Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 3. Ha-Ra sees Eun-Beom showing up at the restaurant with the girl. She recognizes the girl Seo-Hee. She remembers Eun-Beom denied it when she asked him if he saw Seo-Hee.

Why Ha-Ra Refuses to Give Jae-Gyeom a Kiss?

Strangers Again

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 3.

Ha-Ra goes to look for Eun-Beom and Seo-Hee. She finds them. She walks to Eun-Beom and greets him. But he wonders why she appeared at the place. He thinks she came with Jae-Gyeom. He believes that it’s a date. She smiles to admit it. Ha-Ra asks Eun-Beom if he’s on a date with Seo-Hee. He denies it. Ha-Ra is surprised that Seo-Hee accepted the used stuff. Seo-Hee talks back that Eun-Beom is a new stuff because he got a divorce with Ha-Ra.

Ha-Ra gets angry when she lies in the bed. She thinks Seo-Hee was rude to her. She throws a fit to Bi-Chwi when she falls asleep. Bi-Chwi has to get up from the bed. She blames Ha-Ra for doing it to her. She asks her if she robbed her man.

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Bi-Chwi tells Ha-Ra that Eun-Beom won’t get married with Seo-Hee. Because the man has no money. Ha-Ra complains that Eun-Beom and Seo-Hee shouldn’t show up in front of her. But Bi-Chwi points out that the two didn’t intend to do that. Ha-Ra swears to take Eun-Beom’s life. Bi-Chwi agrees to Ha-Ra’s plan.

Eun-Beom walks into his office. He’s startled when he sees Ha-Ra holding a pen. He asks her if she appeared in his office. She asks him when he began to see Seo-Hee. He explains to her that he encountered Seo-Hee because she wished him to take back her children from her ex-husband.

But Ha-Ra doesn’t believe what Eun-Beom said. She mentions Seo-Hee told her that the man is very useful. Eun-Beom believes that Seo-Hee wanted to use him because he’s a lawyer. Ha-Ra chooses to believe Eun-Beom after knowing he doesn’t have feelings for Seo-Hee. But she asks him not to help the woman.

But Eun-Beom insists on helping Seo-Hee. Because he thinks he owed the woman something. Ha-Ra learns that her ex-husband doesn’t care for her feelings. She’s furious to leave his office. Ha-Ra tells Yeo-Rae that her client is Joon-Kyung.

Yeo-Rae tells Ha-Ra to drop the case. But Ha-Ra tells Yeo-Rae that she has signed the contract with Joon-Kyung. He intends to have a fight with Eun-Beom at the court. Eun-Beom follows Ha-Ra to walk out of Yeo-Rae’s office. He reminds her that the lawsuit isn’t a joke. Eun-Beom mentions what he told Ha-Ra that he doesn’t have feelings for Seo-Hee. She tells him that she wouldn’t begin the fight if he agreed not to help Seo-Hee.

Eun-Beom has a nightmare that Ha-Ra killed him. He wakes up from the nightmare. He finds out that he’s late. The judge takes a look at the watch. He wants to begin the trial. But Seo-Hee wants to wait for Eun-Beom. The judge reminds Seo-Hee that there’s many people waiting outside.

Eun-Beom arrives at the court before the judge begins the trial. He asks Ha-Ra to borrow her pen to him. She rejects it and she has a fight with him in front of the judge. Eun-Beom runs into Ha-Ra in front of the elevator. He asks her if she asked Bi-Chwi to do it to him. She’s confused.

It flashes back. Bi-Chwi brings the coffee to Eun-Beom when he’s working. She claims that it doesn’t mean she likes him even if she gave the coffee to him. He thinks she poisoned the coffee when she tried to leave. She tells him to throw the coffee away if he suspects it. He drinks the coffee.

Eun-Beom doesn’t believe that Ha-Ra played the dirty. Seo-Hee thinks Joon-Kyung doesn’t have to appear when she visits her daughter. But Joon-Kyung wants to accompany his daughter because he worries that the child will fear Seo-Hee.

Ha-Ra comforts Joon-Kyung that the examiner will stop Seo-Hee if she badmouths him. Seo-Hee is furious to scold Ha-Ra. She thinks Eun-Beom should say something. He tries to take her to get in the elevator. But Ha-Ra bumps him. She gets in the elevator with Joon-Kyung.

The lawyers gather at the restaurant. They make bets on Ha-Ra and Eun-Beom. Bi-Chwi walks out of the restaurant. She tries to take the cigarette from Si-Wook. But she hugs him. She smells him and finds out that he put cologne on. Bi-Chwi realizes that Si-Wook did it for her. He’s shy to deny it. He walks away.

Jae-Gyeom drinks with Eun-Beom. He mentions Ha-Ra told him that she got a divorce with Eun-Beom because of Eun-Beom’s affair. Eun-Beom tells Jae-Gyeom that Ha-Ra is a good girl. Jae-Gyeom wonders why Eun-Beom cheated on Ha-Ra. He believes that he didn’t do that. He reveals he and Ha-Ra had a fight.

It flashes back. Jae-Gyeom takes Ha-Ra home. He asks her for a kiss. She rejects it and tells him that she’s tired. He complains to her that she kept saying that she’s tired after she ran into Eun-Beom. He asks her for being polite. She thinks he doesn’t care for her feelings. She’s furious to walk away.

Jae-Gyeom reveals Ha-Ra didn’t contact him after the fight. He thinks Ha-Ra still loves Eun-Beom. Ha-Ra has a fight with the aunt at home. Because the aunt thinks it was Ha-Ra’s mistake to get a divorce. Joon-Kyung calls Ha-Ra. He tells her that his daughter doesn’t wish to see Seo-Hee.

Ha-Ra thinks the kid doesn’t wish to see Seo-Hee because she hasn’t seen her for a long time. Joon-Kyung intends to let Da-Wool see Seo-Hee when she’s ready for it. Da-Wool walks into Joon-Kyung’s room. She asks him if her mother called him. He denies it and shows the call to her. She leaves. Ha-Ra tells Joon-Kyung that she will find a way to stop Seo-Hee. She opens the drawer and sees the group photo of her and Eun-Beom.

Strangers Again K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of Strangers Again K-Drama ends with Ha-Ra handing over the evidence to the judge. She tells him that Seo-Hee left home because she had an affair. He takes a look at the evidence. He finds out that the one who made Seo-Hee cheat on her husband was Eun-Beom.

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