The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 1 [Recap]

Xi Yue and Bei Xuan rebuild diplomatic relations, and 2th prince Kai Erbi sends princess Ai Maila to Bei Xuan getting married. Ming Yue tastes the foods of Bei Xuan, and asks the guy if there is a variety to watch. But he denies.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 1 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Er Bi’s troop is attacked by the assassins, and he fights with the assassins. Ming Yue hears that Xi Yue’s troop is attacked by assassins, and she takes her knife and goes to help Er Bi. The man in black takes the spear to stab the sedan Mai La sits, and man in white stops him.

Er Bi wants to thank Man in white, but he tells Er Bi to return to Xi Yue. The Man in black shoots off his jade pendant, and Man in White chases the assassin. Ming Yue mistakes Man in White as assassin and chases him along the street.

Er Bi asks Mai La if she is ok, and thinks she will know that he does good for her after she sees the flourishing. Man in White saves Ming Yue with silk cloth when she falls off, and he points at the assassin, asking who sent him to kill the princess of Xi Yue.

Assassin bites his tongue and dies. The man calls White in White Prince, and reveals they’re rebel. Prince asks his man to protect diplomatic corps of Xi Yue, and gives his sword to him because it’s stained.

Ming Yue finds Prince and asks him who he is. but he is off when the carriage passes through.

Ling Prince arrives, and the man reports that Prince Xi Yue arrived at the post. The teacher tells Li Prince to get rid of Ming Yue, but Li Prince points his sword at his followers. Li Prince forgives Mr. Qiao because of Hui Xin.

The man hands over the arrow to Ling Prince, and Ling Prince recognizes that it’s dragon saliva incense. The man reveals the perfume satchel is only worn by princes. Ling Prince learns that the person was Li Qian. He orders not to leave any evidence.

The man comforts Ling Prince that he reported that it was attacked by rebel. The man points out that the second aimed at Zi Prince, and Ling Prince looks at Mr. Qiao and warns him not to take action on his own.

Ling Prince asks the man Qing Yuan to give the gold hairpin to Qiao house, and he doesn’t want Hui Xin to be inferior than anyone.

Mr. Qiao mentions the clothes Hui Xin didn’t take a look, and she claims that she doesn’t accept Elder Prince’s gifts. Mr. Qiao reminds his daughter that Li Qian is going to get married, and Hui Xin says that she will understand Li Qian.

Mr. Qiao asks Hui Xin if she wills to be the side concubine, and she says yes. He reminds her that Ling Prince is the elder prince, and thinks it’s only choice for her and Qiao family. But she wants to marry Zi Prince because it’s her mom’s expecting.

Que Xian thinks it’s hard to not make the princess fall for Zi Prince because he is very handsome. Zi Prince tells Que Xian to burn up his clothes. Wu Cheng reports to Zi Prince that Emperor asked Ling Prince to report the being attacked of Xi Yue group.

Zi Prince opens his sword and thinks Ling Prince minds Xi Yue. Tan Li worries that Er Bi finds out that she is the fake, and wonders where Ming Yue went. Ming Yue asks the waiter for the good foods of his the hotel.

Ling Prince walks Zi Prince and thinks his marriage would be gone if the princess got killed. Zi Prince praises Ling Prince for finding the background of assassin. Emperor asks Zi Prince if he wants to see the accident, and Zi Prince admits that he doesn’t want to get married.

Emperor thinks Xi Yue’s safety is very important, and Zi Prince offers to get Ling Prince to protect Xi Yue. Emperor agrees.

Ling Prince praises Zi Prince for giving the task to him, and asks him why he didn’t ask Emperor to cancel the marriage of him and Hui Xin. But Zi Prince tells Ling Prince to persuade Hui Xin to get Emperor to cancel the marriage.

Ling Prince thinks Zi Prince is so heartless, and Zi Prince tells Ling Prince to be affectionate. Ta Li says that she is sick, and Er Bi wants to see her. He is surprised that the person sits in the sedan chair isn’t Ming Yue.

The minister wants to take a look at the princess, and Ming Yue shows up, saying that Princess sent her to buy spices. Ming Yue doesn’t want to follow the rules of the palace, and asks Ta Li to marry for her.

Er Bi asks Ming Yue to exchange the clothes with Ta Mi and thinks she takes the sin of cheating emperor. Kang Yue shows up and wants to take off Ta Li’s veil, but she flees when the maid looks for her.

Ming Yue is getting changed but sees Li Qian staring at her. She asks him what he saw, but he walks away. She gets angry because he looks down on Xi Yue, and thinks he is a eunuch. She does hypnosis on him, but he lies on her after they tripped.

Ming Yue bites Li Qian’s hand, and she is taked away by Ta Li. Li Qian finds out that he turned into a tree and can only tear up. Kang Le tells Ming Yue that she knew that she and Ta Li changed clothes, and asks her to be her best friend.

Hui Xin stares at Ming Yue, and Ling Prince reveals Ming Yue is the woman Li Qian wants to marry. Ming Yue wonders why Hui Xin keeps staring at her, and Kang Le shares that Hui Xin is Li Qian’s childhood lover.

Hui Xin tells Ling Prince not to misunderstand Li Qian, and thinks it’s the only way to keep everyone’s face. Ling Wang thinks Hui Xin will know his love one day. Kang Le introduces Ming Yue to Li Qian as his future princess.

The two walk to each other, and Kang Le asks them if they knew before. But Ming Yue and Li Qian deny.

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