Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 2. Eun-Beom introduces Jae-Gyeom to Ha-Ra. She tries to leave because she thinks the two have a business. But Jae-Gyeom stops her. He tells her that Eun-Beom arranged a blind date for them.

Does Ha-Ra Have Dates with Jae-Gyeom?

Strangers Again K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 2.

Eun-Beom smiles to ask Ha-Ra if she was surprised. But she lifts the fork. Ha-Ra complains to Bi-Chwi that Eun-Beom arranged a blind date for her and his friend. She gets a message from Jae-Gyeom who says good morning to her. Bi-Chwi wonders why Jae-Gyeom accepted the blind date since he had known that Ha-Ra is his friend’s ex-wife. Ha-Ra tells Bi-Chwi that Jae-Gyeom is a good man. She shows Jae-Gyeom’s photo to her. Bi-Chwi takes a look at Jae-Gyeom’s photo. She finds out that the man is very handsome. She tells Ha-Ra to sleep with the guy. She trips.

Bi-Chwi cheers Ha-Ra up when she walks her out of the guy. But Ha-Ra rejects it because she thinks it’s a threesome if she does so. She wonders if Eun-Beom cares for it after knowing she sleeps with his friend. Eun-Beom thinks the ex-wife and the ex-husband should talk about the happiness with each other. Ha-Ra is furious to leave the meeting room.

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Sang-Eun walks into the office. She looks for a lawyer. Eun-Beom is happy to welcome Sang-Eun. He mentions it’s his first time to see her after the wedding. He takes her to his office. Min-Kyung sees Eun-Beom off. She thinks he got a client in the end.

Ha-Ra calls Sang-Eun because she thinks she didn’t come. But Sang-Eun tells Ha-Ra that she’s in Eun-Beom’s office. Ha-Ra walks into Eun-Beom’s office. She asks Sang-Eun to leave with her. But Sang-Eun rejects it. Si-Wook applauds and praises Eun-Beom for robbing the client from his ex-wife. But Eun-Beom points out that he and Ha-Ra will help Sang-Eun together.

Sang-Eun tells Ha-Ra that her husband rejected it when she wanted to sleep with him. She reveals he has done it for four years. Ha-Ra is furious to tell Sang-Eun to get a divorce with her husband. She asks her when he began to do it. Sang-Eun reveals her husband was changed after newlywed days.

Eun-Beom thinks Sang-Eun’s husband was changed because of his plummeting pride. Sang-Eun leaks that her salary is higher than her husband after she changed a job. She mentions the man complained it to her that his wife is so outstanding. But Sang-Eun thinks it was a joke.

Ha-Ra tells Yeo-Rae that Sang-Eun’s husband doesn’t want to get a divorce. She adds that she didn’t find out that the man cheated on Sang-Eun. But Eun-Beom thinks the man did it. It makes Ha-Ra believe that Eun-Beom is an expert in cheating.

Ha-Ra gets a message from Jae-Gyeom when she’s eating with Bi-Chwi. Ha-Ra tells her friend that the guy keeps caring her her after the blind date. She doesn’t intend to see the man because he’s Eun-Beom’s friend. Bi-Chwi persuades Ha-Ra to tell Eun-Beom that she slept with his friend. She mentions her ex-husband introduced his friend to her. She tells her to take a revenge.

Ha-Ra meets with Mu-Jin and his lawyer. She mentions Mu-Jin refused to sleep with his wife. The lawyer thinks the sexless marriage is acceptable. He asks Ha-Ra how many times she wishes to sleep with her man. Ha-Ra complains to Eun-Beom that the lawyer didn’t respect her. She wants to sue him.

But Eun-Beom is against it. Ha-Ra thinks Eun-Beom didn’t take her side again. He tells her that he wants to have dinner with her. But she rejects it because she needs to date Jae-Gyeom. He thinks it’s not bad to talk with the man. But she tells him that she wants to talk with Jae-Gyeom with her body.

Ha-Ra tells Eun-Beom that she wants to do it because of him. It makes him wonder what mistake he made. She explains to him that she wasn’t interested in any man after she had lived with him. He realizes that she wishes to do body talk with men. She denies it and she doesn’t know how to explain it to Eun-Beom. He finds out that she blushed. He touches her face. She’s furious to yell at him.

Jae-Gyeom meets with Ha-Ra at the cafe. She tells him that she wants to sleep with him when he offers to go to the island together. But he sees that she doesn’t have feelings for him. She mentions she got a divorce when she tells him that he’s a good man. Jae-Gyeom tells Ha-Ra not to blame herself. He mentions his mother got married three times. He takes her home and tells her that he wishes to see her again. She smiles to agree to it. She tries to kiss him. But he avoids it.

Bi-Chwi thinks Jae-Gyeom didn’t want to accept the kiss when Ha-Ra is brushing her teeth. Ha-Ra agrees to what Bi-Chwi said. She reveals her pride was hurt by Jae-Gyeom. Bi-Chwi believes that Jae-Gyeom didn’t accept the kiss because Ha-Ra didn’t brush her teeth.

Jae-Gyeom texts Ha-Ra. He tells her not to skip her meal. Bi-Chwi thinks Jae-Gyeom is a good man even if he rejected Ha-Ra’s kiss. Eun-Beom shows up. He asks Ha-Ra about her date. Han-Gil gets angry after knowing Eun-Beom introduced a man to Ha-Ra.

Ha-Ra submits the inquiry requests to the judge. But the judge rejects it. Sang-Eun worries that she cannot get a divorce with Mu-Jin. Ha-Ra mentions Eun-Beom didn’t do anything for Sang-Eun since he claimed he will help Sang-Eun. Sang-Eun tells Eun-Beom that she will fire him if he does nothing.

Eun-Beom tells Sang-Eun that he intends to persuade her husband. He asks her for Mu-Jin’s number. She gives the number to him. Eun-Beom meets with Mu-Jin at the cafe. He tells him not to do the test. Ha-Na is very happy after she had a date with Jae-Gyeom. He kisses her before she leaves his car.

Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Strangers Again K-Drama ends with Eun-Beom telling the lawyer that he didn’t win when he shows the recording to him. Ha-Ra stares at Eun-Beom. He hands over the wine to her. She wonders why he gave up her after she tasted the wine.

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