The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 17 Recap

Lin Qi is dead, and Chen Qianqian realizes that Han Shuo’s fate cannot be changed on The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 17 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

This Romance of Tiger and Rose recap contains spoilers.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 17 begins with Lu Ping visiting women club and telling Su Mu not to tangle Yuan Yuan. He provokes him that Yuan Yuan is a disabled woman. Su Mu beats Lu Peng. Lu Peng swears to take revenge once he becomes the elder princess of husband. But he is killed by Zi Ying.

Bai Ji reports to Qian Qian that Lu Ping was killed. She remembers the plot that Chu Chu will kill Han Shuo in Zi Ying’s help, and Lin Qi killed Lu Peng. Lin Qi talks with the servant how to frame Han Shuo. Qian Qian shows up and finds dagger in her room. Lin Qi is arrested.

Zi Ying thinks Lin Qi will bring the trouble to Chu Chu, and tells his master to set up crime on Lin Qi. Qian Qian is talking with the ministers how to deal with Lin Qi. Chu Chu tells Qian Qian to kill Lin Qi. Qian Qian realizes that Lin Qi cannot die, and decides to exile her to tiger city. But Lin Qi still cares for Chu Chu and throws away Qian Qian’s gold badge.

Yuan Yuan visits Su Mu and asks him to change his mind. But he rejects it. So she tells her that she will marry to the musicians in the club if he still rejects her tomorrow. The musicians are scared and they don’t want to be the one like Lu Peng.

Han Shuo tells Qian Qian that he will find the way to persuade Su Mu, and asks her not to make the decision herself. She agrees to it and tells him not to cheat her. On the way to tiger city, the bodyguards tell Lin Qi that the one who asked them to protect her was Qian Qian. The killers show up and kill the bodyguards. Lin Qi notes that the killers were sent by Chu Chu, and she gets shot falling into water.

Meng Guo reports to Qian Qian that Lin Qi has died. Qian Qian realizes that she needs to push Han Shuo out of the story to save him. Qian Qian tells Han Shuo to visit Su Mu, and she visits Pei Heng asking him a favor. Su Mi disappears after he met Han Shuo.

Han Shuo wants to look for Su Mu. Qian Qian worries that she will get attack once he leaves. So she asks him for his dark troop. The Romance of Tiger and Rose ends with Han Shuo giving the dark badge to Qian Qian. The dark troop only listens to the one who owes dark badge. Bai Ji worries about it.

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