Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 23. Yan Hui walks out of Bai Xiaosheng’s house. She runs into Tian Yao. Tian Yao thinks Bai Xiaosheng hurt himself for getting Yan Hui’s sympathy.

Does Zhao Yu Get Black Book?

Back From the Brink

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 23.

Yan Hui thinks it’s the thing Bai Xiaosheng would do. She tries to apologize to Tian Yao for Bai Xiaosheng. But Tian Yao stops Yan Hui. Because he doesn’t wish her to do so for Bai Xiaosheng. She asks him if he came for the case.

Tian Yao reveals he came to explain it to Yan Hui. But she mentions he never wasted his time to do so. He tells her that he doesn’t wish to be understood by her. It makes her believe that he has feelings for her. But she tells herself not to overthink it.

Yan Hui tells herself that the dragon doesn’t have any feelings. She walks away. Huan Xiaoyan walks Zhu Li. She asks him if his uncle doesn’t agree to look into Zhao Yu. Zhu Li thinks Zhao Yu got the trust of his uncle. Huan Xiaoyan thinks Zhu Li doesn’t have to beg his uncle.

Zhu Li thinks his uncle did it for the big picture. He tells Huan Xiaoyan that he will let Zhao Yu show his tail on his own. She asks him for the method. He tells her that he’s going to wait for the chance. She realizes that he doesn’t have any method.

Zhu Li reminds Huan Xiaoyan that they can catch the killer if they watch Black Book. Yan Hui brings the medicine to Bai Xiaosheng. He coughs. She wonders why his injury got worse since he has slept one night. He leaks that it’s Fu Yin who has his true body.

Yan Hui feels guilty for getting Bai Xiaosheng involved. She swears to practice Black Book for taking back his true body for him. She takes him to get into Cold Spring. He tries to sit with her. But Tian Yao lets Bai Xiaosheng sit with him.

Yan Hui feels cold. She mentions there was a warm stone yesterday. She finds the stone. She feels warm when she steps on the stone. Bai Xiaosheng finds out that the stone is Tian Yao’s body. He steps on Tian Yao’s body. Fu Yin blames Bai Xiaosheng for soaking in the hot spring since he asked him to take Black Book. Bai Xiaosheng leaves.

Tian Yao passes out. Yan Hui wonders why Tian Yao is so weak since he got Dragon Scale. Yan Buhuo shows up. He thinks the two are lazy. Yan Hui scolds Yan Buhuo. She tells him that she and Tian Yao just came out from the water.

Yan Hui asks Yan Buhuo to take a look at Tian Yao. He finds out that Tian Yao’s body isn’t complete. Yan Hui admits that Tian Yao’s body isn’t complete. She adds that Tian Yao feels painful on full moon night. Yan Buhuo mentions Tian Yao used his power in the water. He thinks he deserves it.

Yan Hui asks Yan Buhuo if Tian Yao has to soak in the water for seven days. It makes him believe that she cares for Tian Yao. He thinks the couple care for each other. He laughs to walk away. Tian Yao wakes up. Yan Hui blames Tian Yao for warming the water on full moon night.

Tian Yao tells Yan Hui that he doesn’t wish her to feel cold. She leaves his house. She tells herself to calm down. She doesn’t want to step into same river. She decides to explain it to Tian Yao even if she misunderstood it. Zhu Li tells Huan Xiaoyan to watch Black Book with him.

Yan Buhuo praises Zhu Li even if he didn’t respect him in the hall. But Zhu Li scolds Yan Buhuo. He tells him that he did it for Black Book. Yan Buhuo is furious to walk away. Huan Xiaoyan thinks Zhu Li didn’t respect Yan Buhuo. He thinks Yan Buhuo didn’t respect his uncle when he talked with his uncle.

Huan Xiaoyan tells Zhu Li to be tolerant when he gets along with the people who’s going to die. Zhao Yu shows up. He tells Zhu Li that Chang Lan asks him to go to his study. He walks away. Zhu Li thinks Zhao Yu did it for stealing Black Book. He claims that he won’t be fooled.

