A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 1. Tae-Mu walks at the airport. He bumps the girl and makes her coffee drop. She tries to throw a fit to him. But she changes her mind after seeing his good looking face.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap

A Business Proposal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 1.

The girl smiles to care for Tae-Mu. But he says something bad to her. She gets angry. Sung-Hun explains to her what Tae-Mu said wasn’t her. Ha-Ri is cooking fish. She’s summoned to the company. The colleagues tell her to stay away from them after they smelled the fishy smell.

The colleagues talk about the president Tae-Mu. They think he’s very handsome. Ha-Ri doesn’t believe it because the chairman Da-Koo is ugly. Sung-Hun replaces Tae-Mu to give the speech. Da-Koo is furious to leave. Ha-Ri smiles. She thinks Tae-Mu is very funny.

Mr. Park does a bad hit when he plays golf. The follower thinks Mr. Park isn’t happy because of Tae-Mu. He gives the gift to him. Mr. Park is happy after he saw the gift. But someone hits the ball to the hole. Mr. Park takes a look at the person. He finds out that it’s Tae-Mu.

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Tae-Mu walks to Mr. Park and tells him that he hired his nephew to get benefits from the company. Mr. Park chases Tae-Mu after he didn’t listen to his explanation. But he trips. Ui-Joo tells the colleagues that she’s going to buy them meal for Ha-Ri’s birthday.

Ha-Ri is very happy. But she cannot attend the birthday party because she needs to see the guy Min-Woo. Ha-Ri calls Young-Seo and tells her that Min-Woo asked for a meeting up. Young-Seo realizes that Min-Woo wants to give the necklace to Ha-Ri. She thinks he wants to be Ha-Ri’s boyfriend.

Tae-Mu runs into Da-Koo at the elevator. Da-Koo blames Tae-Mu for not showing up in the ceremony. He tells him that he arranged a blind date for him. Tae-Mu rejects it. Da-Koo watches Korean drama in Tae-Mu’s office. He tells him that he won’t leave if he doesn’t change his mind.

Ha-Ri doesn’t believe that Min-Woo wants to be her boyfriend until she sees him holding the birthday cake. She runs to him after Young-Seo cheered her up. But she finds out that the cake is for someone else. She brakes and bumps him. The cake is ruined.

Min-Woo gives Ha-Ri the ticket of concert before she leaves. Ha-Ri is disappointed when she takes a look at the ticket at the bus stop. Tae-Mu tells Da-Koo to fire Mr. Park. Da-Koo agrees to it but he asks Tae-Mu to go on the blind date.

Ha-Ri sees the guy bullying her brother. She’s furious to push the guy over. She’s told that she needs to compensate. Ha-Ri meets with Young-Seo. Young-Seo gets angry after knowing her father set a blind date for her. She asks Ha-Ri to go on the blind date for her. Ha-Ri rejects it even if their last cooperation was funny. Young-Seo tells Ha-Ri that she’s going to pay her.

Sung-Hun tells Tae-Mu that he needs to go on the blind date with Young-Seo. Ha-Ri gets changed in Young-Seo’s help. She arrives at the restaurant and meets with Tae-Mu. She’s shocked that he’s the president of her company after she took a look at his business card.

Ha-Ri goes to the restroom. She wants to run away after Young-Seo didn’t pick up her phone. But she changes her mind and gets back to her seat for the money. She offers to get a room with him. He agrees to it after seeing her shaking leg.

Ha-Ri tries to run away when she thinks about that she’s going to sleep with Tae-Mu. But the woman grabs Ha-Ri and mistakes her as the girl who flirted with her boyfriend. Tae-Mu stops the woman. The woman shows the photo to Ha-Ri. Ha-Ri tries to explain it. But the woman doesn’t listen to what Ha-Ri said.

