Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 3, Chen Yu touches Wu You’s body, and he wants her hands. Man Yao offers to exchange Chen Yu’s life with the evidence she found. But he rejects it and asks for Man Yao’s hand instead.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 3.

Long Yue leads Rong Le to leave from the hidden path, and gives her the stuff Lord Zhao dropped. She comforts her that she will deal with the officer. Wu Yu realizes why Lord Zhao had to meet with Wu You, and Wu You asks Wu Yi to look into Man Yao.

Wu Yu is surprised that Wu You is interested in women, and mentions he peeked at Man Yao. Qiu Yi tells that everybody is waiting for princess in the hall, and breaks into princess’s room. But she spots Rong Le drinking tea.

Lian Xin wonders how Rong Le got in the room, and Rong Le tells her that Xiao Sha helped her. Wu Yu spots Wu You playing xun in the evening, and reveals Consort Yun played xun to make him sleep when he was annoyed by nightmare.

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He thinks Consort Yun is his mother in his mind, and Wu You protected him when he got bullied. But Wu You claims that he won’t be interference the case. Wu Yu asks Wu You to do it for Consort Yun, but Wu You glares at his brother as it’s his taboo.

Wu Yu is disappointed to leave. Wu You summons the bird Xiao Xiao, and wonders why she returned Prince Palace since she could fly in the sky. Rong Le checks the paper and finds out Crown Prince and Lord Yu sold official positions.

She asks Xiao Sha about Crown Prince. He says that Crown Prince is a narrow-minded person. She thinks they should watch out for him, and asks Xiao Sha the time Rong Qi saw her first time. But he doesn’t know about it as he didn’t always stay with Rong Qi.

Qiu Yi informs Rong Le that Empress will throw a meal three days later, and asks her to attend. Lian Xin spots Wu You’s name in the list, and thinks Empress wants to get Rong Le and Wu You together. But she finds out there are other princes in the list.

Rong Le thinks it’s blind date with the princes, and Leng Yue is furious that everybody can marry Rong Le. Xiao Sha tells Rong Le that he cannot accompany her because the banquet is thrown by Empress. But Rong Le points out that only Wu You will be rude to her, and he won’t appear.

She smiles while looking at her sleeves. Rong Le spots the prince Qing He harassing the prince Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun warns Qing He that Wu You will deal with him, but he points out that Wu You never attends the banquet. She bites him and flee to Rong Le’s back, asking for help.

Qing He tells Rong Le that he won’t marry a ugly woman who got abandoned, and wants to take off her mask. But she beats him up. Rong Le’s mask almost drops, and Wu You spots it. He kicks Qing He over when he intents to attack Rong Le.

Wu You asks Qing He what he said when Wu Yu steps on him. Qing He explains that he didn’t want to marry the woman Wu You didn’t like. Wu You asks the bodyguards to take away Qing He. Zhao Yun thinks Rong Le would get involved if Wu You didn’t show up.

Wu Yu thinks Zhao Yun shouldn’t provoke Qing He. But Zhao Yun points out that Qing He harassed, and thinks she would beat him up if she has the martial arts of Rong Le. Wu You doesn’t expect that Rong Le has some martial arts.

She walks to him and thinks he will find out her other skills if he knows her more. She thinks he is interested in her, and offers to attend banquet together. Empress appears with Ya Li and asks Wu You to attend the banquet, but he leaves.

Wu Yu explains that Wu You went to pick up Consort Yun’s stuff because her death anniversary is coming. Empress asks Wu Yu to replace Wu You to attend the banquet. Rong Le tells Empress that the bodyguards followed her when she went out, and shares that she has a bodyguard Rong Yi assigned.

Empress orders the bodyguards not to follow Rong Le when she goes out. She notes that Wu Yu keeps eating, and tells him to take care of Rong Le. Wu Yu explains that he isn’t Li Prince, but Rong Le thinks it will be funny if Wu Yu can take care of her.

Empress tells Rong Le to visit Wu Yu when she needs help. But Zhao Yun tells Rong Le that Wu Yu is a dirty person. Empress asks Rong Le what she likes. Rong Le says that she likes drinking tea, and makes Wu Yu spray the wine he just drank.

Wu Yu shares that he likes to visit brothel. But Rong Le asks Wu Yu to take her visiting brothel, and wants to know what kind of girls he likes. Lord Yu thinks Emperor will give the marriage to Wu Yu and Rong Le, but Crown Prince points out that Emperor cannot force Rong Le to get married.

Lord Yu’s son reveals Rong Le claimed that she had feelings on Wu Yu, but Crown Prince thinks Rong Le cannot shake his position. Lord Yu reveals Wu You is looking into the selling positions. Crown Prince wonders how Wu You knew it, and Lord Yu’s son says that the insider reported it to Wu You.

