Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Gui Xiao is happy to tell Duan Rou that they’re going to do the new year gathering when she walks her. Lu Chen spots Gui Xiao. SWAT reports to Lu Chen that he found the suspicious stuff.

Does Lu Chen Shoulder His Father’s Debts?

Road Home Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

Lu Chen tells SWAT to evacuate the crowd. Gui Xiao walks out of the building with the people. She wonders what happened. Lu Chen studies the suitcase. He decides to defuse the bomb on his own. Gui Xiao goes to eat noodles with Duan Rou.

SWAT asks Lu Chen about his first love. Lu Chen brings up the terrible score of SWAT. Gui Xiao texts Lu Chen. She tells him to pick her up. Aunt walks into the room. She thinks Gui Xiao is seeing a guy. Gui Xiao denies it. But she takes a look at the phone before she sleeps.

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SWAT thinks Lu Chen doesn’t have a wife because he didn’t call his wife after he had returned. Lu Chen receives messages from Gui Xiao. He returns home. Master Lu breaks into Lu Chen’s room. He asks him for a talk. He mentions he just asked him to get married.

Master Lu asks Lu Chen if he wants to be single all his life. Old Man reminds Master Lu that Lu Chen isn’t easy. Master Lu talks back that he’s not easy as well. He thinks Lu Chen should listen to him because he raised him. Lu Chen promises to repay the money to Zhao family for Master Lu.

Master Lu thinks Lu Chen is strong. He tells him to come back to have a meal. Lu Chen goes to see Hai Dong. Hai Dong asks Lu Chen if he wants to have a meal. Lu Chen rejects it. He tells Hai Dong to prepare a suit for him. Hai Dong thinks Lu Chen wants to see his father-in-law. He decides to prepare the most expensive suit for Lu Chen.

Lu Chen walks into Meng Xiaoshan’s restaurant. He tells Meng Xiaoshan that he’s going to go to see Gui Xiao. She reveals Zhao Minshan brought the loan contract. She tells him to just sign the contract. Zhao Minshan confesses to Lu Chen that she did something wrong. But she points out that she actually wants to marry him.

Lu Chen signs the contract. He tells Zhao Minshan that he doesn’t like her. He walks away with the contract. Meng Xiaoshan shows up. She hands over the contract to Zhao Minshan. Zhao Minshan tries to tell the relationship of her and Hai Dong to Meng Xiaoshan.

Meng Xiaoshan thinks it was just the childhood case. She tells Zhao Minshan to end it no matter what’s her plan. She mentions everyone knows what kind of person Master Lu is. She mentions Lu Chen didn’t hurt Zhao Minshan. She thinks Zhao Mingshan did something wrong. She tells her that she won’t forgive her if she still tangles Lu Chen.

Lu Chen gets in his jeep. He takes a look at the contract. He smiles. He goes to pick up Gui Xiao. She gets in his jeep. She notes that he wore the suits. He explains to her that he borrowed the suits from Hai Dong. She smiles to tell him that she thought it’s weird to see him wearing suits.

Lu Chen meets with Wen Cheng. Wen Cheng thinks the big hero like Lu Chen should be promoted. Xia Xia stops Wen Cheng. She explains to Lu Chen that her husband likes to pretend to be enthusiasm. Wen Cheng points out that Lu Chen’s his older sister’s first love.

Xia Xia explains to Lu Chen that the teacher wanted to know the personality of the kid. She tells Lu Chen and Gui Xiao to go to have a talk with the teacher. She thinks they do it for the life of the kid. Xia Xia thinks Lu Chen is very handsome. She wonders if Lu Chen will get together with Gui Xiao.

Xia Xia knocks at the door. The girl opens the door. She’s frozen when she sees Lu Chen. She calls her mother. Gui Xiao asks Lu Chen if he knows the girl. He denies it. Xia Xia introduces Lu Chen to Teacher Sun. Teacher Sun welcomes the guests.

The girl tells her older sister that SWAT she mentioned was Lu Chen. Older Sister asks Lu Chen if he was a SWAT. He admits it and claims that he’s a SWAT as well. The girl asks Lu Chen if he knows her. He shakes his head. She mentions he helped her come down from the mountain. He claims that it was his duty. Teacher Sun hands over the homework to Lu Chen. She tells him that it’s her duty.

Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that he forgot the girl because he was very busy. He reveals he came back to see her. She’s surprised. They arrive at the restaurant. Gui Xiao try to call Wen Cheng. But she finds out that Lu Chen is staring at her. He tells her that he resolved the case of Zhao Minshan. She smiles.

Lu Chen is surprised that Gui Xiao is so happy. She blames him for not telling it to her early. He tries to kiss her. But Wen Cheng and Xia Xia arrive. Wen Cheng runs to Gui Xiao. He explains to her that he honked the horn because he didn’t recognize Lu Chen’s car.

Gui Xia tries to pay the bill. But the waitress tells Gui Xiao that Lu Chen has paid the bill. Gui Xiao asks the waitress for the bill. The waitress brings the bill to Gui Xiao. Xia Xia takes a look at the bill. She thinks Lu Chen came from a rich family.

Lu Chen brings the homework to Qin Xiaonan. He tells him to complete the homework. Hai Jianfeng comes to see Lu Chen after he heard that Lu Chen came to to Beijing. Qin Xiaonan reports to Lu Chen that he just completed his homework. He goes to sleep.

Hai Jianfeng asks Lu Chen if Qin Xiaonan is his child. Lu Chen denies it. Hai Jianfeng thought Lu Chen got married. Hai Dong tells Hai Jianfeng that Lu Chen is waiting for Gui Xiao. Hai Jianfeng asks Hai Dong if Lu Chen saw Gui Xiao. He asks him why he didn’t tell it to him.

Hai Jianfeng pours himself a drink. Lu Chen takes care of Hai Jianfeng when he’s drunk. Hai Dong tells Lu Chen not to care for Hai Jianfeng. He thinks Hai Jianfeng will be fine after he throws out. He reveals he was drunk in front of Meng Xiaoshan’s house when Meng Xiaoshan got married.

Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of Road Home Chinese Drama ends with Hai Dong asking Lu Chen if he cried for Gui Xiao. Lu Chen reveals Gui Xiao kept hanging up his phone after she broke up with him. He adds that Gui Xiao refused to see him when he came back to Beijing. Hai Dong doesn’t expect that Lu Chen loved Gui Xiao so much. He takes Hai Jianfeng away because he worries that Hai Jianfeng’s mother will scold him.

Lu Chen buys Qin Xiaonan a jacket. He tells him to the restaurant Gui Xiao loved most. The restaurant owner sees Qin Xiaonan. He thinks Qin Xiaonan is Lu Chen’s son. Lu Chen denies it. The restaurant owner thought Qin Xiaonan was given birth by Lu Chen and the girl. The restaurant owner tells Qin Xiao that Lu Chen took the girl to his restaurant to eat noodles. He reveals the girl liked to eat spicy food. Qin Xiaonan tells Lu Chen to ask Gui Xiao out. He complains to him that he wouldn’t care for him if it wasn’t for Gui Xiao. The restaurant owner brings the noodles to Qin Xiaonan and Lu Chen.

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