Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 16 Recap & Ending

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 16 begins with Yin Guo arriving at the airport after she returned to China. Her best friend Zheng Yi comes to pick her up. Liu Xiran arrives at the airport as well. Lin Lin calls Liu Xiran when she comes to pick her up.

Lin Yiyang Begins to Play Billiards

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Liu Xiran is happy to see Yin Guo. She introduces Yin Guo to Lin Lin. But Lin Lin is cool to walk away because she prepared a celebration banquet for Liu Xiran. Yin Guo reveals Lin Lin is her brother’s ex-girlfriend. Zheng Yi wonders who would win when Meng Xiaodong got together with Lin Lin.

Lin Lin takes Liu Xiran to the base of New East City Club. But Liu Xiran doesn’t want to attend the banquet because she left the club. But the people of the club welcome her. Lin Yiyang tells Wu Wei that he’s going to play billiards.

Wu Wei is very happy because he knows Lin Yiyang suffered a lot. Yin Guo returns home with Zheng Yi when her mother prepares the celebration banquet for her. Zheng Yi wonders why Yin Guo didn’t tell her mother that her boyfriend is Lin Yiyang.

Yin Guo reveals her mother was the judge who punished Lin Yiyang. Zheng Yi thinks Yin Guo and Lin Yiyang are over. Yin Guo calls Lin Yiyang. She reveals the players were easy after Meng Xiaodong went to do a closed training. She asks Lin Yiyang if he decided his work.

He denies it. She comforts him and she tells him to go to look for a job. Meng Xiaodong is going to go to do a closed training. Jiang Yang stops him. He reveals Lin Yiyang applied the China Open Macao Qualifier. Meng Xiaodong books a ticket.

Lin Yiyang arrives in Macao. He’s going to play billiards. But he’s nervous. So he calls Yin Guo. He reveals he’s going to play billiards. But he worries that he will be defeated. She feels happy after knowing he decided to play billiards. She cheers him up that she will always support him.

Lin Yiyang walks into the field. He defeats the player and he wins the championship. Meng Xiaodong comes to watch the game. He applauds. Lin Yiyang returns to the hotel. He runs into Meng Xiaodong. He wonders who sold the message to Meng Xiaodong.

Meng Xiaodong thinks it’s obvious. He wants to buy Lin Yiyang a meal. But Lin Yiyang offers to buy Meng Xiaodong a meal. Meng Xiaodong asks Lin Yiyang to change the ticket. But Lin Yiyang rejects it because it’s a special-priced ticket.

Meng Xiaodong decides to support Lin Yiyang to be his brother-in-law. Because he thinks he’s frugal. The team member blames Yin Guo for not telling her that Lin Yiyang went to take part in the Macao Qualifier. She reveals Lin Yiyang got the championship.

Yin Guo calls Lin Yiyang when he’s sleeping in his room. He reveals he was in Macao when he called her. He tells her that he was nervous before he took part in the game. Lin Yiyang continues to take part in the games. But he fails.

The billiard room owner decides to buy everyone beer for cheering Lin Yiyang up. But Lin Yiyang buys everyone beer instead. Because he needs to go to wish someone a happy birthday. Yin Guo’s family prepares a birthday party for Yin Guo.

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Meng Xiaodong catches the chance to tell his grandma that Lin Yiyang helped him rent the house. His grandma thinks Lin Yiyang is a good guy. Lin Yiyang calls Yin Guo. She tells him that she’s not convenient because she’s staying with her family.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 16

Lin Yiyang asks Yin Guo for a meeting up. He reveals he’s in China. She’s excited and she’s going to go to see him. Meng Xiaodong follows her out of the house because he knows the one who talked with her was Lin Yiyang. He mentions Lin Yiyang lost in the game. He asks Yin Guo to tell Lin Yiyang to care for his health. Yin Guo finds out that Lin Yiyang is Meng Xiaodong’s true love.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 16 stars Zhao Jinmai, Wu Lei and Wang Xingyue.

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