Castaway Diva K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Castaway Diva K-Drama: Episode 1. Mok-Ha asks her classmates if they have A-Ra phone at the school. Mok-Ha’s friend gets angry when the classmate knows nothing about the phone. Seo-Joon is on the way to the radio show. He gets a call from the president.

What Happens In Castaway Diva Episode 1?

Castaway Diva

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Castaway Diva K-Drama: Episode 1.

The president tells Seo-Joon to let Ran-Joo to promote a fan video contest. Mok-Ha is nervous after her phone turned off. Young-Joo comforts Mok-Ha that they still have time. The radio show DJ scolds his assistant when Ran-Joo doesn’t come.

The assistant reveals Ran-Joo just got off the elevator. She thinks she will be sick because of Ran-Joo. But she greets Ran-Joo when she shows up. Young-Joo finds the boy Ki-Ho who has A-Ra phone. She asks him to lend his phone to her.

But Ki-Ho is heartless to ask Mok-Ha for some money. She cries to complain to Young-Joo that she forgot to charge her phone. Ki-Ho lends his phone to Mok-Ha. Ran-Joo calls Mok-Ha. Mok-Ha cries to tell Ran-Joo that she loves her very much.

It makes Ran-Joo laugh when she does the radio show. The DJ tells Mok-Ha not to cry. He reveals she’s staying with the diva Ran-Joo. But she continues to cry. She thinks Ran-Joo’s voice is very beautiful. Ran-Joo calls Mok-Ha’s name.

It makes Mok-Ha wish to die in peach. Ki-Ho grabs the phone from Mok-Ha. He mentions she wished to die in peach. She’s furious to yell at him. She tells Young-Joo that she would become a diva if Ki-Ho didn’t take away the phone. She decides to take part in the fan video contest. Because she believes that Ran-Joo will review her video.

Does Ki-Ho Film Mok-Ha?

But Young-Joo reminds Mok-Ha that she doesn’t have a digital camera. She asks the boy if he has a digital camera. He denies but he reveals he knows someone has a digital camera. Ki-Ho works for Yong-Gu. He asks him not to tell his father that he works for him. He reveals he wants to buy his father a birthday present.

But Young-Gu reports it to Ki-Ho’s father Bong-Wan when he eats with him at a restaurant. He tells him to pretend not to know it when he receives the present. Bong-Wan returns home. He beats his son and asks him where he’s going to run. He thinks his mother told him to do that. The camera films it.

Ki-Ho hangs the broken mirror on the wall. He takes a look at his wounds. He goes to the school. Mok-Ha is taking class in the classroom. She takes a look at Ki-Ho. She tries to run to him after the class. But she avoids him when he looks at her.

She remembers the boy told her that Ki-Ho has a camera. Dae-Woong rides Ki-Ho’s bike. Ki-Ho asks Dae-Woong for some money. Dae-Woong is furious to walk away. Mok-Ha runs to Ki-Ho when she hands over the cash to him. He mistakes that she wants to ride his bike. But she tells him that she pays him for the camera.

Ki-Ho is going to film Mok-Ha in the hall. He thinks she’s a crazy girl after she put the flowers in her hair. She explains to him that Ran-Joo likes the flowers. She thinks she’s a noble. But he tells her that the flowers are potato flowers. She reveals she’s going to go to see Ran-Joo if she wins.

She sings when she plays the guitar. It stuns him. He films her. He watches her footage at home. He remembers he told her that she is lack of something is her song. Mok-Ha’s father Jung-Ho ruins Mok-Ha’s guitar. He blames her for reporting him to the police. He throws away her phone.

Ki-Ho finds out that Mok-Ha doesn’t come to the school. He asks Young-Joo about Mok-Ha. Young-Joo thinks Mok-Ha is sick. Mok-Ha calls the police when Jung-Ho is working. Dae-Woong asks Ki-Ho to give him a ride. But Ki-Ho bikes away.

He arrives at Mok-Ha’s house. He sees the police. Jung-Ho explains to the cop that he beat his daughter because his wife left him. He thinks Bong-Wan understands his feelings because his wife left him as well. Bong-Wan forces Mok-Ha to apologize to her father when her father hugs her. She tears up.

Does Ran-Joo Watch Mok-Ha’s Music Video?

Ki-Ho returns home. He finds out that he didn’t give the music video to Mok-Ha. So he returns to the restaurant. He give the music video to Mok-Ha. He reminds her that the fan video contest is going to end. He apologizes to her. She reveals Ran-Joo came from the island when she watches Ran-Joo’s show.

Mok-Ha tells Ki-Ho that she agrees to what he said that she’s lack of worries. She reveals she wishes to be like Ran-Joo. He returns home and he posts her music video to the video contest. Ran-Joo watches Mok-Ha’s music video. She asks Seo-Joon to look for an agency for her. He tells her to choose him.

Ran-Joo gets off the car. She’s surrounded by the fans. She asks Seo-Joon about the music videos. She tells him that she will think about his proposal if he gives her a good answer. He mentions the girl. Seo-Joon calls Ki-Ho. He tells him that he wishes to talk with Mok-Ha.

Ki-Ho finds Mok-Ha. He hands over his phone to her. He reveals there was a person who came from an agency watched her music video. She has a talk with Seo-Joon. He asks her to come to Seoul. But she rejects it because she thinks it’s hard to her.

Does Mok-Ha Come to Ki-Ho?

Mok-Ha returns the phone to Ki-Ho. She thanks him for what he did for her. He follows her and persuades her to go to see Ran-Joo. But she thinks she’s not a child anymore. She walks into the classroom. She asks the classmates to submit the forms to her.

But they ignore her. It makes her cry because she thinks they don’t listen to her. Young-Joo scolds the classmates. Ki-Ho looks at Mok-Ha. He remembers she told him it’s a secret when he wanted to know what she will do if she sees Ran-Joo.

He thinks she wanted Ran-Joo to come to save her. He stops her before she leaves the school. He hands over the map of his house to her. He tells her that he knows she will be killed like a fish if she returns home. She tears up and thinks there’s no way.

He tells her to come to him if her father beats her again. She thinks he’s not a hero. She asks him what he will do. He reveals he plans to leave the island with her. He promises to take her to see Ran-Joo. She runs into her room. She closes the door.

Her father asks her to open the door when he knocks at the door. She looks at the map Ki-Ho gave her. She remembers he told her to come to him. She visits him when it’s raining outside. He finds out that she’s barefoot. He puts the raincoat on her. He wears the shoes for her.

Episode 1 of Castaway Diva ends with Mok-Ha waking up from her house. She wears the shoes Ki-Ho gave her. She uses the umbrellas to collect the water. She puts the stones on the beach. She wishes someone to come to save her. She jumps into the sea to take the shells.

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