The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 12 Recap

Xing Zhi the last true god doesn’t return to God Realm. He chooses to live with Shen Li in The Legend of Shen Li Episode 12. Fu Rong lives in the palace as well. He comes to bring trouble to Shen Li. He does a great job through stealing her weapons.

Xing Zhi Punishes Fu Rong

The Legend of Shen Li

Ru Rong goes to clean the miasma. But he finds out that there’s no miasma in the city. He runs into some people who worship Xing Zhi. He comes up with the idea to get rich through selling the ticket. He tied Rou Ya up and he asks the people for the money when he promises to let them see Xing Zhi.

Mo Fang passes by. He sees what Fu Rong does. He drags him into Shen Li’s palace. Shen Li knows what Fu Rong did. But she chooses to bear it even if he claims that he’s a trash. Xing Zhi punishes Fu Rong for Shen Li. But she asks him not to step in her family business.

Shen Li Condolences to Zi Xia’s Family

Shen Li goes to the market with Xing Zhi. The store owner persuades her to buy the sweetened lotus seeds. She remembers Zi Xia’s daughter A Nuan liked to eat the sweetened lotus seeds. She visits Zi Xia’s house with Xing Zhi after she bought him the ice lolly. She tells A Nuan that her father asked her to bought her the sweetened lotus. A Nuan believes that her father is alive. But Shen Li and A Nuan’s mother know Zi Xia won’t come back. Shen Li comforts the madam.

Fu Rong Steals Shen Li’s Weapons

Shen Li is lack of money because Xing Zhi and Fu Rong live in her house. She tells Rou Ya to go to ask the two for the meal fees. Rou Ya runs into Fu Rong. He gives some money to her. But he steals the key from her. He finds Shen Li’s weapon bank.

He steals all of her weapons. Shen Li gets angry after knowing Fu Rong stole her weapons. But she cannot beat him because Xing Zhi protects Fu Rong. Xing Zhi gets the Qiankun Bag from Fu Rong. He finds all of the weapons from the bag. He also finds out that Shen Li kept the hairpin he gave to her. He returns to weapons to her. Shen Li receives the Qiankun Bag. She finds all of her weapons from the bag. She disagrees it when Rong Ya thinks Fu Rong was the one who returned the weapons to Shen Li.

Shen Li Drinks with Mo Fang

Shen Li isn’t happy after Fu Rong stole her weapons. She goes to the market to look for the weapons. But she doesn’t find it. So she drinks with Mo Fang at the bar when she complains to him about it. He takes her home after she was drunk. Xing Zhi sees Mo Fang carrying Shen Li home. He has a fight with Mo Fang.

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The Legend of Shen Li Ends with Shen Li Buying Xing Zhi Ice Lolly

Shen Li shows up when Xing Zhi is eating the ice lolly at the store. She volunteers to buy him the ice lolly because she knows he was the one who returned the weapons to her. She puts the money on the table. But he thinks the money isn’t enough. He asks her to have a talk with her because he knows she drank with Mo Fang all night.

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