Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 14

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 14, Xiao Sha intends to take away Man Yao, but she runs to Wu Yu. Wu Yu thrills to see her and wants to take her away. But Xiao Sha stops Wu Yu, and Wu Yu recognizes Xiao Sha as the bodyguard of Xiqi.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 14

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 14.

Fu Chou takes princes to visit the bathroom, and shares that his friend just used it. Crown Prince thinks they don’t have to take a look. But Wu You wants to check it. Princess gets in the bathroom first when Fu Chou is introducing the place.

Man Yao runs into Princess, and Princess gets in the water. Man Yao picks up the mask Princess left. Wu You spots Princess playing water beside the pool, and she leaves with Fu Chou. Leng Yan reports to Wu You that he didn’t find Man Yao. Wu You orders to watch on General House.

Wu You is going to leave with Leng Yan, and Heng Xiang appears with other dancers. Crown Prince doesn’t expect that Wu You is interested in beauty. Wu You orders Leng Yan to take off Heng Xiang’s veil, and Man Yao sees the real face of her substitute.

Crown Prince helps Heng Xiang get up, and thinks she is the goddess in the moon. She wants to serve him, so he takes her to sit next to him. Crown Prince recognizes the wine “10 miles smell”, and Fu Chou asks Man Yao to taste it.

Man Yao remembers she was drunk when Wu Yu got her the wine. She shares that she feels uncomfortable while smelling. Crown Prince thinks the wine doesn’t exist, and asks Fu Chou how he got it. Fu Chou shares that it came from a friend of him.

Crown Prince shares that the ministers praised the wine 16 years ago, but Emperor killed Qing Yong. Nobody knows how to make the wine. Man Yao says that Qing Yong got killed because he gave the wine, and thinks Crown Prince should regret for Qing Yong’s talent of managing nation.

But Crown Prince points out that Qing Yong got killed because he cheated Emperor, and gets wine for Wu You because Qing Yong is his teacher. But Wu You pours the wine and is furious to leave. Heng Xiang leaves with Crown Prince, and she has an eye contact with Fu Chou when Crown Prince falls asleep.

Man Yao asks Fu Chou for his goal. He admits that he has another goal, and is happy that she chooses to believe him. He asks her if she wants to stay there or leave with Xiao Sha. Man Yao thinks she has no freedom to choose as Long Yue’s life is in their hands.

She claims that she won’t to be their puppet. He thinks her volition always surprises him, and calls her Man Yao. She tells him to call her Princess as she isn’t the person he can bully. Man Yao sneers at Xiao Sha for always doing his duty.

Rong Le returns Princess Palace and thinks Rong Qi planned it as all of the acquaintances were changed. He tells her that he doesn’t want Beilin people to find her identity. She points out that Fu Chou is Beilin people as well, and thinks Rong Qi doesn’t need to pretend when he wants her to be house arrest.

He tells her to hand over “Mountain and River”, and promises her to go home after getting married over one year. But she suspects if she really has a home. Rong Le admits that she has the book, but she wants to make sure all of her women are alive.

Rong Qi agrees and asks Xiao Sha to take Rong Le seeing her women tomorrow. Rong Le drops the jade Rong Qi gave her. He picks it up, but it’s broken. Crown Prince wants to get Heng Xiang to sleep with her. But she thinks he is drunk, and intends to leave.

He thinks she is naughty. Crown Princess appears and slaps Heng Xiang’s face. She thinks she cannot conceal it if her father knows that he took back a prostitute. But he complains that her family doesn’t respect him.

Crown Princess blames Crown Prince for taking back the cheap woman to East Palace which is just across a wall to Emperor’s palace. Heng Xiang asks Crown Prince to drive him out. Crown Prince reveals Heng Xiang was given by Fu Chou, and drives Crown Princess out.

Crown Prince trips to bed, and Heng Xiang drops some powder into the wine and asks him to drink it. She tells him that she is his women after he drinks it. He laughs to drink up and wants to hug her. But she pushes him over, and thinks he ruined many girls.

She steps on his body, and finds the key under the pillow. Leng Yan tells Wu You that the wine in Fu Chou’s house isn’t the real “10 miles smell”, and thinks someone was imitation the wine. He mentions Wu Xiangzi said that Man Yao is in General House, but they didn’t find her.

Wu You thinks Wu Xiangzi was right, and they just missed the details. He thinks Fu Chou doesn’t just intend to get Crown Prince to his side, and they will find the truth when they find Man Yao. Crown Prince wakes up and intends to kiss slept Heng Xiang.

Heng Xiang pushes him over and shares that she is tired because of last night. But Crown Prince doesn’t remember what happened last night. She thinks he is kidding, and glances at the clothes they took off. He laughs and thinks he worked hard on her last night, offering to sleep again.

But she tells him not to take care of him too much. Zhao Yun wants to get Man Yao to stay away from Wu You, but she finds out that Longyue Tower is locked. She thinks Man Yao ended her business as she thought that she will be the princess.

Zhao Yun is surprised that Man Yao disappeared for many days, and thinks she met the danger. Wu You tells Wu Yu to search the city with the excuse of arresting escaped prisoner. The man reports to Fu Chou that Wu Yu and Wu You are looking for Man Yao.

Xiao Sha asks Rong Le for the book, but Rong Le wants to see Long Yue first. He takes her to see Long Yue, and Leng Yue blames Xiao Sha for betraying princess. Long Yue tells Rong Le that they made her lose her martial arts with medicine.

Rong Le thinks she involved Long Yue, but Chen Yu thinks Rong Le sacrificed too much to protect them. Xiao Sha asks Rong Le to take him to get “Mountain and River”. Long Yue tells Rong Le not to give them as it’s the only thing let her get freedom.

Rong Le tells Long Yue that she will save them, and asks Xiao Sha not to hurt her friends. Xiao Sha spots Wu Yu looking for Man Yao in the street, and sends his men to draw Wu Yu. Man Yao realizes Xiao Sha has watched on her.

Xiao Sha intends to take away Man Yao, but she runs to Wu Yu. Wu Yu thrills to see her and wants to take her away. But Xiao Sha stops Wu Yu, and Wu Yu recognizes Xiao Sha as the bodyguard of Xiqi. But Man Yao disappears.

Xiao Sha explains that he is chasing a slave of his house, and Wu Yu shows Man Yao’s portrait to Xiao Sha, asking him if he saw it. Xiao Sha denies. Man Yao returns the clothing shop and stuns the shop owner. She gets the key and beats up the bodyguards.

Man Yao tells Long Yue to leave with her, and carries her. Leng Yan reports to Wu You that someone saw Man Yao going out of the city.

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