Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 1. The little girl Xuan Xuan wishes to attend her parent’s wedding. Qi Sile tells Please Be My Family that she can only be brave when the wedding is at the hospital.

Does Qi Sile Take Song Xingchen’s Brooch?

Please Be My Family

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Qi Sile holds the flowers to meet with Song Haoyu. She asks him if he’s going to get married with her. The boss throws the papers to Qi Sile’s face. He thinks she couldn’t complete the proposal well. So she shows the new proposal to him. But he tells her to modify it.

Qi Sile explains the meaning to the boss President Wang. She gets a message from Teacher Wang who tells her that Xuan Xuan is going to cry. Qi Sile runs out of the building. She runs into Song Haoyu who carries a boy. She tries to call a cab. But she’s told that she has to line up.

Qi Sile wears the sneakers. She runs to the kindergarten. She tells Please Be My Family that her daughter heals her even if she was bullied by her boss. She calls Xuan Xuan little princess. She runs to her and carries her. She apologizes to her for her late.

Xuan Xuan tells Qi Sile that she doesn’t get angry. Qi Sile tells Xuan Xuan that she’s going to take her to a place she likes most. Xuan Xuan agrees to it. Song Haoyu tells his son Song Xingchen to be his secretary since he doesn’t want to go to kindergarten. He gives the papers to him.

President Wang gives the design of the promotion meeting to Song Haoyu. Song Haoyu finds out that the placement of the logo is good. President Wang reveals he questioned Randy Advertising Agency. But the manager convinced him. President Wang remembers what Qi Sile told him that he will be promoted.

But Song Haoyu fires President Wang. President Xie gets angry after knowing his brother-in-law was fired. Song Haoyu tells President Xie that President Wang took the deposits of two companies. He thinks it’s not related to President Xie since President Wang left. He tells him to take the two deposits back.

Song Haoyu fires Song Xingchen because he didn’t find Print Room. Song Xingchen cries. Song Haoyu mentions what he told Song Xingchen that crying cannot resolve problems. He reminds him that going to kindergarten to play with other kids is a simple task.

Song Xingchen asks Song Haoyu to send him to the kindergarten. But Song Haoyu tells Song Xingchen to go to the kindergarten tomorrow. Because it’s Song Xingchen’s birthday today. Song Xingchen asks Song Haoyu for the birthday present.

Song Haoyu puts the brooch on Song Xingchen’s chest. Song Xingchen mentions he wears his mother brooch annual birthday. Qi Sile takes Xuan Xuan to the toy store. She tells her to choose the toy she likes. But Xuan Xuan chooses the Cinderella Toy which is very expensive.

Xuan Xuan asks Qi Sile if she’s not happy. Qi Sile denies it. She tries to take Xuan Xuan to pay the bill. But Xuan Xuan refuses to move. Qi Sile explains to Xuan Xuan that she worried that she won’t like her if she takes Cinderella home.

Xuan Xuan tells Qi Sile that she likes her most. Qi Sile is happy to persuade Xuan Xuan to take Cinderella home. Song Haoyu takes Song Xingchen to get into the toy store. Song Xingchen tells Song Haoyu that he wishes to get the toy. But Song Haoyu thinks the toy is too childish. He chooses the toy which is suitable for Song Xingchen.

Qi Sile tries to leave with Xuan Xuan after she bought the toy. But Song Xingchen claims that the brooch Qi Sile wears belongs to him. Song Haoyu shows up. Qi Sile tells Song Haoyu that his son misunderstood her. But he threatens to call police.

Song Xingchen finds his brooch. Song Haoyu goes to look for Qi Sile. But she’s missing. Song Xingchen thinks Song Haoyu told a lie to him when he eats the cake. He mentions he promised him that his mother would come back when he’s five years old.

Song Haoyu explains to Song Xingchen that his mother needs to work overtime. Qi Sile sings a birthday song for Xuan Xuan. She tells Xuan Xuan to open her eyes. Xuan Xuan finds out that the birthday cake is very beautiful. She wishes to defeat little monster.

