A Journey to Love: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for A Journey to Love: Episode 9. The chief is furious to throw the tea cup to Jia Ling. He thinks she only knows to flatter her leader. He mentions General Jiang likes what she does. But General Jiang passed away.

Who Is Zhu Ji?

A Journey to Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Journey to Love: Episode 9.

Jia Ling asks the chief to forgive her. He tells her not to think about to use the method on him. He tells her to look into the group within seven days. She walks out of his office. Zhu Ji sees the injury on Jia Ling’s face. She realizes that Chief Deng hurt Jia Ling.

Zhu Ji hands over the handkerchief to Jia Ling. She wonders why Emperor let Chief Deng manager them. Jia Ling reveals Red Clothes Guard killed Chief Deng’s father. So Chief Deng hates all of the Red Clothes Guards. She asks Zhu Ji about the message of Yue Sanniang.

Zhu Ji thinks something bad happened to Yue Sanniang. The Red Clothes Guard reports to Jia Ling that Yu Lang was eaten by fish. Jia Ling takes a look at Yu Lang’s dead body. She thinks the person was an expert. Zhu Ji hands over the paper to Jia Ling. He thinks Ren Ruyi is Ren Xin.

But Jia Ling scolds Zhu Ji because Emperor doesn’t allow anyone to mention the name. She burns the paper. She thinks the person wasn’t Ren Xin. Liu Li fights with Li Tongguang. He finds out that she recovered. She thanks him for letting the doctor treat her.

She sees Zhu Ji riding the horse away. She reveals Zhu Ji is Jia Ling’s follower. Li Tongguang thinks Zhu Ji is going to go to Wu Kingdom. Liu Li tells Li Tongguang to go to see Emperor Wu so that Emperor An will give a task to him.

But Li Tongguang tells Liu Li that Emperor An wishes him to be free. Liu Li mentions what Ren Xin said to be heartless when she takes action. She’s surprised that Li Tongguang remembered what his master said. Consort Chu watches the two. She leaves.

Hedong Prince asks the follower to look into Consort Chu and Li Tongguang. Do Changshi tells the soldiers to drink and eat. Ren Ruyi tells Yang Ying to have fun with the soldiers. Yang Ying buys the soldiers a few drinks. Ning Yuanzhou is surprised that Ren Ruyi told Yang Ying how to be an emperor.

Why Ren Ruyi Dances with Yu Shisan?

Ren Ruyi tells Ning Yuanzhou to put her case into his heart. She joins Yu Shisan. She drinks with him. She dances with him. Yu Shisan brags that he got charm. Ning Yuanzhou puts the bread into Yu Shisan’s mouth to make him not speak.

Yuan Lu walks out of his room. Yang Ying wonders if Yuan Lu is fine. He tells her that he recovered. He tries to drink. But Sun Lang stops Yuan Lu. He thinks he shouldn’t drink. He tells him to eat something. Ren Ruyi asks Yuan Lu to sit with her.

She lets him drink. She thinks he doesn’t wish others to treat him as patient. She mentions he wishes to eat meat like others. He agrees to what she said. He thinks he earns if he lives one more day. He drinks up the wine. He mentions he has seen her dancing with Yu Shisan. He believes that she wished to make Ning Yuanzhou jealous. He tells her that the method won’t work. He reveals there were many ladies doing it to Ning Yuanzhou.

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Episode 9 of A Journey to Love ends with Ren Ruyi reveals the Red Clothes Guard ruined her candy man when she caught her. Ning Yuanzhou wonders if Ren Ruyi took revenge. She leaks that the Red Clothes Guard passed away. She mentions the girls of Red Clothes Guard cannot reach 30 years old. She thinks she’s going to die.

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