The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

The Legend of Shen Li is the latest Zhao Liying‘s Chinese drama after she starred The Legend of Fei. It’s the second cooperation of her and Lin Gengxin after they starred Princess Agents. We still remember Chu Qiao didn’t save Yu Wenyue from the lake. Anyway! What happens in the episode 1. Here is what we know.

Shen Li Turns Into A Chicken

The Legend of Shen Li

The heavenly emperor arranges a marriage for the princess of the Spiritual Realm Shen Li. He asks her to marry the man she doesn’t love. She runs away from the wedding. The heavenly emperor sends the generals to come to catch Shen Li.

Shen Li’s follower Mo Fang stabs Shen Li because he doesn’t wish her to be caught by the generals. Shen Li falls from the sky. She turns into a chicken. The butcher catches Shen Li from the mountain. He throws her into the cage. He’s going to sell her.

The guy Xing Zhi passes by the market. He buys Shen Li from the butcher with a high price when the butcher thinks Xing Zhi can pay it with a low price. Because he knows Shen Li will get angry if she knows she was bought with a low price.

He takes her home and he pushes her into the pool. He lets her take a bath. It almost kills her. Shen Li is arrogant even if she’s just a chicken now. Xing Zhi provides the cakes for her. She doesn’t eat it in the beginning.

Because she thinks he couldn’t cook good food. But she finds out that the cakes are delicious. She eats up the cakes and she asks for more cakes. But he tells her that there’s no cake anymore. He walks out of his house to sell ginseng. She mistakes him to sell his body.

Xing Chi’s admirer Xiao Tao sneaks into Xing Zhi’s house. She wants to do something before she goes to run business with her father. She sees Shen Li. She catches her and she plans to cook her because she thinks the chicken is good for Xing Zhi’s health.

Shen Li swears to kill the heavenly emperor if she’s killed. Xing Zhi returns home before Xiao Tao kills Shen Li. He asks her not to kill his chicken. Xiao Tao reveals she’s going to leave. She wishes to get the present from Xing Zhi.

But he tries to give a cloth to her. The cloth isn’t what she wants. So she rejects it. He stops her when she tries to leave. She’s very happy. But he asks her to close the door before she leaves. Shen Li thinks Xing Zhi is heartless to Xiao Tao.

She blames him. She’s surprised that he can understand what she said. She turns into a human under the moonlight. He finds out that she’s pretty. Xiao Tao visits Xing Zhi again. She tries to confess her feelings to him. But he tells her that he’s not a good man.

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 1 Ending

Shen Li and Xing Zhi go out. She catches the chance to flee after he fed her. She runs into the butcher who tries to catch her. She tries her best to flee from the butcher. She waits for Xing Zhi on the road. She thinks he’s not the man who wants to eat her even if she doesn’t know who he is.

The Legend of Shen Li stars Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin.

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