Delightfully Deceitful K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Delightfully Deceitful K-Drama: Episode 1. It plays the footage of the gifted girl Ro-Woom in a broken house. Ro-Woom’s parents are tied up in the house. Ro-Woom lights the match and burns the house.

The Gifted Girl

Delightfully Deceitful

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Delightfully Deceitful K-Drama: Episode 1.

Ro-Woom is reading in the cell when others are cleaning the cell. The prisoner tells Ro-Woom to get up. But Ro-Woom ignores the prisoner. The prisoner is furious to throw away her wipe. She grabs Ro-Woom’s book and throws it away. She yells at Ro-Woom when Ro-Woom stares at her.

The guard Ui-Kyu passes by. He asks the prisoner what happened. The prisoner reports to Ui-Kyu that Ro-Woom sat when others cleaned the cell. But Ui-Kyu sees nobody sitting. The prisoner turns around. She finds out that Ro-Woom is cleaning the window.

Ui-Kyu takes a look at his watch. He tells the prisoner that he will send her to the solitary confinement if she brings trouble to him again. He walks away. The prisoner tries to throw a fit to Ro-Woom. But another prisoner stops her. She tells her that Ro-Woom killed her parents.

Park Kyu meets with Jae-Hoon at the law firm. He tells him that Moo-Young is the best lawyer. He thinks people visited Moo-Young because they knew he can help them. He believes that Moo-Young can change the fate of the con man.

The prosecutor plays the footage that the card sharp is caught when he tries to cheat. The defendant admits that he’s a card sharp. He confesses that he can use his hand to trick people. Moo-Young asks the defendant if he used his skills in the second half of the game.

The defendant denies it. Moo-Young plays the footage of the second half of the game. He asks the defendant if the ring was the part of his skills. The defendant denies it. Moo-Young tells the people that the ring was a token of love.

Moo-Young asks the defendant if Ms. Jung gave the ring to him. The defendant admits it. He mentions what Ms. Jung told him that she wishes him to remember her. He tells Moo-Young that he wished to help Ms. Jung clear her debt even if he knows he will be caught.

Moo-Young tells the judge that the defendant didn’t use his skills for his sake. He thinks the defendant wished to protect his lover. Moo-Young walks out of the court. Young-Ki follows Moo-Young and gives his business card to him. But Moo-Young refuses to accept the business card.

Young-Ki wonders how did Moo-Young came up with the romantic idea. But Moo-Young tells Young-Ki that he doesn’t wish to get an interview. Young-Ki tells Moo-Young that he can help him be on the first page even if they’re small local newspapers.

Young-Ki thinks Moo-Young wasted his face if he doesn’t let him interview him. But Moo-Young tells Young-Ki that he’s not interested in his interview. Jay mentions he heard Moo-Young is a vampire. The kid Byeol bumps Moo-Young. Byeol’s mother lets Byeol leave. She tells Moo-Young that Byeol’s father’s trial is today.

Moo-Young thinks it’s great. Byeol’s mother mentions Moo-Young promised to help them. But he gave up Byeol’s father. Jay mentions he heard Moo-Young is heartless. Gye-Sook stands in front of the court. She shows the photos of her son to people. She tells them that her son couldn’t go to school.

Jay worries that Moo-Young won’t take on his case. Park Kyu agrees to what Jay said. Moo-Young walks into the office. Park Kyu asks Moo-Young about his trial. He introduces Jay to Moo-Young. Jay greets Moo-Young. He mentions his case.

Moo-Young tells Jay to wear the cast on his right hand because he told the police that his right hand was hurt. Jay takes off his cast. Moo-Young tells Jay to come to him. Jay throws the cast to the table. He asks Park Kyu if Moo-Young took on his case.

Park Kyu tells Jay that Moo-Young always chooses clients like him. He opens the door for him. Ro-Woom calls someone. She asks her how long she should wait for. The woman tells Ro-Woom to watch the news. Moo-Young goes to see Jae-In. She asks him if people still called him vampire. He admits it. She asks him about his feelings.

It flashes back. The company executive claims that the company has the right to assign the employees at the court. Moo-Young blames the company executive for bullying the plaintiff for four years. But the judge scolds Moo-Young. The company executive thinks he didn’t treat the plaintiff unfairly.

Moo-Young yells at the company executive. He blames him for firing the plaintiff when the plaintiff didn’t make any mistake. The lawyer thinks Moo-Young wronged the witness. Moo-Young thinks the people are shameless. He passes out. Park Kyu meets with Moo-Young. He thinks he did it enough to deal with the former prosecutor who works for a big firm.

