The King’s Affection: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama The King’s Affection: Episode 2. Hyeong-Seol carries Lee Hwi back to the palace. Crown Princess arrives. He greets her and walks aside. She sees the dead body of Lee Hwi. She collapses and cries. She’s shocked after she took a look at Lee Hwi’s neck.

The King’s Affection: Episode 2 Recap

The King's Affection

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama The King’s Affection: Episode 2.

Ki-Jae shows the stuff to Dam-I, asking her if it belongs to her. She admits it. He wonder why she had it because it’s played by commoners. Seok-Jo shows up and runs to Ki-Jae. He takes a look at Dam-I. Ki-Jae asks Seok-Jo if he completed his task. Seok-Jo admits it.

Ki-Jae tells Dam-I to leave and returns the stuff to her. Eunuch Hong shows up and scolds Dam-I. He’s polite to her after seeing Ki-Jae. Ki-Jae yells at Eunuch Hong, asking him not to let Dam-I leave his room. He walks away with Seok-Jo.

Ji-Un waits for Dam-I on the bridge. He smiles when he sees the girl. But he finds out that the girl isn’t Dam-I. He sighs. Dam-I follows Eunuch Hong and explains to him that she went to give something to Ji-Un. Eunuch Hong is furious to walk in the room. Dam-I chases him and sees Crown Princess.

Dam-I calls Crown Princess mom. But she has found out their trick. She glares at Eunuch Hong, asking him who knew that Dam-I dressed up to be Lee Hwi. He gets on knees to her, and confesses that only the three of them knew it. Dam-I gets on knees to Crown Princess as well. She explains that Lee Hwi asked her to do that. But Crown Princess tells Dam-I that she’s the prince. She asks her not to tell it to anybody.

Eunuch Hong cries after knowing Lee Hwi passed away. Dam-I walks out of the room. Eunuch Hong follows her. She tells him that she wants to go home. But he takes her to hide because he spotted Crown Princess. Crown Princess tells Ki-Jae that he cannot stop her because she’s the woman who lost her daughter.

Ki-Jae wants to take a look at Dam-I’s dead body. Crown Princess thinks his father doesn’t believe in Seok-Jo. But he ignores her and sees Dam-I’s dead body after Seok-Jo opened the cloth. Dam-I is shocked after seeing it. Crown Princess tells Ki-Jae to keep the dead body. He tells her that he did it for her. He walks away after he left the torch. She tears up.

Ji-Un runs into I-Wol. He asks her for giving the letter to Dam-I because he knows that she’s a friend of Dam-I. But she refuses to accept the letter because Dam-I left. Ji-Un is lost to walk. He runs into Seok-Jo. Seok-Jo asks his son why he appears in the palace. Ji-Un reveals he came to look for his friend.

Ji-Un asks Seok-Jo to look for Dam-I for him. But he rejects it because it’s not his business. He’s cold to walk away. Dam-I refuses to eat. Crown Princess shows up. She puts the spoon in Dam-I’s hand, and tells her to eat it. But Dam-I rejects it. Crown Princess reminds Dam-I that everybody around her will get killed if she refuses to eat. Dam-I looks at the people around her. She begins to eat, and sheds tears.

Dam-I walks in the palace. She pays her respect to King and Queen. Queen asks Dam-I for taking care of herself after knowing she’s sick. King ends the talk and tells Dam-I to leave. But her crown drops when she tries to get up. She picks the crown up and wears it. It makes Queen laugh.

Lee Hwi walks out of the king’s palace with Court Lady Kim. She thinks her crown dropped because it’s not suitable for her. Court Lady Kim promises to fix it. The maid brings the medicine soup to Lee Hwi. Lee Hwi tries to take the bowl. But it burns her hand.

The maid tries to take the fragment of the bowl. But it hurts her hand. Lee Hwi calls Eunuch Hong and asks him to go to take the ointment when she helps the maid clean up the fragments. Crown Princess shows up. She lets her followers take away the maid.

Lee Hwi tells her mom to invite a doctor to see the maid. But Crown Princess rejects it. She tells Lee Hwi to only think about herself. She tells her to only respect the king and the crown prince. But Lee Hwi still wants to say sorry to the maid.

Crown Princess sighs. She walks to Lee Hwi, putting her hand on her shoulder. She tells her to make the maids fear her to protect herself. Lee Hwi tries to shoot. Lee Hyun shows up behind her. He tries to teach her how to shoot. But she points her arrow at him. Eunuch Hong shows up. He introduces Lee Hyun to Lee Hwi. Lee Hyun tells Lee Hwi that he wants to attend her birthday. She’s confused.

