her to a restaurant.

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