Solo Leveling: Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained

Solo Leveling episode 3 is interesting after Sung Jin-woo left the double dungeon. It’s a miracle that he survived from the scary stone statues. But it’s just the begins of the nightmare. He gains some powers from the system. But he needs to challenge the powerful monsters.

Is Sung Jin-Woo Alive?

Solo Leveling

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Solo Leveling episode 3.

Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest hunter is alive. The stone statues forgive him after he agreed to be a player of the system. They leave before Woo Jin-Chul arrives at the double dungeon. Sung Jin-Woo is sent to the hospital. Woo Jin-Chul visits him because he wishes to know if he had a second awakening.

Sung Jin-Woo puts his hand on the power tester. Woo Jin-Chul finds out that Sung Jin-Woo is just an E-Rank hunter. He’s disappointed because he thought he can hire him if he’s a S-Rank hunter. He reveals Mr. Song and Joo-Hee are alive.

He leaves the hospital and he reports it to Go Gun-Hee that Sung Jin-Woo didn’t have a second awakening. But he doesn’t know Sung Jin-Woo has a system which will change his future. He cannot see the system because he’s not a player.

Does Sung Jin-Woo Have Second Awakening?

Woo Jin-Chul knows the hunter will reach A-Rank or S-Rank if he has second awakening. But he doesn’t know Sung Jin-Woo’s second awakening is very special. It was designed by Architect. The second awakening is like a leveling up awakening.

Sung Jin-Woo will level up if he defeats some monster. So he can reach S-Rank easily when he kills enough monsters. He doesn’t realize it and he chooses to be lazy when the system asks him to complete the task. He gets the punishment task.

He’s sent to a desert. There’s a centipede waiting for him. The centipede is too powerful. Sung Jin-Woo isn’t his rival. The system doesn’t require him defeat the centipede. He asks him to survive within four hours. Sung Jin-Woo is sweating after he returned to his ward. He decides not to be lazy after he tasted the punishment task.

What Happens to Joo-Hee?

Joo-Hee is traumatized after she saw the stone statues killing the hunters in the double dungeon. She’s scared when she thinks about those stone statues. Just like what Mr. Song said that Joo-Hee is too weak so that she took part in the E-Rank task instead of B-Rank task.

Joo-Hee’s friend asks Joo-Hee to take part in the B-Rank task because there were monsters appearing. Cha Hae-In will take part in the task as well. Choi Jong-In asks her to be the trainer. Cha Hae-In doesn’t wish to be the trainer. Choi Jong-In comforts her that he just needs to fight.

Joo-Hee intends to reject her friend’s offer. But her friend reveals Sung Jin-Woo survived from the double dungeon. Joo-Hee goes to the hospital to see Sung Jin-Woo. She sees him running in the playground. She hears the nurses talking about the guy. They mention Sung Jin-Woo insisted to run. But they don’t know Sung Jin-Woo works hard because he doesn’t wish to taste the punishment again.

Sung Jin-Woo’s Mother’s Illness Explained

Sung Jin-Woo’s sister Sung Jin-Ah visits him. She threatens him that she will drop out if he’s hurt again. He has been forcing himself after his mother is sick. He thought he should take the duty because he’s the only man in the family.

His mother Park Kyung-Hye was in the coma after the dungeons showed up. Sung Jin-Woo needed a lot of money to pay the hospital bill. He was excited after he became a hunter. He took a lot of tasks for earning money. But he didn’t make it because he’s the weakest hunter. The hunter mocked Sung Jin-Woo. He told him that he wouldn’t give any prize to him because he didn’t take any credit.

How Does Solo Leveling Episode 3 End?

Sung Jin-Woo gets himself a present after he did tasks each day. The present is a key which can help him get into a fast dungeon. He arrives at the metro entrance with the key. He opens the dungeon. He gets into the dungeon and he believes that he can flee like what he did last time.

But the door of the dungeon is closed. The system tells Sung Jin-Woo that he can only leave after he kills the boss. Sung Jin-Woo thinks he’s not the boss’s rival because he couldn’t kill a little monster. He runs into some goblins.

He remembers he almost got killed when he fought with the goblins. He has no way but to fight with the monsters because he needs to leave the dungeon. He’s surprised that he killed the monster. It gives him courage. He kills the rest goblins. Episode 3 of Solo Leveling ends with Sung Jin-Woo running into the wolf with steel tooth. The wolf is very tough. He hurts Sung Jin-Woo’s face. Sung Jin-Woo decides to kill the wolf.

Does Sung Jin-Woo Grow Up?

Sung Jin-Woo actually grows up. He kills the goblins that he couldn’t kill. He should thank the system for giving him the chance. But he doesn’t know the goal of the system. The scary stone statues could kill Sung Jin-Woo. But they didn’t do that.

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The stone statues are controlled by Architect. Architect has an evil plan. The plan is related to Ashborn. The system helps Sung Jin-Woo level up right now. But Architect will take away all of the fruit from Sung Jin-Woo after he becomes a S-Rank hunter. Sung Jin-Woo doesn’t know it. He even doesn’t know who is behind the stone statues.

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