Lee Hyun attends Lee Hwi’s birthday party. Eunuch Hong reminds Lee Hwi that she saw Lee Hyun before. Lee Hyun feels happy because Lee Hwi recognized him this time. Ki-Jae shows up. He wishes Lee Hwi a happy birthday. She’s scared. She remembers that he burned her brother’s body after he killed him. Ki-Jae tells Lee Hwi that he will continue to work for her.

Lee Hwi vomits to the basin. Eunuch Hong thinks she shouldn’t continue to see the guests because she’s anxious. She takes over the handkerchief from him. She wipes her mouth with the handkerchief. She tells him that she can take care of it.

Court Lady Kim reports to Lee Hwi that Ji-Un wants to see her. She lets Ji-Un came in. Ji-Un walks into Lee Hwi’s room. Lee Hwi is shocked when she sees him. She hides behind the curtain. He pays his respect to her. He thanks her for give him the chance to let him see her.

Ji-Un gets on knees to Lee Hwi. He tells her that he wants to wish her a happy birthday after knowing she’s like a girl he knows. He tells her that he’s going to go to Ming Empire to study. He tries to leave with Eunuch Hong. But she stops him and asks him if the girl is Dam-I. Ji-Un is surprised that Lee Hwi knows Dam-I. She tears up and places the stuff on the table. He tells him that Dam-I asked him to give them to him.

Eunuch Hong picks up the stuff from the table. He gives them to Ji-Un. Lee Hwi mentions what Dam-I told him that the stuff will help Ji-Un. Ji-Un takes a look at the stuff. He asks Lee Hwi if he knows Dam-I’s whereabouts. He denies it. He leaves his room. Lee Hwi sighs. Ji-Un walks out of Lee Hwi’s palace. He turns around and takes a look at the palace. He walks away. Lee Hwi runs out of her room. Eunuch Hong chases her.

Ji-Un runs into Seok-Jo. He avoids him. The maid I-Wol blocks Seok-Jo’s way. She greets him and asks him if he was the one who wanted to find Dam-I. He lets Ki-Jae walk away. I-Wol asks Seok-Jo if he knows Dam-I’s whereabouts. He denies it. She tries to leave. But he stops her and tells her that he needs her help.

Seok-Jo takes I-Wol away. Ji-Un follows them. I-Wol tells Seok-Jo that she needs to go home. He takes out his sword. She’s scared to ask him for his mercy. He tells her that she won’t feel painful because his sword is very fast.

Ji-Un stops Seok-Jo when he lifts his sword. He asks him why he has to take the maid’s life. Seok-Jo refuses to leak it. I-Wol catches the chance to run away. Seok-Jo chases her. Ji-Un chases Seok-Jo. Seok-Jo catches I-Wol. He kills her with his sword.

Court Lady Kim reports to Crown Princess that she didn’t find Lee Hwi. Crown Princess tells Court Lady Kim that she won’t forgive herself if her another kid is killed. Court Lady Kim comforts Crown Princess that she will find the kid for her.

Lee Hwi remembers she followed Seok-Jo and Ji-Un. She saw Seok-Jo killed I-Wol. She cries when she sits on the floor. Court Lady Kim and Eunuch Hong look for Lee Hwi. She tells him to choose another path. He cries after he failed to find Lee Hwi.

Court Lady Kim sees Eunuch Hong taking a break. She scolds him and tells him to go to look for Lee Hwi. He wipes off his tears and confesses that he feels guilty for not helping Lee Hwi. Court Lady Kim wipes off Eunuch Hong’s tears. She reminds him that they will be killed if the king finds out that the prince is a girl.

Lee Hwi shows up before Court Lady Kim and Eunuch Hong leave. The two cry when they see Lee Hwi. Lee Hwi tears up. She thinks she should take duty for her brother and I-Wol’s deaths. Court Lady Kim grabs Lee Hwi’s hands. She tells her that she doesn’t do anything wrong. She hugs her and comforts her.

The King’s Affection: Episode 2 Ending

Lee Hwi shoots Prince Changun and makes him fall off the horse. He’s furious to yell at her. She tells him that she won’t forgive him next time. She rides the horses away. She tries to shoot the deer. But she gets shot by Prince Changun.

The King’s Affection: Episode 2 stars Park Eun-Bin, Ro Woon and Nam Yoon-Soo.

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