He thinks Wu You has ambition. Crown Prince thinks Wu You cheated him, and Lord Yu offers to make Rong Le marry their men. Wu Yu complains to Wu You that Rong Le asked him to take her visiting brothel, and thinks it’s weird that Rong Le had feelings on him since she wanted to know Wu You.

He thinks it’s a scheme, but still wishes Rong Le falling for him. Empress walks Ya Li and thinks she and Wu You is best match since Ya Li’s father is Wu You’s master. But Ya Li thinks she cannot match Wu You. Empress mentions Emperor want to marry Wu You to Rong Le, and asks for Ya Li’s intent.

Ya Li says that she doesn’t worry about her marriage. Empress tells Ya Li to inform her when she has feelings on someone. Rong Le tells Qiu Yi that she doesn’t need any bodyguard when she goes out. But Qiu Yi still follows Rong Le and claims she knows some eating and playing place in the street. Rong Le gives up to go out.

Wu Yu tells Zhao Yun that he and Wu You will deal with Qing He for her. Zhao Yun thinks Rong Le will help her as well, but Wu Yu says that Rong Le is ugly and has weird temper. Zhao Yun thinks Rong Le isn’t ugly as she is very kind. She doesn’t understand why Wu You is against the marriage.

Wu Yu slaps Zhan Yu’s head and thinks Wu You protected her too well, so she is simple. He tells her to stay away from the trouble. But she points at him, thinking he only knows eating and playing. She pinches his ear and says that she liked Rong Le more when she shamed Wu Yu.

Xiao Sha makes Qiu Yi be against the pillar and thinks she is a beauty. Qiu Yi wants to follow Rong Le, but Xiao Sha touches her chin. Qiu Yi is ready for his kissing, but he says that she is a ugly woman when Rong Le walks away. Xiao Sha steps in and spots Leng Yue’s shoulder when she is getting changed.

He flees out, and Lian Xin wonders why Xiao Sha blushes. Rong Le wants to see Chen Yu, but the lady tells her that Chen Yu is ordered by the two men. She spots Wu You and Wu Yu, and tells the lady that she only wants to hear a song of Chen Yu. The lady agrees to sent Chen Yu to Rong Le’s room after accepting the gold bar.

Rong Le tells Chen Yu that she wants to talk business with her, but Chen Yu thinks Rong Le got wrong person. Rong Le mentions the officer’s families were killed because of Qing Yong, but there is a missing person. She says that the missing person named Yu Chen. Chen Yu wants to leave, but Rong Le reminds her that someone else will look into her.

Rong Le tells Chen Yu that she just wants to ask for some history, and Chen Yu wants Rong Le to help her leave the place. Chen Yu wants Rong Le to deal with the behind of Lady Qin, the Crown Prince. Rong Le hesitates, and Chen Yu thinks she cannot help her. But Rong Le tells Chen Yu that she has a way to make her leave the place.

Wu Yu introduces Chen Yu as a innocent woman even if she lives in the brothel. Chen Yu offers to dance for the princes for her late, and remembers Rong Le told her to touch Wu You. She touches Wu You’s shoulder, but gets kicked out. She goes downstairs and asks for help.

The bodyguard Leng Yan wants to kill Chen Yu, and Lady Qin intents to protect Chen Yu. She tells Wu You that Chen Yu’s hands are worth a thousand gold, and wonders what Chen Yu did. Chen Yu tells Lady Qin that she just touched Li Prince, and Lady Qin is on knees. Wu Yu wonders how Chen Yu found out their identities, and she says that she heard Wu Yu called Wu You seventh brother.

Wu You tells Leng Yan that he doesn’t want to see Chen Yu, and Leng Yan lifts his sword. Rong Le stops Leng Yan and asks Wu You for a talk. Qiu Yi prepares some medicine for princess, but Xiao Sha drives her away. Lian Xin wants Xiao Sha to pick up princess, but Leng Yue points out Xiao Sha is princess’s personal bodyguard, and everybody knows princess’s going out if he leaves.

Leng Yue asks Lian Xin to prepare princess’s medicine, and tells her not to let others touch the medicine. Mao Yao gives the paper to Wu Yu, and asks for Chen Yu’s life. Wu Yu tells Wu You that it’s paper Lord Zhao left, and wonders why Man Yao has the paper. She explains that she got the paper inside the wall, and thinks it’s left by Lord Zhao.

But Wu You thinks paper isn’t worth a life, and offers to exchange Chen Yu’s life with Man Yao’s hands.

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