Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2, Wu You rejects Rong Le at the court as he won’t exchange his marriage with benefits, and she asks for half a year so that they can know each other. but he thinks she is clingy to him.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2.

Rong Le walks into the palace and pays her respect to the emperor of Bei Lin. He tells her to get up herself. She gets Xiao Sha to hand over the gift to Emperor. She tells Emperor that Rong Qi gave him the treasure for thanking him for the presents he gave him. He finds out that the gift is white jade cup.

Crown Prince mentions the there’re only a pair of white jade cups, and the value cannot be calculated. He adds that it can quench thirst if someone drinks tea with the cup in the summer. Emperor tells Minister Yang to write a letter to Rong Qi and thank him.

Xiao Sha tells Emperor that Rong Qi wished him to be nice to princess. Emperor promises it and thinks Rong Le is the guest. He adds that she will marry his son. The servant reports to Emperor that Li Prince cannot come to the palace because he’s resting. Emperor tells Wu Yu to take Li Prince there.

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Wu Yu takes the bodyguards to arrive at Li Prince’s house and begs him to go to the palace while knocking at the door. He tells him that he has to go to guard imperial tomb if he doesn’t come out. The bodyguard reminds Wu Yu that Emperor is still waiting for Li Prince. Wu Yi smiles and breaks into the house.

Wu Yu tells Emperor that Wu You comes. Emperor is frozen when he sees Wu You sleeps in the bed, and the bed is carried by the bodyguards. He scolds Wu Yu for making Wu You come to palace in such a way. Wu Yu mentions Emperor asked him to get Wu You come to palace no matter what methods he uses.

Emperor walks to Wu You and takes away his sheet. He tells him to get up, and persuades him not to be rude. He tells him that he prepared the wedding robe for him because princess is the peace envoy of two nations. He tells him to get changed and complete the engagement at the palace to get married.

Wu You gets up and tells Emperor that he didn’t agree to get married. Emperor tells Wu You that the wedding needs to be processed no matter what he thinks. He gets the bodyguards to get changed for Li Prince. But Wu You drives the bodyguards away, and asks Emperor if he wants to force him to get married.

Emperor tells Wu You that he can get someone to replace him to get married if he doesn’t agree to it. Emperor calls Wu Yu. Wu Yu is scared. Wu You laughs and tells Emperor to get someone to replace him to do the wedding night since someone can replace him to complete the wedding. He tells Emperor that he won’t marry princess.

Wu You persuades Emperor to choose someone else if he wants to unite Xi Qi through marriage. He adds that there’re many prince in Bei Lin. Emperor points out that it cannot be changed because the marriage contract is there.

Rong Le tells Emperor that she kept thinking out her future husband’s looks before she came to Bei Lin. She thought he’s not the looks even if he’s not perfect. She adds that the marriage contract describes Li Prince as a wise and brave gentleman. But she only saw a savage. She thinks he is a baby who cannot grow up, and he’s coquetry in front of people.

Rong Le tells Emperor that she wants to marry someone she loves and live a happy life. She adds that she doesn’t want to leave her family and marry to another country. But she came to Bei Lin for the benefits of her nation. She says that she could do so even if she’s a woman. She adds that Li Prince kept rejecting it even if she’s a man.

Rong Le asks Wu You if he has a faith to his nation. He gets off the bed, and the bodyguards catch the chance to take away the bed. Wu You thinks Rong Le wants to stick to him. She denies and walks to him. She says that she wishes him to give her a chance to know each other. She adds that she will follow what he said to marry someone else if he doesn’t chance his mind after half a year. She promises not to regret.

Wu You points out that princess took the peak of morality, and thinks nation power doesn’t rely on son and daughter’s marriage. He says that only weak person will rely on women to cover his incompetence.

Rong Le gives the jade cup to Emperor, and Xiao Sha mentions Rong Qi thought jade cup is very small when comparing with Rong Le. Rong Qi wished Emperor to treat Rong Le well, and Emperor agrees it. The man reports to Emperor that Li Prince is resting, and cannot come.

Emperor asks Chen Prince to pick up Li Prince. Chen Prince tells Li Prince that he will be sent to watch imperial tomb if he doesn’t come out, and takes his bed to the court. Emperor scolds Chen Prince for it, and asks Li Prince to get up. But Li Prince says that he didn’t accept to get married.

Emperor asks his men to get changed for Li Prince. But Li Prince slaps the bed, and the men has to step back. Emperor threatens that he can get someone to get married for Li Prince. But Li Prince offers to get someone to do bridal chamber for him.

He says that he doesn’t want to get married with Rong Le, and thinks other princes can replace him. Emperor thinks it cannot be changed because Li Prince is chosen by Rong Qi. Rong Le reveals she doesn’t want to marry to Li Prince as well, but she visited Beilin for justice of nation.

She asks Li Prince if he has any justice of nation in his mind. He thinks she wants to be clingy to him. She tells him that she will marry someone else if he doesn’t change his mind after half a year. But he thinks only the weak will rely on women to conceal his incompetence, and claims he won’t exchange his marriage with benefits.

He says that he isn’t interested in her offer, but Rong Le thinks Li Prince just fears to lose to her. Chen Prince worries that Rong Le will force Wu You to marry her after half a year. Wu You claims that nobody can force him to do the thing he doesn’t want to.

