The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 13 Recap

Xing Zhi’s love is restrained. It’s obvious that he stays in Spiritual Realm for Shen Li. But he doesn’t break off the engagement of her and Fu Rong. He chooses to watch it as a god in The Legend of Shen Li episode 13. But he forces Shen Li to confess that Mo Fang is just her colleague.

Fu Rong Molests A Salesgirl

The Legend of Shen Li

Fu Rong goes to the bar to drink. The salesgirl lets him taste the best wine in the world. But he molests her when he’s drunk. Mo Fang passes by. He beats Fu Rong. The salesgirl complains to Shen Li that she has pride even if she’s a salesgirl.

Shen Li lets the salesgirl write down a letter to sue Fu Rong. She lets Xing Zhi give the letter to Heavenly Emperor when she wishes him to break off the marriage. She doesn’t plan to report it to Spiritual Queen. Because she knows Spiritual Queen will punish Mo Fang if she does so. She knows she cannot change her fate to marry Fu Rong. But she wants to do something before she becomes his wife.

Xing Zhi Gives Shen Li A Treatment

Shen Li has felt uncomfortable after she took Green and Blue Pearl. She has a fever. Rong Ya worries about her master. She goes to see Fu Rong when she wishes him to give Shen Li a treatment. But he’s not at home because he went to the camp.

So she goes to see Xing Zhi. He reports to him that Shen Li is sick. He gives Shen Li a treatment and he waits for her outside the house. Rong Ya mistakes that he’s a heartless god. Shen Li wakes up next day. She gives some money to Xing Zhi for thanking him for healing her. She tells him to go to buy anything he wants to eat. But he chooses to follow her to the camp.

Shen Li Tells Fu Rong that Mo Fang Is Her Man

Shen Li arrives at the camp. She sees Fu Rong tangling Mo Fang. She tells him that Mo Fang is her man for making him break off the marriage. But Xing Zhi mentions she rejected Mo Fang before. She tells the soldiers that she will buy the person wine if he defeats her.

She defeats some of the soldiers. She believes that there’s nobody wishing to fight with her. But Xing Zhi volunteers to take part in the game. He defeats Shen Li and he asks her if Mo Fang is her man. She has to admit in front of the soldiers that Mo Fang isn’t her man. Fu Rong laughs. He mistakes that Xing Zhi did it for him. But he doesn’t know Xing Zhi did it for himself because he wishes to know the answer as well.

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The Legend of Shen Li Episode 13 Ends with Xing Zhi Sending the Letter to Heavenly Emperor

Fu Rong thinks Xing Zhi is his ally after he resolved the problem for him. But Xing Zhi has sent the letter to Heavenly Emperor. It means that Heavenly Emperor knows Fu Rong molested the salesgirl. Fu Rong worries that his grandfather will scold him.

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