Xuan Xuan tries to eat the little cake. But Qi Sile stops Xuan Xuan and tells her to take the magical pill. She hands over the cake to her. She asks her if she’s happy for going to new kindergarten. But Xuan Xuan tells Qi Sile that she misses the previous little friends.

Qi Sile reminds Xuan Xuan that her godmother is in the new kindergarten. Xuan Xuan feels happy. Song Haoyu wonders why the woman had the same brooch. Master Song brings the birthday present to Song Xingchen. But he finds out that Song Xingchen is missing.

Master Song learns that Song Xingchen left because he didn’t see his mother. He tells Song Haoyu to go on the blind date for Song Xingchen. But Song Haoyu tells Master Song not to care for him because he’s sick. Master Song pretends to have a heart attack. He tells Song Haoyu to get married with a girl. Song Haoyu tells Master Song that he wishes to get married with the girl he likes.

Hao Jun picks up Song Xingchen. Song Haoyu tells Song Xingchen to greet his uncle Hao Jun. But Song Xingchen thinks Hao Jun isn’t handsome. Hao Jun points out that Song Xingchen missed him when he pinches his face. But Song Xingchen tells Hao Jun that he missed him because he’s free.

Hao Jun thinks he’s very luck. He mentions Song Haoyu works for him. Song Xingchen tells Song Haoyu that he won’t learn it from Hao Jun. Hao Jun arrives at the kindergarten. But there’s a traffic jam. The beauty rides the motorcycle to show up. Hao Jun falls for the beauty.

The beauty knocks at the window of the driver. She tells him to move his car. But he thinks it’s not related to her. She tells him that she’s the teacher of the kindergarten. She films him and threatens to call traffic police. Hao Jun is surprised that the beauty is the teacher of the kindergarten.

Song Xingchen laughs. He thinks his ugly uncle only knows to look at beauties. Xuan Xuan is happy to run to her godmother after she saw her. The beauty thinks Qi Sile wore too formal. She gives the clothes she prepared to her. She tells her to go to get changed.

Qi Sile wears makeup in front of Song Haoyu’s car. He recognizes her and rolls down the window. She’s shocked when she sees him. He reaches his hand to her when she’s going to trip. But he fails to catch her. She trips. He tells her that he misunderstood her last time. He asks her for her number. Because she damaged his car.

Qi Sile writes down her number on the note. She puts the note on Song Haoyu’s car. She’s furious to walk away. Song Haoyu completes the painting with Song Xingchen. Qi Sile looks at the painting. She thinks the painter used wrong topic. Because the topic is love.

Song Haoyu joins Qi Sile. He thinks the ink style made the topic more depth. He asks her about her painting. The teacher tells the people that the painting of Qi Sile and Xuan Xuan got the red flower. The teacher puts the red flower on Xuan Xuan’s chest.

Qi Sile reminds Song Haoyu that he needs to educate the recognition of color for a five years old kid. She intends to borrow a parenting book to him. He rejects it because he wishes to have a talk with her. She rejects it and plans to compensate him for the damage of his car. But he tells her that she doesn’t need to compensate him. He smiles at her and walks away.

Qi Sile tells Xuan Xuan that she will get another red flower for her. Song Xingchen thinks Xuan Xuan’s mother is very kind. He tells Song Haoyu that he wishes to get the red flower as well. Qi Sile brags to her best friend Li Xin that Xuan Xuan got the red flower.

Li Xin thinks Xuan Xuan is the best kid. But the kindergarten asks Qi Sile to pay the tuition. Li Xin mentions what she told Qi Sile that the tuition of Si Qiao Kindergarten is very expensive. But Qi Sile still insists on letting Xuan Xuan get into Si Qiao Kindergarten. Li Xin tries to transfer her money to Qi Sile. But Qi Sile rejects it because she just got the order from Mao Lin.

Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Please Be My Family Chinese Drama ends with Qi Sile telling her boss that she doesn’t want to give up the order of Mao Lin. Master Song hears the talk. He tells Qi Sile that he has a friend who’s in Mao Lin. He writes down his friend He Qing’s number. He tells her to go to look for He Qing.

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