Wu Yu thinks Rong Le has outstanding argument skill, and tells Wu You to marry her. Wu You tells Wu Yu to marry Rong Le, but Wu Yu is startled and thinks he cannot stand her. Emperor waits for Wu You and tells him that he wants to take revenge on Wei State because they made Crown Prince give up his armor.

He thinks the marriage with Xiqi can firm their border. Wu You points out that he gave idea to save the south boundary. Emperor tells Wu You to give up the resentment to him, and thinks he will get the throne with his intelligence. But Wu You tells Emperor that he will he will get what he wants with his power.

Emperor wants Wu You to be his heir. Put Wu You points out that his heir is Crown Prince. Crown Prince thinks Rong Le took revenge for him on Wu You. But his man Mr. Yu thinks Crown Prince’s position will be in danger if Rong Le marries Wu You. But Crown Prince thinks the marriage won’t reach with the situation.

Queen asks Rong Qi if he looked into the assassins. But he points out that the assassins were killed. Rong Le arrives at her house, but the man stops Xiao Sha to get in the house. She tells him that Xiao Sha was assigned by Rong Qi. So the man asks the bodyguard to let Xiao Sha pass.

The man introduces the steward Qiu Yi to Rong Le, and Qiu Yi thinks Xiao Sha should stay at outside yard. But Rong Le says that what she said is rule, and doesn’t want to live at princess mansion. Qiu Yi explains that she considered for Rong Le’s security, but Rong Le orders Xiao Sha to put sword on Qiu Yi’s neck.

Rong Le thinks they’re house arrest of her, and threatens to kill Qiu Yi because she doesn’t obey her. Qiu Yi is on knees and claims she will arrange bodyguard to follow Rong Le if she wants to go out. Rong Le remembers Rong Qi told her that Wu You is Qing Yong’s only disciple and he might get the book of Mountain and River.

She thinks she can return Xiqi if she finds Mountain and River within half a year. Xiao Sha reports that the thing is in Longyue Tower. Rong Le wants to find a way to go out. Qiu Yi slaps Leng Yue because she thinks Leng Yue made her not see Rong Le. Xiao Sha stops Qiu Yi, and Lian Xin tells Qiu Yi that Rong Le wants to reward Qiu Yi and other maids.

Xiao Yi gives Leng Yue his handkerchief when she is massaging her face. Wu Yu gets tea for Wu You and reveals the tea set is from Longyue Tower. He offers to drink tea at Longyue Tower. Wu You agrees, although he thinks the taste isn’t pure. Long Yue invites Rong Le to get in the tower, and tells her that she is looking for Mountain and River.

Rong Le wants to know more about Mountain and River. Long Yue tells Rong Le that Fu Yuan was sent to cold palace by Emperor, and died in the fire. The Concubine Yun died, and Fu Yuan and Concubine Yun didn’t get along well. But they died in same period. The Prime minister Qing Yong’s families were killed by Emperor, and it was related Concubine Yun.

since then, Emperor ordered not to mention Qing Yong and Mountain and River. Long Yue tells Rong Le that she found the person who worked for Qing Yong. Qiu Yi visits Princess and asks when to begin the dinner. Lian Xin explains that Princess didn’t wake up, and offers to inform Princess when she wakes up.

Qiu Yi leaves, Leng Yue wears Rong Le’s mask and wonders when she will return. Xiao Sha offers to pick up Rong Le. Long Yue tells Rong Le that the lady Chen Yu’s father was Qing Yong’s subordinate. Rong Le offers to look into Chen Yu, and wonders who is interested in Chen Yu. Long Yue reveals Wu Yu visited Chen Yu frequently, and gives the name Mao Yao to Rong Le.

When Mr. Zhao is going to step out. The assassin stabs him, and Mr. Zhao casts the intelligence to outside. Rong Le kicks away the intelligence, and Long Yue picks it up. But the assassins begin to attack Rong Le. Wu You arrives with his men and saves Rong Le. Xiao Sha shows up, but Rong Le tells him to leave.

Wu Yu finds out that Mr. Zhao died, and Wu You realizes the reason Wu Yi asked him to come. Wu Yi reveals Mr. Zhao had the evidence minister sold position and he agreed to take out until he saw Wu You. Wu Yu tells Wu You that Mr. Zhao is a good man, and wants to take revenge. But Wu You thinks the behind isn’t simple.

The man reports to Wu Yu that he found a box. Wu You thinks the evidence is taken away when Wu Yu wants to find something inside. The man tells Mr. Yu that they killed Mr. Zhao before he met with the two princes. But the sparrow paper disappears. Mr. Yu worries that Wu You got the sparrow paper.

But his son tells him that the princes got nothing, and thinks the killer dealt with the sparrow paper. Mr. Yu worries his family will get the disaster. His son thinks Wu You won’t contact Mr. Zhao if he doesn’t care imperial business, and Crown Prince underestimated the enemy. Mr. Yu tells his son to watch the two princes.

Long Yue tells Rong Le that Wu You doesn’t touch women, and Rong Le remembers She tripped because Wu You avoided her. Rong Le wonders why he came. Long Yue reveals Wu You likes to drink tea. Rong Le tells Long Yue not to expose herself. Wu Yu questions them why they were attacked by the killers, but Rong Le asks Wu Yu to compensate for their loss.

Rong Le introduces herself as Man Yao, and Wu Yu asks her of she saw the box. She says that she doesn’t know about it.

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