The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 15 Recap

Hu Lu takes Shen Li and Xing Zhi to the mountain. He points at the cave. He tells them to go to the cave through taking the wooden raft. Xing Zhi makes a killer with his god power. The killer kills the guards. Shen Li thinks Xing Zhi doesn’t have to do so. But he tells her that it’s interesting.

Jing Xi and Jing Yan’s Fate

The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 15

Xing Zhi asks Hu Lu to leave the job to them. But Hu Lu worries about Xing Zhi and Shen Li. Xing Zhi hands over the stick to Hu Lu. He tells him to use it to protect himself. He flies away with Shen Li. Shen Li walks Xing Zhi. She thinks he was petty.

He reveals there’s nobody defeating Hu Lu when he doesn’t give up the stick. She thinks he did it for thanking Hu Lu for saving them. She arrives at the lake. She stops. He comforts her that he won’t let her drown. She claims that she doesn’t fear water at all.

He uses his god power to drive the wooden raft. She trips. He catches the chance to hug her when he asks her if she’s fine. The earth immortals are locked into the cages. Their powers are sucked. They think the culprits are the people of Spiritual Realm.

Xing Zhi wears the mask with Shen Li. He tells her to beat the people. He ruins the enchantment with just one hit. The killers rush to him. Shen Li fights with the killers. Xing Zhi sits on the wooden raft when he prepares the tea.

He drinks tea when Shen Li works hard. He releases the earth immortals from the cages. The earth immortals thank Xing Zhi after they were saved. They leave. Shen Li thanks Xing Zhi. The people gather in the woods. Shen Li wonders where the previous earth immortals were caught to.

The earth immortal gets angry because he thinks Shen Li knows the whereabouts of the earth immortals. She claims that she knew nothing about the earth immortals were caught. But he badmouths Spiritual Queen. Shen Li tries to kill the immortal earth.

But Xing Zhi reminds her that she cannot clear the name of Spiritual Realm if she takes the earth immortal’s life. She releases the earth immortal. She walks away. Xing Zhi tells the earth immortals not to listen to the rumor. The earth immortal mistakes Xing Zhi as Fu Rong. But Xing Zhi reveals Fu Rong didn’t marry Shen Li. He asks the earth immortals to forgive Shen Li.

Xing Zhi finds Shen Li. He reveals the earth immortals were taken to the south. But she thinks it’s his business. He follows her because Jinxiu City is in the south. He offers to go to eat something. She rejects it but her belly makes sound.

He laughs to offer to use the kitchen to cook something. He promises to cook it on his own. She agrees to it because she misses what he cooked. He holds her hand and he takes her to the teahouse. He tells the teahouse owner that he wants to use her kitchen to cook something. He comforts her that he will pay for it.

The madam serves Shen Li and Xing Zhi the tea. She leaves. Shen Li thinks it’s a dark store. She reveals she killed many evil spirits when the madam thinks Shen Li is just kidding. She lets her come to her. She catches her and she pours the hot tea to her face.

The madam shows her real looks. She’s a snake. Shen Li catches the snake. She lets the person in the house show up. The girl runs out of her house when she begs Shen Li not to kill her mother. But she trips. Xing Zhi thinks the two snakes are stupid.

Shen Li finds out that the girl is Xiao He. But the girl denies it. She reveals her name is Jing Xi. Xing Zhi wonders if the mother and the daughter feared that they will be punished by the earth immortals. Jing Xi reveals the earth immortals were taken away.

The madam asks Shen Li and Xing Zhi to forgive them. She reveals she just took away some people’s food. She tells Shen Li that the earth immortals were taken away by Fusheng Sect. Shen Li realizes that there’s someone with evil intention in Spiritual Realm.

Xing Zhi tells Shen Li to go to Jinxiu City with him. Jing Xi asks Xing Zhi to take her to Jinxiu City. Because she misses her older brother Jing Yan. But he worries that she cannot bear the miasma. Shen Li lets Xing Zhi give a spell to Jing Xi.

The three arrive in Jixiu City. Shen Li finds out that the city is surrounded by the miasma. Jing Xi reveals the city is to be like that because the earth immortals were caught. Shen Li walks into the city with Xing Zhi. She asks him if he has a way to clean up the miasma.

But he thinks they can only resolve the problem when they clear up the miasma in the mountain. She thinks they should resolve the problem in the city first. Xing Zhi runs into the mother and the son. He saves the mother who was affected by miasma.

But the son doesn’t thank Xing Zhi. Because he only trusts the broken immortal. The three are on the way to look for the broken immortal. Jing Xi hits Fu Rong when he shows up. Fu Rong is happy to see Shen Li. But she tells him to get lost because she doesn’t have time to talk with him. He complains to her that he just saved a city. Xing Zhi sees the people. He thinks Fu Rong actually saved them. Fu Rong lets the people leave. He reveals he chose not to ignore it when he ran into the case.

It flashes back. Fu Rong walks on the street. He sees a sick child. He carries the kid to the school. He heals him. He looks at the miasma in the sky. He cleans up the miasma. But the miasma comes after one day. So he sets up an enchantment to protect the people.

Fu Rong reveals he has no way to deal with the miasma. Shen Li thinks he didn’t report it to Immortal Realm because he worried that he would be caught. She mocks him. Jing Xi wonders if Fu Rong saw a taoist priest with a student. He admits it and he tries to hold her hand.

But Shen Li grabs Fu Rong’s hand when she asks him to show her the way. He takes the three to the school. He heals the people. Jing Xi thinks Fu Rong is a good person. She sees her father and her older brother Jing Yan. Xing Zhi and Shen Li are surprised when they see Jing Yan. Because they know he’s Gu Chengjin.

Jing Xi worships Jing Yan when she takes his arm. Shen Li and Xing Zhi walk into the room. They see Jing Yan taking care of the lady who’s like Ye Shi. Shen Li thinks Jing Yan and Jing Xi are repeating their fate. She wonders if Gu Chengjin thought of Xiao He before he passed away.

Jing Xi’s father intends to send Jing Xi away because he worried that she will be affected by the miasma. Fu Rong stops Jing Xi’s father. Fu Rong tells Jing Xi’s father not to let Jing Xi leave because there’s no miasma in the school.

Xing Zhi reveals Gu Chengjin planted many lotus flowers after he became lord. Shen Li thinks Xiao He would be happy. She lets him heal Jing Yan’s woman. Fu Rong reveals the miasma came from Northwest. Xing Zhi believes that the miasma came from the city.

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He reveals he was affected by the miasma. He shows the mark on his arm to the people. Shen Mi sees the mark. She remembers Xing Zhi was bitten by the evil spirit. She’s surprised that he didn’t say anything. Jing Yan sees Fu Rong flirting with Jing Xi. He lets Jing Xi come to him. She sees him taking care of the beauty. She wonders who is the lady. He asks her to lower her voice. Because the lady falls asleep.

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