Huan Xiaoyan wonders why Zhao Yu only leaded off Zhu Li. She tells Zhu Li to go to see Chang Lan. Yan Hui wears the outfit. She tells Tian Yao that he doesn’t have to warm water because she has the secret weapon. She tells him that she knows he’s not cold.

Yan Hui tells Tian Yao that she found out that he plans to turn their fake marriage into real marriage. She tells him to restrain himself because she thinks they have no future. She tells him not to step in love. He gets her point but he still warms the water.

Zhao Yu stuns Huan Xiaoyan and hurts Yan Buhuo. He takes away Black Book. Yan Hui runs into the bodyguard who tells her that someone stole Black Book. Yan Hui gets into Yan Buhuo’s house. She sees Huan Xiaoyan. She asks Yan Buhuo if Huan Xiaoyan is fine.

Yan Buhuo tells Yan Hui that Huan Xiaoyan is going to wake up soon. She asks him about Black Book. He comforts her that the thief didn’t got Black Book. Because Black Book was left by Queen. Tian Yao finds out that the thief was the bodyguard of palace.

Yan Hui tells Tian Yao to let Chang Lan seal the palace. Yan Buhuo stops Tian Yao. He reveals he has sealed the palace. Tian Yao asks Yan Buhuo if he remembers the looks of the thief. Yan Buhuo mentions the thief covered himself well. But he can still recognize him.

Yan Buhuo leaks that he sprinkled the ink to the thief’s neck. He asks Tian Yao to keep Black Book. Zhu Li shows up. He blames Yan Buhuo for sealing the palace. Yan Buhuo shows the jade pendant to Zhu Li. He tells him to get on knees to him.

Zhu Li gets on knees to Yan Buhuo. Huan Xiaoyan wakes up. Tian Yao wonders why Zhu Li didn’t get together with Huan Xiaoyan when something bad happened. Yan Buhuo blames Zhu Li for leaving Huan Xiaoyan. Huan Xiaoyan tells Yan Buhuo not to blame Zhu Li. She reveals Zhao Yu asked Zhu Li to see his uncle.

Zhu Li tells Yan Hui that he ran into Bai Xiaosheng. He adds that Bai Xiaosheng won’t attend the wedding because he’s very sad. Zhu Yu takes a look at the ink on his neck. He tries to wipe off the ink. But he fails. He hears the bodyguard telling his follower to seal the city gate. Zhao Yu thinks he has to attend the wedding.

Zhu Li asks Tian Yao what Yan Buhuo said to him. Tian Yao remembers he asked Yan Buhuo to write the marriage contract with eternal ink. Huan Xiaoyan wakes Yan Hui up. She tells Yan Hui that King sent the gold to her. Yan Hui is happy when she sees the gold.

Huan Xiaoyan applies the makeup for Yan Hui. Pu Fang is startled when she sees Yan Hui’s makeup. She asks her if she’s going to hold a funeral. Yan Hui looks at herself in the mirror. She’s furious to blame Huan Xiaoyan. Huan Xiaoyan mentions the dying people liked the makeup very much.

Yan Hui stops Huan Xiaoyan. She worries that Tian Yao is going to hold a death wedding for her. But Huan Xiaoyan thinks the makeup is very beautiful. Pu Fang thinks Huan Xiaoyan’s aesthetic is very special. Huan Xiaoyan agrees to what Pu Fang said. She brags that she trained herself from the faces of dead.

Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Ending

Episode 23 of Back From the Brink Chinese Drama ends with Pu Fang wishing to get married like Yan Hui. Yan Hui thinks Pu Fang fell for someone. She thinks the man is an immortal as well. Pu Fang tells Yan Hui that she doesn’t like immortals. She thinks it’s good to live with someone she likes. She volunteers to do Yan Hui’s makeup.

Chang Lan lets camellias fall. Ling Fei thinks something happened to Blue Hill. The follower reports to Ling Fei that Tian Yao is going to get married with Yan Hui. Ling Fei breaks the camellias. She thinks Blue Hill bullied them. She tells the follower to let immortals support them. But the follower thinks he’s going to hit rock with eggs. Ling Fei thinks they should give Blue Hill a lesson.

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