Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 15

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 15, Wu You appears at Fu Chou’s wedding, and is shocked that Man Yao is Rong Le when she takes off her veil. He claims that Rong Le is his woman, and takes her away from Fu Chou.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 15

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 15.

Man Yao sees off with her friends in the woods, but Wu You arrives with his men. So Man Yao has to flee away with Long Yue. Wu You kills some of men of Heaven Revenge Sect. Rong Qi blocks Man Yao’s way and asks her if she thought he left Beilin.

He tells her that he won’t allow her to flee before getting “Mountain and River”. Man Yao worries about the people of Xiqi if the war begins. Rong Le tells Man Yao to give him the book and marry Fu Chou, and everything will be over after one year.

Long Yue fights with the bodyguards so that Man Yao can flee. But Xiao Sha catches Long Yue. Rong Qi asks Man Yao if she wishes Long Yue to die for her. Long Yue takes her life with Xiao Sha’s sword, and she dies in Man Yao’s arms.

Man Yao stops crying and tells Rong Qi that she doesn’t have “Mountain and River”. Rong Qi thinks Man Yao should return to Fu Chou and complete her mission, even if she doesn’t have the book. Man Yao puts the sword on her neck and tells Rong Qi to give a body to Fu Chou.

But Rong Qi asks his men to bring Xiao Wei and Leng Yue. He asks Man Yao if he wants those people to die for her. Xiao Wei tells Rong Qi that she left the sign. But the bodyguard kills her. Leng Yue asks Rong Le to save her.

Rong Le puts down her sword and is on knees. She tells Rong Qi that she will anything he wants her to do. He wants to get her up, but she avoids his hand. Rong Le gets the cover for Long Yue and hugs her to cry. Wu You arrives and spots Long Yue wearing Man Yao’s cloak.

He wonders what happened. Zhao Yun is surprised that Rong Le is Man Yao, and wants to report it to Wu You. Leng Yue tells Rong Le not to put Zhao Yun’s words in her mind, and feels sorry for getting Rong Le into the cage. But Rong Le grabs Leng Yue’s hand.

Fu Chou picks up Rong Le and tells her that he won’t release his hand after today. But she lets his hand go. Wu You takes the bloody cloak and misses Rong Le. Wu Yu shares that he had a fight with Xiao Sha for Man Yao, and Wu You remembers Man Yao played the water someone just took a bath.

Wu You realizes that someone just dived so that Man Yao concealed it. Zhao Yun runs in and tells Wu You that Rong Le is Man Yao. Wu Yu realizes that they got cheated by Man Yao. The princes want to see the real face of Rong Le, but Crown Prince stops them and mentions Wu You kept rejecting Rong Le.

Wu You stops Fu Chou and Rong Le from getting married, and wants to see the real face of Rong Le. Fu Chou stops Wu You and claims he will take off Rong Le’s veil in person as her husband. But Wu You points out that Fu Chou isn’t Rong Le’s husband as they didn’t get in the bridal chamber.

Crown Prince threatens to report it to Emperor, but Wu You wants to take a look at Rong Le’s face and call their men in. So Fu Chou asks Xiang Ying to take his men to arrive. He tells Rong Le that he won’t let her get bullied. But she thinks only she can solve the problem.

Rong Le takes off her veil, and Wu You realizes that Rong Le kept cheating him. Fu Chou wants to leave with Rong Le, but Wu You stops them. Wu You asks Rong Le where she will go, and she admits that she will get in the bridal chamber with Fu Chou.

But Wu You shares that they slept that night. Rong Le slaps his face. Wu You claims Rong Le is his women no matter she accepts it or not. He doesn’t allow her to marry someone else, except him. Fu Chou reminds Wu You that the marriage was agreed by the emperors of two nation.

Rong Le complains to Wu You for getting her into the awkward situation, and asks him what he wants. He asks her if she really doesn’t know why he did it. She claims that she never understands him. Wu Yu arrives and thinks she planned to marry someone else when she was in relation with Wu You.

Rong Le tells Fu Chou that she will take all of duties and asks him to write down the certificate of divorce. She takes down the crown, but he tells her that he will take the duties with her no matter what will happen. Wu You takes away Rong Le in Wu Yu’s help, and the men in white block Fu Chou’s way.

Emperor is shocked that Wu You robbed Fu Chou’s bride, and Crown Prince shares that the place Wu You went he cannot get in. Wu You takes Rong Le into his mother’s palace, and takes off her coat. Rong Le asks Wu You what he will do.

He says that he disdains to force the woman even if he loves her. Rong Le sneers at Wu You that he used all of methods to make her be fooled. But he complains to her that she planned to marry someone else when they enjoyed the lanterns. She talks back that he never has his heart to her.

He complains that she never tells him her real identity, and thinks she doesn’t have qualification to blame him. Rong Le agrees and thinks they used and cheated each other. She says that he cheated everything from her, but he points out that she stole the book from him.

Emperor arrives and orders to open the door. But Leng Yan shares that Wu You sealed the door. Emperor asks Fu Chou if he knew Rong Le is Man Yao early. But Fu Chou denies, and explains he accepted the marriage when Wu You and Wu Yu rejected it.

He wants to resign, and ministers ask Emperor to think about it. Wu You gets his cloak for Rong Le when she is cold, and hugs her. She pushes him over and asks him when he will release her.

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