Rookie Cops: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Rookie Cops: Episode 3. Eun-Kang finds the evidence from Han-Na’s bed. But Han-Na opens the door and walks into the room. She turns on the light and goes to check her bed. She finds out that her stuff is missing.

Rookie Cops: Episode 3 Recap

Rookie Cops

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Rookie Cops: Episode 3.

Eun-Kang shows the charger to Han-Na and asks her to explain it. Han-Na has a fight with Eun-Kang and she tries to take her charger back. But Eun-Kang flees. Eun-Kang breaks into Um Hyuk’s office and tells him that she knows who is the owner of the camera.

Yu-Gon shows the charger to Han-Na. He asks her to explain it. She tells him that the charger is for her phone. Ju-Chan drinks coffee with Eun-Kang. He thinks she had a hard time. She complains that Sun-Yu wronged her. But he tells her not to badmouth her senior.

Seung-Hyun waits for Eun-Kang. But he sees her staying with Ju-Chan. Eun-Kang is lost after she saw Ju-Chan off. Seung-Hyun wakes Eun-Kang up and asks her how she sensed the charger. She thinks Han-Na had no place to hide but her room.

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Yu-Gon asks Han-Na to charge her phone with the charger. She cannot do that. He asks her to tell him who gave the camera to her. But she’s silent and she gets a call from someone. She doesn’t pick up the phone. Yu-Gon calls the number back. But the person doesn’t pick up his phone as well.

Han-Na walks out of Yu-Gon’s office. She remembers Nam-Gi gave the camera to her and asked her to set up the camera in the gym. Hee-Sun decides to expel Han-Na after she heard her reason. She tries to leave. But Han-Na stops Hee-Sun and tells her that she’s going to post the footage online since she’s not a student at the cop school.

Soon-Young asks Yu-Gon what they need to do after Hee-Sun was bitten by Han-Na. He thinks they need to change the punishment system. Hee-Sun is against it. She has a fight with Yu-Gon. Soon-Young stops Hee-Sun. She tells her that she agrees to Yu-Gon’s plan.

A-Ri apologizes Eun-Kang for what she did to her. Eun-Kang forgives A-Ri. A-Ri is happy to hug Eun-Kang. Eun-Kang is told that Han-Na only got the probation. She asks her to apologize to her. But Han-Na rejects it. She tells Eun-Kang to talk about her punishment with the cop school.

Eun-Kang asks Um Hyuk why he treated her and Han-Na differently. He mistakes that she wants them to expel her roommate. She’s furious to leave his office. Sun-Yu thinks Um Hyuk should explain to Eun-Kang about the punishment. But he tells her that he didn’t have to do that because Eun-Kang is just a rookie cop.

Yu-Gon tells Um Hyuk that the school forgave Han-Na because they worried that she will post the footage. Um Hyuk gets angry when he sees Han-Na. The students are called to the gym. But Han-Na doesn’t come. Sun-Yu is furious to visit Han-Na. She throws a fit to her, asking her why she didn’t come to the gym.

Han-Na explains that nobody informed her about it. But Sun-Yu sees the note on the door. Um Hyuk tells Han-Na to do 30 laps around the gym. She passes out after she completed the laps. She’s sent to the hospital. Eun-Kang takes a look at Han-Na’s bed. She remembers she picked the note up and placed it on the door. She realizes that Han-Na didn’t see the note.

Eun-Kang remembers the senior wanted to give Han-Na a lesson after he found out that she was going to pass out. Eun-Kang visits Soon-Young and reports to her that Um Hyuk bullied Han-Na and made her pass out. But Soon-Young doesn’t take Eun-Kang’s side.

Eun-Kang walks out of Soon-Young’s office. Seung-Hyun tells Eun-Kang to make Um Hyuk realize that he made a mistake. Um Hyuk summons the students to the gym again. He kicks Eun-Kang after knowing she was the one who talked with Soon-Young.

Eun-Kang tells Um Hyuk what he did was wrong. He’s furious and he tries to beat her. But Seung-Hyun stops Um Hyuk. Um Hyuk tells the two rookie cops to get down on their heads. Eun-Kang decides to give in after she saw the classmates accepting the pain for them.

But Eun-Kang gives up the mind when she sees Seung-Hyun doing protest. She joins him. All of the students follow them. Yu-Gon tells Soon-Young that the reporters want to interview her about the protest. She thinks it’s time to change the training system. The students cheer after they saw Eun-Kang. Because Soon-Young wouldn’t change her mind if it wasn’t Eun-Kang.

Rookie Cops: Episode 3 Ending

Ju-Chan meets with the students and tells them to ask him any question. The girl asks him if she cannot have a boyfriend at the school. He gives her a perfect answer. Eun-Kang smiles when she stares at Ju-Chan. She remembers he promised to buy her a meal.

Ju-Young wants to ask Ju-Chan out. But A-Ri tells Ju-Young that there’re many girls liking the guy. Eun-Kang notes that Ju-Chan left after the dinner. She follows him and tries to confess her feelings to him. But she sees him staying with Sun-Yu. She’s stunned.

Rookie Cops: Episode 3 stars Kang Daniel, Chae Soo-Bin and Park Yoo-Na.

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