Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 7. Lu Tongtong mentions Zhao Minshan ran to their house and cried. She asks Lu Chen if his father came to see him for it. He reveals he had an appointment with his father.

Does Lu Chen Break Off the Engagement of Him and Zhao Minshan?

Road Home Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 7.

Lu Tongtong blames Lu Chen for not telling it to her. She wants to go to see their father with him. But he worries that their father will give her a hard time. She thinks Master Lu will beat him. He points out that Master Lu isn’t powerful like his childhood.

Lu Tongtong mentions Lu Chen protected her in their childhood. She thinks she’s a useless older sister. He tells her not to cry. He worries that his brother-in-law will think he bullied her. Lu Chen arrives at Meng Xiaoshan’s restaurant. She tells him that they will help him.

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Duan Rou asks Gui Xiao who she’s going to spend the New Year with. Gui Xiao tells Duan Rou that she’s going to do it on her own. Duan Rou doesn’t believe what Gui Xiao said. She tells her that she wishes to live in her house. Gui Xiao agrees to it. Duan Rou mentions Gui Xiao’s first love. She asks her if Lu Chen didn’t ask her out.

The guy shows up. He orders lobster noodles for Gui Xiao. Zhan Minshan’s mother tells Zhao Minshan that she didn’t promise Qing Feng. She tells her to contact Lu Chen because she thinks the guy just wasn’t happy for being arranged the marriage.

Lu Chen shows up. Master Lu tells the people that his son has a bad temper. Qing Feng hands over the drink to Lu Chen. Lu Chen drinks up the wine. He tells the elders that he wants to break off the engagement. Master Lu pours Lu Chen a drink. He tries to beat him.

Qing Feng stops Master Lu. He tells him to keep his face. Meng Xiaoshan tells Master Lu not to tear down her shop. She tells him that she prepares the best wine for him. Qing Feng tells Master Lu that he’s going to accompany him to drink. He tells him to keep his son’s face. He reminds him that Lu Chen is a hero. He takes him away.

Meng Xiaoshan tells Zhao Minshan’s parents to leave with her. Because she thinks the marriage is Lu Chen and Zhao Minshan’s business. Zhao Minshan reminds Lu Chen that he won’t give all of his money to her family. She thinks he will get married in the end. She wonders how he gets married without money.

Zhao Minshan tells Lu Chen that she actually wants to get married. She reminds him that nobody will marry him if the girl knows he’s in debt. She slaps the table. She wonders why he doesn’t like her. She admits that she concealed it from him to be engaged.

Lu Chen reminds Zhao Minshan that the kid she saw will live with him for six years. He tells her to tell her parents that she cannot get married with him because he raises the kid of his brother. Meng Xiaoshan tells Lu Chen that Qin Feng’s father is accompanying Master Lu to drink. She tells him to leave.

Lu Chen thanks Meng Xiaoshan and Qin Feng for helping him. Meng Xiaoshan tells Lu Chen that Qin Feng would help him even if it wasn’t because of Gui Xiao. She thinks it will be embarrassed if he runs into Zhao Minshan’s parents. Lu Chen tells Meng Xiaoshan that he will be nice to Gui Xiao if he can get together with Gui Xiao.

Zhao Minshan’s mother thinks Lu Chen doesn’t want to get married. Lu Chen’s mother explains to Zhao Minshan that Lu Chen didn’t tell his plan to her. She mentions Lu Chen made Master Lu get angry. Zhao Minshan tells Lu Chen’s mother that she has feelings for Lu Chen. She tells her that she wants to get married with Lu Chen.

The president Wu Chengye tells Gui Xiao that her father called him. She wonders why her father called him. He explains to her that her father wished her to go home to spend the New Year. He mentions what she told her father that she’s very busy. He thinks he should be asked.

Gui Xiao apologizes to Wu Chengye for being tangled by her father. He thinks it wasn’t harassment because her father was his father’s leader. Duan Rou returns home with Gui Xiao. She mentions Wu Chengye talked about Gui Xiao’s father with Gui Xiao.

Duan Rou wonders how did Gui Xiao talk about parents with Wu Chengye. Gui Xiao reveals Wu Chengye’s father is her father’s follower. Duan Rou thinks Wu Chengye wanted to pursue the daughter of older leader. Gui Xiao receives a message from Lu Chen. He asks her if she sleeps. She smiles.

Lu Chen tries to tell Gui Xiao that he’s trying to resolve the case. But he gives up the mind. He tells Gui Xiao to go to sleep early. She laughs. Lu Chen returns to his room. He takes a book to read. Qin Xiaonan asks Lu Chen if he wants to hear the stories of Gui Xiao.

Lu Chen tells Qin Xiaonan to go to sleep. But Qin Xiaonan draws the map of Gui Xiao’s house for Lu Chen. Madam Lu tries to tell something to Lu Chen. But he rejects it. She tells to contact Zhao Minshan. Meng Xiaoshan summons Hai Tong. She tells him to tell something to Zhao Minshan for her. Because she thinks he’s close to Zhao Minshan.

Hai Dong claims that he hasn’t contacted Zhao Minshan for a long time. Meng Xiaoshan laughs. She tells him that they do it for Lu Chen. She tells him to ask Zhao Minshan if she can wait for Lu Chen for three years. Hai Dong tells Meng Xiaoshan that he doesn’t want to see Zhao Minshan. Meng Xiaoshan laughs. She mentions Hai Dong was happy to see Zhao Minshan.

Hai Dong meets with Zhao Minshan at the cafe. She thinks he does it for Lu Chen. He admits it and claims he has no reason to see her. He tells her that he thinks she won’t get together with Lu Chen. Because she doesn’t have time to wait for Lu Chen. He smiles to leave the cafe.

Lu Chen meets with Hai Dong. He tells him that he wants to leave the kid to him because he worries that Master Lu will bring trouble to him. He reveals he’s going to return to SWAT Team. Gui Xiao calls Lu Chen. She tells him that Teacher Sun wished to see Qin Xiaonan’s parents.

Lu Chen thinks Qin Mingyu cannot come. Gui Xiao offers to go to see Teacher Sun with Lu Chen. He agrees to it. He tells her that he wants to come to pick her up. SWAT hands over the dog to Lu Chen. He tells him that the dog was given by Branch Chief.

Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Episode 7 of Road Home Chinese Drama ends with Gui Xiao arriving at the airport. She runs into Xu Yao. She wishes him a happy marriage. She takes a photo of the cafe. She sends the photo to Lu Chen. She tells Xu Yao that she worries that Lu Chen cannot find the cafe. Xu Yao asks Gui Xiao if Lu Chen is a kid. She explains to him that Lu Chen just came back.

Gui Xiao promises to lend the money to Xu Yao. He’s very happy. Lu Chen shows up. He stares at Xu Yao. Xu Yao laughs. He leaves the cafe. Gui Xiao hands over the coffee to Lu Chen. He rejects it. He claims that he only drinks black coffee. She’s surprised that they drink coffee. Lu Chen drives Gui Xiao to the parking lot. He wishes her a happy New Year before she leaves.

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