The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 16 Recap

Shen Li walks out of the school with Xing Zhi. She intends to give the real culprit to Spiritual Clan. But he thinks Immortal Clan will care for it because it’s related to earth immortals. She realizes that he won’t step back when it’s related to Immortal Realm. She agrees to interrogate the culprit together.

Xing Zhi Freezes Fusheng Sect for Shen Li

The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 16

Shen Li and Xing Zhi reach the city wall. Xing Zhi pulls out one one Shen Li’s hairs. The hair turns into a butterfly. It flies around and Fusheng Sect shows up. The butterfly flies into Fusheng Sect. Shen Li and Xing Zhi walk into the nest of Fusheng Sect.

The killers in the house begin to attack them. Shen Li catches one of the killers. She asks him about the whereabouts of the mastermind. She kills him after she got the answer. Xing Zhi blames Shen Li for killing the killer.

She asks him to go to save the earth immortals. She goes to look for the real culprit. She flies into the cave. She’s surrounded by the killers. She kills the killers. Fu Sheng watches it. He praises Shen Li. She blames him for wronging Spiritual Realm.

But he disagrees to what she said. She recognizes him and wonders why he lived so long since he’s a mortal. She asks him about his goal. But he intends to kill her. The masked killer shows up. He fights with Shen Li. She’s hurt by him.

She reaches his neck with her spear. She finds out that he’s Zi Xia. He catches the chance to attack her. Xing Zhi finds the cave. He saves the earth immortals. He notes that Shen Li is in danger. He leaves the cave. Zi Xia catches Shen Li.

He grabs her neck. Fu Sheng stops Zi Xia before he kills Shen Li because he thinks Shen Li is very useful. Xing Zhi saves Shen Li. He wakes her up when she’s in his arms. She asks him to catch Fu Sheng because she wishes to protect Spiritual Realm.

He freezes Fusheng Sect before Fu Sheng flees. He promises to protect Shen Li. She falls asleep in his arms. The people in the city cheer after the miasma disappeared. Fu Rong looks at the moon when Jing Xi joins him. He worries about Xing Zhi and Shen Li.

Jing Xi volunteers to accompany Fu Rong to go to see the patients. Jing Yan sees the two getting together. He takes care of the lady. The lady notes that Jing Yan minds Jing Xi and Fu Rong. She persuades him to go to help Fu Rong. But he rejects it.

Jing Xi wishes to help Fu Rong. But she worries that she will show her real looks. Fu Rong comforts her that his powers will help her when he touches her head. Jing Yan shows up. He tells Fu Rong to respect himself. Fu Rong wonders why Jing Yan out since his lover is lying on the floor.

Jing Yan asks Fu Rong not to ruin the reputation of Shi Luo. Xing Zhi carries Shen Li into the school. He lets Fu Rong come to him. Jing Xi sees Fu Rong running away when Xing Zhi when Jing Yan thinks she shouldn’t stay there. Jing Xi is furious to ask Jing Yan to go to take care of the lady on the floor.

He explains it to her that he did it for a season. It makes her believe that she’s wrong. She leaves. Fu Rong takes Xing Zhi and Shen Li to the room. He finds out that Shen Li was hurt. He thinks Shen Li should talk about it with him before she went to the place.

Xing Zhi points out that Shen Li didn’t trust them. He thinks Shen Li would chase the culprit if she could move. Fu Rong thinks nobody would marry Shen Li. But Xing Zhi tells Fu Rong that he cares for Shen Li. They work together to heal Shen Li.

Fu Rong wonders why hurt Shen Li. Xing Zhi reveals there’re two powers in Shen Li’s body. He asks Fu Rong to go to report it to Spiritual Queen. Fu Rong agrees to it when Xing Zhi intends to summon two mythological animals to accompany him.

Fu Rong shows up. Jing Xi stops him. She asks him about the fairy. She notes that he’s not happy. He reveals he thinks he did nothing after he saw what Shen Li did. She comforts him that he’s outstanding. He wonders if Shen Li will be alive. She believes that Xing Zhi will save the fairy.

Xing Zhi hugs Shen Li. He thinks she’s a problem. Jing Xi watches the sky with Fu Rong after the miasma disappeared. She thinks the sky got better. He makes the stars for her because he thinks she’s prettier than star. He tries to confess his feelings to her. But Jing Yan stops him.

Jing Xi tries to go to Jing Yan. But Ru Rong stops her. He reminds her that Jing Yan won’t care for her if she doesn’t make Jing Yan jealous. He promises to help her but he asks her for a kiss. She rejects it. It makes him laugh. He disappears with her before Jing Yan reaches them.

Shen Li wakes up. She asks Xing Zhi if he caught Fu Sheng. She reveals Fu Sheng was the one who burned Xing Yun’s house. She swears to catch the guy. But he asks her to take a break. She walks him out of the house after she recovered. She thinks it’s good that they got the peace.

She mentions she was hurt after she ran into him. She asks him to repay her with his life. He agrees to give his life to her when the day comes. Jing Yan beats Fu Rong with his stick. Jing Xi takes Fu Rong’s side. She thinks Jing Yan did it too much.

Shen Li kicks Fu Rong from his back. She thinks he’s acting. He turns around and he sees her. He finds out that she recovered so fast. He asks the people to go home since the miasma disappeared. Xing Zhi asks Fu Rong if he wishes to keep his face.

Fu Rong promises to return to Immortal Realm. But Jing Yan doesn’t wish Fu Rong to leave. Jing Xi stops Jing Yan when she asks him what he wants to do. He mentions she stayed with a man for one night. She explains it to him that Fu Rong just took her to watch the stars.

Fu Rong thinks Jing Yan is jealous. Shi Luo sees it. She leaves. Jing Xi asks Jing Yan for the reason he cares for Shi Luo. He reveals Shi Luo saved him ever. She’s furious to tell him that she’s not a kid anymore. She leaves. Fu Rong goes to chase Jing Xi.

Xing Zhi goes out with Jing Yan. Jing Yan reveals his master didn’t teach any spell to him. Xing Zhi volunteers to teach a spell to Jing Yan. He pokes his forehead. Jing Yan turns into the god Qing Ye. Qing Ye mentions they cannot fight it back when Heavenly Rule plans to take back his power.

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He thinks Xing Zhi shouldn’t wake him because it wasn’t Heavenly Rule’s intention. Xing Zhi explains it to Qing Ye that he just didn’t wish him to find the wrong wife. He asks him if he knows Fu Sheng. Qing Ye reveals Fu Sheng was killed.

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