Strong Girl Nam-Soon: Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Strong Girl Nam-Soon: Episode 7. Nam-Soon holds Hwa-Ja’s hand. She makes her not hurt her. She pushes her over. Hwa-Ja is hit by the box. The manager tells the workers to leave when they come to Nam-Soon.

What Happens In Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 7?

Strong Girl Nam-Soon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Strong Girl Nam-Soon: Episode 7.

Nam-Soon walks to Hwa-Ja in episode 6. She asks her if she hates her. Hwa-Ja thinks she would happy if Nam-Soon didn’t appear. Hee-Sik intends to arrest Hwa-Ja. But the box broke her leg. Geum-Ju walks into the meeting room. Si-O is waiting for her.

Madam Kim serves them the wines after they had a seat. Geum-Ju plays the game with Si-O. She asks him to accept her offer if he loses. She defeats him and tells him that she’s going to invest in his company. But she wishes to know the men behind his company.

Bong-Go wipes the window of his store. He sees the family photo of Geum-Ju. He thinks he shouldn’t appear in the photo. Nam-In covers his eyes from his back. Bong-Go knows it’s his son. Nam-In wonders how did his father know it was him.

Bong-Go reveals Nam-In’s hands smell of sandwiches. Nam-In tells his father that he told his mother that he wants to live alone. But Bong-Go thinks his son’s dream is going to be ruined by Geum-Ju. Nam-In takes a look at the family photo. He finds out that his father made him look slimmer.

He thinks Geum-Ju won’t wish to see the photo because she wanted to conceal Nam-Soon’s identity. Geum-Dong finds the culprit for Jun-Hee. Joong-Gan tries to call the police. But Geum-Dong stops his mother. He reminds her that he will be arrested if she does so.

Young-Tak visits Dong-Suk. Dong-Suk reveals he has overcome the desire to water. He asks Young-Tak about Hee-Sik. Young-Tak reveals Hee-Sik went to Doogo. He tells Dong-Suk to trust Hee-Sik when Dong-Suk thinks Hee-Sik shouldn’t go to Doogo.

Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon are in the car. He mentions what he told her people don’t change easily. She wonders if Hwa-Ja wanted to kill her. He thinks she was nice enough. He asks her to be nice to him. He thinks Hwa-Ja will be arrested after she gets the treatment from the hospital.

Will Geum-Ju Hold A Birthday Party for Bong-Go?

She asks him about Dong-Suk. He gets a call from Dong-Suk who tells him that nobody tested positive for drugs. Nam-Soon offers to buy the items instead of stealing them. But Hee-Sik thinks the people won’t sell the items to them. She decides to look into the president’s laptop. She believes that there will be the client list in the laptop.

Hee-Sik agrees to Nam-Soon’s plan. She wonders how will she get into the president’s office. She sees the worker carrying the goods. She goes to help him because she worries about him. But he tells her that he’s fine because he took the energy drink.

Geum-Ju calls Bong-Go. She tells him to come to the family party. He tells the party to Nam-In. Nam-In realizes that his mother prepared a party for his father. But Bong-Go doesn’t believe that Geum-Ju will do so for him because she never held a birthday party for him.

He finds out that his son didn’t eat the chicken. Nam-In reveals he took the weight loss pills. Dong-Suk is working in his office alone. He tries to taste the water. He remembers he broke the wall with his fist. He opens the drawer. He finds the masks.

Geum-Dong meets with Na-Young at Nam-In’s cafe. Na-Young tries to leave. But Nam-In brings the fried chicken to her. He finds out that his grandma isn’t at the cafe. Geum-Dong reveals Joong-Gan went out with Jun-Hee. He tries to talk with Na-Young. But he finds out that she has left.

Joong-Gan breaks into the culprits the house. She’s rude to catch the culprits. Jun-Hee is startled after she threw the two culprits into the car. She carries the two culprits to the police station. She tells them that she will cook them if they don’t return the money to Jun-Hee.

She walks out of the police station with Jun-Hee. The cop reveals the car owner passed away after he took the drugs. She returns to her car with Jun-Hee. He wonders why she’s so powerful. She reveals she does so because her family gene.

She gets a message from Geum-Ju who tells her to come to the family party. She invites Jun-Hee to attend the family party with her. But he thinks she’s a man. Nam-Soon carries the goods away. Hee-Sik smiles when he sees her off. He remembers Geum-Ju asked him if he likes her daughter. He thinks he likes Nam-Soon.

Geum-Ju meets with the man. She asks him to look into Bread Song for her. She gets a call from Hong-Do who leaks the whereabouts of Bread Song to her. Bread Song meets with Ms. Gong at the cafe. He tells her that she will be rich if she invests in the company.

Geum-Ju shows up. She mentions Ms. Gong hasn’t played golf with her for a long time. She joins her and she asks Bread Song to let her do the business with him. But he rejects it and leaves the cafe. The manager finds Nam-Soon. He asks her why he stole the goods.

How Does Si-O Know Geum-Ju Found Her Daughter?

Nam-Soon calls Hee-Sik. She reveals Si-O has known she stole the masks. She wants to catch the chance to be close to Si-O. But Hee-Sik worries her. She walks into Si-O’s office. He smiles when he sees her. She greets him. He tells Secretary Yoon to leave.

She explains to him that she stole for her parents. She asks him for his number after knowing he wants to be a friend of her. He asks her to have a dinner with him. But she rejects it because she has her plan. She promises to tell the time to her when she wishes him to buy her a meal. She leaves his office.

Nam-Soon calls Hee-Sik. She tells him that she has gotten Si-O’s number. He tells her to wait for him at the warehouse when he drives. He arrives at the warehouse. She waves at him. He runs to her. He wonders how did she leave Si-O’s office since she stole items.

She reveals she’s going to see her father. She tells him to catch her when she runs. Si-O spots them from his office. Bong-Go waits for Nam-Soon at the amusement park. He’s happy to see his daughter. But he finds out that his daughter took a strange man.

Hee-Sik introduces himself to Bong-Go. He reveals he’s Nam-Soon’s friend. He mentions Nam-Soon came to his studio because he gave the coupon to him. He leaves. Bong-Go takes Nam-Soon to the amusement park. Nam-Soon has fun. Bong-Go thinks his daughter would have fun early if he didn’t lose her. He reveals she was hurt when she tried to pick the stars. He tells her not to be hurt again because he worries about her. She promises it. Secretary Yoon reports to Si-O that Geum-Ju just found her daughter.

Episode 7 of Strong Girl Nam-Soon ends with Nam-Soon walking into Si-O’s office. He tells her that he wishes her to be one of his wings. He promises to change her life. She agrees to it. But he asks her to past the test. He takes her to the place. He lets the machine to fall to her. She lifts the machine.

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