The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 16 Recap

Han Shuo sets off fireworks for Chen Qianqian and she accepts his love in the end on The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 16 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

This Romance of Tiger and Rose recap contains spoilers.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 16 begins with Han Shuo lighting the gunpowder. The fireworks show up in the sky. Qian Qian is moved to kiss him. Rose City Chief sees the fireworks and she bows to tiger city as they gave her a outstanding general. She decides not to cancel Han Shuo and Qian Qian’s marriage.

Pei Heng sees Han Shuo hugging Qian Qian, and he realizes that Han Shuo loves Qian Qian. Qian Qian apologizes to Yuan Yuan and tells her not to accept Lu Peng’s love. Lu Peng brings chestnut cake to Yuan Yuan and asks her to buy him house. She agrees it. Su Mu gets someone to send a box to Yuan Yuan. Qian Qian thinks Su Mu changed his mind. But Yuan Yuan finds the jade pendant she gave to Su Mu in the box. He tells her not to accept Lu Peng’s love, but she thinks he cannot make decision for her.

Qian Qian is furious to return home, and Han Shuo prepares a cup of tea for her. She complains that the man intends to get the property from the woman. Han Shuo feels guilty but he finds out that what Qian Qian means is Lu Peng. Han Shuo sneaks into Qian Qian’s house. But he hides somewhere when Zi Rui wants to check the room. Qian Qian thinks she and Han Shuo’s relationship boost fast. He brings the cookie to her and decides to leave. But Zi Rui blocks the door.

Han Shuo pretends to sleep on the floor, and he sleeps with Qian Qian in the bed. He promises her that he will find the way to get rid of Lu Peng. The next day, Bai Ji visits Qian Qian’s room and looks for Han Shuo. Zi Rui doesn’t believe Han Shuo would sleep in his master’s room as he kept guarding the door. Han Shuo goes out. Zi Rui and Bai Ji blame each other for not taking duty.

Pei Heng tells students that the new teacher will come to teach them. Qian Qian tells Pei Heng not to give up his dream. But he mentions she doesn’t like him. Su Mu leaves Pei Heng and returns Lin Qi’s club. Lin Qi is furious and wants to whip him as he is so arrogant. But the servant reminds her that they need Su Mu since Lu Peng has left.

Chu Chu wants to search Qian Qian’s room to find the evidence of Han Shuo. Rose City Chief scolds Chu Chu and tells her that she intended to give the throne to her. But Chu Chu points out that Rose City Chief only wants to give the throne to Qian Qian. Rose City Chief is furious to pass out. Chu Chu leaves the palace and sees Lu Peng.

Yuan Yuan sees Rose City Chief and finds out that she has a stroke. Qian Qian goes to see Chu Chu and asks her why she did it on her mom. Chu Chu points out that Rose City Chief only likes Qian Qian. Qian Qian is disappointed and punishes her sister for copying daughter rules.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose ends with Zi Ying reminding Chu Chu to get ride of Lu Peng as he saw her having a fight with Rose City Chief.

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