But Moo-Young thinks the company shouldn’t use the lawyer to kill people. He swears to continue to fight with the company. But Park Kyu tells Moo-Young not to do so. He tells him not to call the client again because he needs to live. He tells him to see the doctor he arranged.

Moo-Young thinks he should accept the nickname vampire. Ro-Woom tries to eat the food. But the prisoner knocks over the food. She blames Ro-Woom for killing her parents. She mentions she paid for her parents’ trip even if she took her husband’s life. She pokes her head. Ro-Woom ignores the prisoner. She goes to wash her sleeve.

Moo-Young walks out of the court. He finds out that Gye-Sook is missing. Young-Ki shows up. He thinks Moo-Young is looking for Gye-Sook. He tells him that Gye-Sook can do nothing if her case gets closed. Moo-Young wonder why Young-Ki told it to him. He gets in his car.

Jae-Hoon watches the news. He finds out that the police caught the real killer. But the person who was wronged has been in prison for ten years. Ro-Woom takes the straw when the prisoners fall asleep. Someone screams in the cell. Moo-Young tells Jae-In that his clients don’t need him.

Moo-Young takes a look at Gye-Sook’s case. He remembers he told Jae-In that the person who actually needs him is the one who has been protesting for a month. Jae-In wondered why Moo-Young had Gye-Sook in his mind. She asked him if he wished to help the poor mother. Moo-Young thought Jae-In would tell him to ignore the case again. She told him to focus on the therapy.

Jae-Hoon watches Ro-Woom’s case again. He wonders who will take on the case. But he’s forced to take on the case. Jae-Hoon complains to Park Kyu that he doesn’t want to accept the case. He refuses to help the guy because he has wronged the girl for ten years.

Park Kyu explains to Jae-Hoon that he let him accept the case because everyone is busy. Jae-Hoon points out that Moo-Young isn’t busy. He asks Park Kyu if Moo-Young is his son. Moo-Young tells Park Kyu that he will take the case when he fights with Jae-Hoon. He asks Jae-Hoon a favor.

Jae-Hoon visits Gye-Sook. He hands over the business card to her. Moo-Young meets with Choong-Sik. Choong-Sik confesses to Moo-Young that he killed Ro-Woom’s parents. He asks for a lighter sentence. He tells him that he can cry at the court if he wishes him to do that.

Moo-Young sees Ro-Woom crying in the fire when her mouth is covered by the cloth. Moo-Young wonders why Choong-Sik got the victims’ daughter involved. Choong-Sik thinks Ro-Woom should take the duty because she’s the two’s daughter. He laughs.

Choong-Sik pointed the gun at Ro-Woom’s head. He forced her to light the match. Choong-Sik asks Moo-Young how many years he’s going to get. Moo-Young asks the prosecutor about it when he runs into him in the restroom. The prosecutor thinks Moo-Young wants to give a death sentence to Choong-Sik. He tells him that he cannot stop him.

Jae-In tells Moo-Young not to do so. She thinks it’s a career suicide. But he tells her that it’s too late. He took out the recording after he met with Choong-Sik. Moo-Young gives the recording to the reporter. The reporter lets people know what Choong-Sik did to Ro-Woom.

Ro-Woom watches the news. She’s surprised that Moo-Young betrayed his client. She attends her trial. The judge tells the people that Ro-Woom isn’t guilty. The officer gives the present to Ro-Woom. She tells her that it was given by her lawyer.

Ro-Woom walks out of the prison. She finds out that Moo-Young is waiting for him. She takes a look at him. She thinks he’s not her lawyer. He explains to her that he thought she didn’t wish to wear her previous clothes. He tells her that he feels happy that she was cleared. He drives away.

Ro-Woom walks on the street. She feels happy when she sees the restaurant. She orders noodles. Park Kyu tells Moo-Young that he resolved his problem when he went to see Ro-Woom. He wishes to listen to him and Ro-Woom’s story. Moo-Young tells Park Kyu that there wasn’t any story.

But Park Kyu believes that Ro-Woom hired Moo-Young. He tells Moo-Young that Ro-Woom treated him as a pushover. Park Kyu thinks he has to treat it as a fighting for justice since it happened. He tells Moo-Young to resolve the problem on his own.

Moo-Young meets with Ro-Woom. He notes that she’s cold. She admits it and reveals she has no other clothes. She reminds him that he gave the shirt to her. He takes off his suit. He gives the suit to her. He orders the coffee for her.

