Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Qi Sile remembers Song Haoyu told her that street store is her hobby. She looks at the ring she designed. Song Haoyu walks into the room. He asks Qi Sile what she’s doing.

Does Qi Sile Kiss Song Haoyu?

Please Be My Family

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

Qi Sile thinks it’s not Song Haoyu’s business. She tells him not to step in her personal life. He explains to her that he came to ask her about the promotion meeting. She leaves. He sees the ring on the table. He remembers what Xuan Xuan told him that Qi Sile made many shinning stuff.

Xuan Xuan showed the design of Qi Sile to Song Haoyu. She told him that Qi Sile promised to give her more shinning stuff. Song Haoyu realizes that Qi Sile gave up her dream for Xuan Xuan. He decides to apologize to Qi Sile after the meeting.

Song Haoyu calls Aunt Du. He tells her that he cannot go home. She comforts him that Qi Sile has taken care of the children. Song Haoyu lies in the bed when Qi Sile falls asleep. He thinks she cares for the family. He worries what he does is unfair to her.

Song Haoyu places the stuff on the table. It wakes Qi Sile up. He asks her for her phone. He shows the positioning watch he bought their children. He tells her to give the watches to the children. He asks her to wear the dress because he thinks she’s going to go to the promotion meeting with him.

Qi Sile wears the dress to arrive at the promotion meeting with Song Haoyu. She’s surprised that her husband knew her size well. They get in the elevator. Song Haoyu tells Qi Sile to take his arm. They run into Tong Luoqi. Tong Luoqi takes off her sunglasses. She recognizes Qi Sile.

Tong Luoqi wonders why Qi Sile stays with Song Haoyu. Song Haoyu explains to Tong Luoqi that Qi Sile came to attend the promotion meeting. He tries to leave with Qi Sile. But Tong Luoqi stops Song Haoyu. Tong Luoqi mentions Qi Sile flattered Song Haoyu and his grandpa. She thinks she has no shame.

Qi Sile claims that she’s the planner of the promotion meeting. She adds that she’s the wife of Song Haoyu. She holds Song Haoyu’s tie. She drags him to her side and kisses him. Tong Luoqi is shocked to step back. She cries. Qi Sile pushes Song Haoyu away. She covers her mouth. He thinks she acted too much. She claims that she’s professional. But she feels embarrassed.

Song Haoyu introduces Qi Sile as his wife to the people in the promotion meeting. Qi Sile goes to fix her makeup because of the kiss. Tong Luoqi walks into the room. She tells Qi Sile that she knows she acted with Song Haoyu. Qi Sile tells Tong Luoqi to walk aside because her husband’s speech is going to end.

Tong Luoqi tells Qi Sile not to treat it as a real marriage. But Qi Sile points out that the marriage is a fact. Tong Luoqi mentions Qi Sile’s poor salary. Qi Sile thinks Song Haoyu know the salary more than Tong Luoqi. Tong Luoqi thinks Song Haoyu married Qi Sile because he has another plan.

Qi Sile points out that Song Haoyu doesn’t see any goal from Tong Luoqi. Tong Luoqi thinks Song Haoyu just wants to look for a nanny mother for Song Xingchen. She thinks Qi Sile will cry in the future. Hao Jun shows up. He tells Tong Luoqi to transfer the money if she wishes to give the wedding gift.

Tong Luoqi is furious to walk away. Hao Yu tells Qi Sile that Tong Luoqi got angry after she knew Song Haoyu is going to get married. He wonders why her friend didn’t come. She thinks her friend shouldn’t come because it’s the meeting of Mao Lin.

Hao Jun agrees to what Qi Sile said. He asks her about Li Xin. She thinks Li Xin is a good girl. She doesn’t know what he wishes to ask. He explains to her that he doesn’t intend to ask her about Li Xin’s secret. He wonders why Li Xin avoided him.

Qi Sile thinks Li Xin has some ideas. She tells Hao Jun that she cannot step in too much even if she’s close to Li Xin. He tells her that Song Haoyu asked him to come. He reveals Song Haoyu worried that she would be bullied Tong Luoqi.

Qi Sile asks Hao Jun about Tong Luoqi. He tells her that Song Haoyu has to contact with Tong Luoqi because of work. He thinks Tong Luoqi tangles Song Haoyu because she thinks only Song Haoyu is match for her. He comforts her that Song Haoyu has no feelings for Tong Luoqi.

Song Haoyu gives the flowers to Tong Luoqi because his wife is allergic to pollen. She gives the eternal flowers to Qi Sile. He thanks her for what she did for Mao Lin. Tong Luoqi is furious to throw the flowers to He Qing. Qi Sile strokes the flower. She wishes the marriage to be real.

Hao Jun visits Li Xin with the present. She thinks he did it too much to fool her. She tries to close the door. But he tells her that he missed her. She tells him to get lose. She closes the door. He reminds her that he will watch her footage when he misses her.

Li Xin remembers she told Hao Jun not to leave her when she was drunk. She opens the door and tells him not to leave. She tastes his cake and tells him to step back. But he rejects it because he doesn’t wish her to leave. He tells her that he doesn’t wish them not to be just friends.

Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of Please Be My Family Chinese Drama ends with Song Haoyu telling Xuan Xuan that he’s very brave. Qi Sile wonders why Song Haoyu is nice to her daughter if he acts with her. She wishes to know the true side of him. She gets a call from her mother.

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