Tae-Mu tells the woman to go to manage her boyfriend. He walks out of the hotel. Ha-Ri brags that she has many boyfriends when he thinks it was a misunderstanding. She runs away and she almost gets hit by Sung-Hun’s car. Sung-Hun thinks Tae-Mu wasted his time after knowing Young-Seo is a bad girl.

Da-Koo intends to arrange another blind date for Tae-Mu after knowing the date didn’t go well. But Tae-Mu tells Da-Koo that he wants to marry Young-Seo. Sung-Hun is shocked to brake after he heard what Tae-Mu said. Ha-Ri tells Young-Seo that she still made Tae-Mu dislike her even if he’s her president.

Young-Seo is happy to take Ha-Ri to sing. But She gets a call from her father that Tae-Mu wants to marry her. Young-Seo cries to get on knees to Ha-Ri. She asks her what she did to Tae-Mu. Sung-Hun tells Tae-Mu not to choose Young-Seo because he thinks she won’t be a good wife. But Tae-Mu reveals he has feelings for Young-Seo.

Ha-Ri worries that she will run into Tae-Mu. Young-Seo comforts Ha-Ri that won’t happen. But Ha-Ri runs into Tae-Mu at the elevator. He lets her in and returns the employee id to her. Da-Koo worries that Young-Seo isn’t interested in Tae-Mu. But Tae-Mu is very confident.

Ha-Ri calls Young-Seo and tells her that she encountered Tae-Mu. She tells her to go to explain it to Tae-Mu. Young-Seo promises it but her skirt gets drawn by the kid when she walks. The mom scolds the little girl and makes her cry. Young-Seo turns the mess into a flower. But the little girl thinks it looks like a poop. Sung-Hun smiles after he saw it.

Young-Seo leaves the convenience store with the drinks. But she forgot to take her wallet. She tries to return to the convenience store. But she bumps Sung-Hun and the drinks drop. He picks up the drinks and returns it to her. She takes a look at him. She has feelings for him. He walks away.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Tae-Mu calls Young-Seo and tells her that he wants to see her. She tells it to Ha-Ri. Ha-Ri thinks it’s a good news. She tells Young-Seo to catch the chance to confess to Tae-Mu. But Young-Seo asks Ha-Ri to go on the date for her. She persuades her that it’s just a simple task. But Ha-Ri rejects it. Young-Seo shows the scar on her head to Ha-Ri. She mentions she got the scar when she fought with the girl who flirted with Min-Woo. Ha-Ri changes her mind after she saw the scar.

Ha-Ri waits for Tae-Mu. She wonders why he chose a cafe which is close to Min-Woo’s restaurant. Tae-Mu calls Young-Seo when he sees her. But she doesn’t pick up his phone. He walks to her and asks her if she has two phones. He takes her phone away when she doesn’t know how to explain it.

Ha-Ri is startled to take her phone back after Tae-Mu got his number. He points out that he has the right because they’re going to get married. She tells him that she doesn’t intend to marry him because she knows nothing about him. He mentions she told him to find a room for them. He thinks she had feelings for him.

Tae-Mu asks Ha-Ri why she went on the blind date. She tells him that she was arranged. She stands up and takes her coat to leave the cafe. He follows her to go downstairs. He holds her arm and makes her turn around to face him. He tells her that the girl he wants to get married is her.

Ha-Ri is surprised. But she still rejects Tae-Mu because she knows nothing about him. He offers to go on the date for ten times. He brags his power and whispers in her ear that he’s good at everything. She’s scared and she tries to push him away. But she falls. He grabs her arm and makes her not fall.

Ha-Ri opens her eyes. She sees Tae-Mu. He drags her to him. He explains that what he meant was that he’s the best man she can find. But she tells him that she doesn’t want to see him. She runs away. Ha-Ri walks out of the cafe. She thinks Tae-Mu won’t contact her. But she runs into Min-Woo. She flees because she doesn’t want Min-Woo to see her looks. She runs into Tae-Mu’s car and she has an eye contact with him.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 1 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Min-Kyu and Seol In-A.

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