The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 2 [Recap]

Ming Yue tells Ta Li that she wants to return to Xi Yue, but Er Bi reminds Ming Yue that Xi Yue won’t keep her. He tells her that it’s best choice for her to stay at Bei Xuan. She thinks Li Qian will torture her, and Er Bi reveals Li Qian saved them. He thinks she can control Li Qian with her magic, and gives her the heart bell.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 2 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Ming Yue gets hypnosis by Er Bi, and she enjoys Li Qian’s kiss. Er Bi wakes Ming Yue’s up, and thinks her mouth and mind are so different. He tells her not to leave the hotel, and she promises it. Ming Yue wants to get Li Qian to be her horse with the necklace, and Er Bi reminds her that the people will treat it as a black art.

The friend thinks Li Qian gave Ming Yue a hard time because he still loves Hui Xin. Li Qian thinks the friend is like Jin Yu. Jin Yu shows up and asks Li Qian about the difference between Xi Yue and Bei Xuan’s beauties. Ming Yue visits Li Qian, and remembers Er Bi told her to let Li Qian relax for hypnosis.

Ming Yue takes Li Qian’s hand and wants to touch his sensitive part. She tries to take off his clothes, but Li Qian asks Que Yan to send her home. Jin Yu laughs and thinks Ming Yue fell for Li Qian, and the friend asks Li Qian if he has any plan. Li Qian decides to get in the palace and asks for cancelling the marriage.

But Emperor rejects Li Qian’s offer, and Li Qian wants to get Ming Yue to cancel the marriage. The friend reminds Li Qian to find Ming Yue’s weakness. Ta Li panics to tell Ming Yue that Li Qian visited. Li Qian gives Ming Yue the book “paragon of chastity”, and asks her to recite it out tomorrow.

Ming Yue thinks Li Qian saw that she read less books, but she has a plan then. The next day, Li Qian asks Ming Yue about the book, and she speaks out while seeing the note she prepared on her body and the places of the room. But he thinks she used some tricks, so she asks him to search her body. He rejects it and leaves.

Jin Yu mocks Li Qian that he couldn’t defeat Ming Yue, and tells him that women cannot be offended. But the friend points out that Jin Yu likes to be played by Kang Le. He points out that Li Qian never minded a girl, but Li Qian says that he never hated a girl. The friend thinks Li Qian tried to conceal his emotion.

Ming Yue blames Li Qian and thinks she won’t lose. The friend asks Ming Yue if she thought about cancelling the marriage, and she says that she will get bullied even if she returns to Xi Yue. The friend Sikong Zhen wants to be Ming Yue’s friend. Ming Yue asks Sikong Zhen why Li Qian always looks down on people, and he tells her that Li Qian will be soft to her if she can get in his heart.

Sikong Zhen tells Ming Yue that Li Qian doesn’t like women, and asks if she touched Li Qian’s earlobe. Ming Yue laughs and thinks Li Qian’s sensitive part is earlobe. Wu Cheng tells Ta Li that Li Qian wants to know what kind of men Ming Yue dislikes. She shares that Ming Yue dislikes sloppy men. Wu Cheng messes up Li Qian’s room, and Ta Li and Ming Yue visit.

Li Qian glares at Wu Cheng, but Wu Cheng tells Li Qian to stand it. Li Qian tells Ming Yue that he is very casual, but he cannot eat the apple Wu Cheng just bit. Ming Yue tells Li Qian that they’re same kind of persons, and does hypnosis on him. He sees that he stands in front of the burning house, and feels hot.

Ming Yue learns that Li Qian fears fire, and he asks her who she is and what kind of black art she used on him. She says that it’s her duty to know what he fears as his future princess, and threatens to make him the person without secret if he continues hindering the marriage. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be the real wife and husband. Li Qian says that he needs to think about it.

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