Ro-Woom wipes off her tears. She tells Moo-Young that he’s the only one who was nice to her. She mentions she had been in the prison because she was wronged. He goes to take tissues for her. He places the tissues on the table. He thinks she can win her case without him.

Ro-Woom mentions Moo-Young was wronged like her. Jae-In asks Moo-Young if he risked his career to help Ro-Woom. He mentions what she told him to avoid the people who used the kind people. She thinks he will be prey of those evil people if he trusts them.

Moo-Young returns home. He begins to look into Ro-Woom. He meets with Mrs. No who tells him that Ro-Woom is a psychopath. She reveals Ro-Woom stabbed the officer. The officer used his stick to hit Ro-Woom’s leg before she ate. He laughs.

Ro-Woom broke off her chopstick. She walked to the officer. She stabbed his neck from his back. The officer passed out. Ro-Woom was arrested by the guards. Mrs. No thinks Ro-Woom stabbed the officer for no reason. She thinks Moo-Young doesn’t believe what she said because Ro-Woom is pretty. She thinks all of the officers like Ro-Woom.

Mrs. No thinks Ro-Woom has changed. She mentions she has a child. Moo-Young meets with Ui-Kyu. He hands over his business card to him. The prisoner woke up. She found out that Ro-Woom was holding a straw when the straw was close to her eye.

Ro-Woom told the prisoner that she would be killed if she drops the liquid into her eye. She told her that she did it because she tore her book. The prisoner cried to ask Ro-Woom for her mercy. Ro-Woom threw away her straw. Ui-Kyu tells Moo-Young that the prisoner was scared when Ro-Woom used the water to be close to her eye. But she didn’t know it was just water.

Ui-Kyu reveals the prisoner couldn’t sleep after Ro-Woom got released. She thinks Ro-Woom shouldn’t do it to the prisoner because she just tore up her book. He still believes that Ro-Woom was the killer. He wonders why Ro-Woom volunteered to go to the prison.

Ui-Kyu thinks Ro-Woom is a dangerous woman. But he feels relieved that the probation officer will handle Ro-Woom. The probation officer Yo-Han runs into Ro-Woom. He tells her that he will come to see her. She walks on the street. She takes a look at the cash she owns.

Moo-Young calls the studio. But he’s told that Ro-Woom left. Ro-Woom arrives at the casino. She tells Delightfully Deceitful that it’s not gambling. She stops the kids and gives her candies to them. She asks them for their bags. She walks into the bag store.

Ro-Woom introduces herself as a cop to the store owner Bo-Sung. She tells him that she’s looking into the stealing case. She asks him if he lost his bags. He denies it. So she asks him to show her the ledger. She checks the ledger. She thinks he’s one of the victims.

Ro-Woom gets the clothes for free from the store owners. She goes to the restroom to get changed. She goes to the casino. She brags to the couple that she earned a lot from the casino. The wife confesses to Ro-Woom that she lost her money from the casino.

Ro-Woom takes a look at her watch. She decides to leave. But the husband stops her. He tells her that he plans to sponsor her to play some games. The wife tells Ro-Woom to have fun with them. Ro-Woom wins because she memorized all of the cards.

The bodyguard shows up. He tells Ro-Woom to come to her. Ro-Woom asks the couple to tell the bodyguard that she didn’t use her money to play. But the wife reports to the bodyguard that Ro-Woom is a con artist. Ro-Woom is taken away.

Delightfully Deceitful K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Delightfully Deceitful K-Drama ends with Ro-Woom telling the manager that he cannot sue her. He puts the cash into her bag. He tells her to leave the casino. She returns home with the bag. Yo-Han is waiting for her. He asks her if she played golf. She tells him that she worked part-time in the golf club.

Yo-Han thinks it’s weird. He asks Ro-Woom to open the bag. He takes away her bag. Moo-Young stops Yo-Han. He introduces himself as Ro-Woom’s lawyer. He tells Yo-Han to return the bag to Ro-Woom. He thinks he doesn’t have the right to search Ro-Woom’s bag.

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Yo-Han points out that Ro-Woom wasn’t cleared. He thinks Ro-Woom is a dangerous woman. He tells Moo-Young not to let Ro-Woom break the law because he thinks it’s his duty as Ro-Woom’s lawyer. Moo-Young agrees to it so that Yo-Han returns the bag to Moo-Young. Yo-Han walks away. Ro-Woom tries to grab the bag from Moo-Young. But the cash fall from the bag. Moo-Young takes a look at the cash. He has an eye contact with Ro-Woom. He told Jae-In that he wanted to help Ro-Woom because he knows Ro-Woom.

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