Sweet Home Season 2: Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Sweet Home Season 2: Episode 2. Eun-Yu forces the convoy sergeant to take them to return to Green Home. Jae-Hwan is against it. But Eun-Yu thinks there’s no safe place. The truck is with a flat tire.

Who Kills the Convoy Sergeant?

Sweet Home Season 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Sweet Home Season 2: Episode 2.

Chan-Yeong tells Eun-Yu that they cannot move. She asks the people to wait for her. But Ji-Su reminds Eun-Yu that her brother won’t be Eun-Hyeok. Eun-Yu mentions Eun-Hyeok promised her to come back. She refuses to believe anything until she sees her brother.

Ji-Su shoots the convoy sergeant when he tries to do something bad. Eun-Yu gets off the truck. The convoy sergeant reminds Ji-Su that it’s a mistake. But she’s not moved by his words. Eun-Yu walks into the green home to look for her brother. She finds his broken glasses.

She remembers she wiped the glasses for him. She tears up. She sees the note he left. He promises to come back. Jae-Hwan persuades Ji-Su to kill the soldiers. But the convoy sergeant reminds Jae-Hwan that he needs vaccine. Jae-Hwan is surprised that there’s a vaccine.

He realizes that the soldiers caught Hyun-Su for making the vaccine. The convoy sergeant reminds Jae-Hwan that he will get the vaccine if he saves him. Jae-Hwan tries to grab the gun from Ji-Su. Chan-Yeong points the gun at them. Ji-Su drops her gun.

The convoy sergeant finds Eun-Yu. He takes her out of the Green Home. He beats her. Chan-Yeong stops the convoy sergeant. He reminds him that the people are Crow Platoon. He touches the dead body. He finds out that the body is warm. He thinks there’s a monster at the place.

The convoy sergeant tells Chan-Yeong to tie the survivors because he doesn’t care for their lives. Jae-Hwan hugs the convoy sergeant’s leg to beg him. He mentions he just helped him. But the convoy sergeant runs away. He gets in the truck.

Chan-Yeong ties Eun-Yu up. He reveals he didn’t tell her up well. He tells her to flee after he leaves. He leaves Green Home. The monster shows up. Ji-Su recognizes the monster Myung-Sook. The kid remembers Myung-Sook helped them when the monster attacked them.

Myung-Sook walks out of Green Home. The convoy sergeant drives the jeep to hit her. He pours the gas to her. He tries to burn her because he thinks humans should win. But he’s killed by the monster. Chan-Yeong shoots the monster after everyone left Green Home. But he’s caught by another monster. He runs away and gets on the bus.

Does Jae-Hwan Turn Into A Monster?

There’re five soldiers being killed by the monster. Yeong-Hu tells the soldiers to return to the base with him. But In-Hwan points his gun at Yeong-Hu. Yeong-Hu asks In-Hwan to shoot him. In-Hwan drops his gun. Yeong-Hu leaves with the wounded soldiers.

In-Hwan takes away the name tags from the dead soldiers. He burns them and he pays his respect to them. He gets in the jeep. He leaves. The survivors talk about Myung-Sook on the bus. They mention Myung-Sook turned into a monster because she insisted to stay in Green Home like Eun-Hyeok.

Jae-Hwan thinks Myung-Sook is a monster. But the kid talks back that Myung-Sook is a good monster. Jae-Hwan tries to beat the kid. But someone stops him. Ji-Su remembers she saw Myung-Sook turning into a monster. She blames Eun-Yu for getting them involved. She asks her to care for the lives of others. But Eun-Yu doesn’t want to give up because she thinks her brother is alive.

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Episode 2 of Sweet Home Season 2 ends with Jae-Hwan asking Su-Yeong about the looks of him when they’re on the bus. She’s scared to step back when she sees his ugly face. He grabs her neck. He tries to kill her. Ho-Sang shoots Jae-Hwan.

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