The Mythical Realm: Chapter 4 Heart Realm

“Ye Yun, good job! I didn’t expect you hid your true power so deeply. You can survive if you kill me or kneel down in front of me to admit your sins.” Liu Dao Lie warns Ye Yun after he wakes up and stares at him.

The Mythical Realm: Chapter 4 Heart Realm

The Mythical Realm

Ye Yun sneers at him and tramples Liu Dao Lie’s head. The blood and teeth are cast from his mouth.

Ye Yun smiles, “Can you repeat your words again?”

Liu Dao Lie’s face falls with anger, “Fine, can you kill me?”


Ye Yun tramples his head again.

Rookie student doesn’t have right to kill human, but you don’t have to fright me in such way. I can trample you under my feet everyday even if I don’t kill you.

Liu Dao Lie is in a coma after losing lots of blood.

The rookie students keep silent after seeing it.

Ye Yun stares at them with despising.

Liu Dao Lie won’t do anything he want if those guys can oppose him.

“Ye Yun, good job!”

Shen Mo’s eyes are full of worship.

Ye Yun’s heart is warmed by him and walks to touch his head, “Liu Dao Lie won’t give up. You’d better train your body hard, because you can survive once you gain enough power.”

“I remember it.” Shen Mo looks at Ye Yun and nods.

Ye Yun notices there are some different eyes in the rookie students, maybe the bravery isn’t be deprived in some of rookie students.

Ye Yun returns his house after leaving square. The spirit power begins to move through the basic spell after sitting in his bed. He can feels the increasing of his spirit power after one circle.

This is unbelievable as he doesn’t have such feeling even if he trains his body through spirit stone.

What’s the matter? The white and black light not only enhances my power but also improves my physique.

Ye Yun focuses his mind and looks inside his body, but he didn’t discover any difference.

“I have to catch it since God sent this gift to me.”

Ye Yun takes out a spirit stone from his bed.

The spirit stone casts white glow, but it’s low quality.

Rookie student can practice 10 spirit stones each month, but Liu Dao Lie embezzled it. Ye Yun is embezzled 30% spirit stones even if he is in third washing marrow realm.

The spirit stones of thousands students are embezzled by Liu Dao Lie and sent to other teachers. This is dark path of the sword of heaven sect.

Body cannot absorb spirit qi from air when you don’t achieve 7th practicing body realm, this is why rookie student has to rely on spirit stone.

But Ye Yun could feel the increasing of spirit power when he practiced.

What’s the matter? The black and white light transfers my body into absorbing spirit power through air.

What thing will happen if he uses spirit stone.

Ye Yun’s hands are tremble, he wants to know the result the low quality stone can bring to him.

The spirit power enters his hands through his palms, then enters his body.

Just then Ye Yun feels the gas move inside his body, although it isn’t powerful, it’s pure and easy to be absorbed. The spirit gas nourishes his body and enhances itself.

Ye Yun is excited, it isn’t the first time to practice his body through spirit stone. The stone are hard to be absorbed, but it is purified this time. He believes that he can break his current realm to achieve 4th viscus realm which is basic requirement of outdoor student.

Ye Yun absorbed the power of the stone in just one hour.

“The spirit stone isn’t enough.” Ye Yun feels the movement of his spirit power.

The killing intention comes from his eyes.

His mind was changed by black and white light, patient and understated are disappeared inside his body.

Liu Dao Lie’s injury is cured after returning his house. The six students are tremble in front of him.

I won’t blame you for the matters because Ye Yun is so tough and I don’t know what he is hiding. Chen Lin, you go to beast tower to visit Liu Yu teacher and invite him to deal with Ye Yun.

Just then Ye Yun arrives at outside, “Teacher Liu, you don’t have to waste time in such way.”

Liu Dao Lie’s face falls and yells, “Open the defense and don’t let him in!”

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