The World of the Married: Episode 14 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 14. Sun-Woo confirms what Joon-Young saw was the scene she and Tae-Oh. She collapses after knowing that she left bad impression to her son. So she lets Tae-Oh take Joon-Young away.

The World of the Married: Episode 14 Recap & Review

The World of the Married: Episode 14

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married: Episode 14.

Hyo-Jung calls Da-Kyung and tells her not to raise Joon-Young as she knew that Joon-Young stole.

Tae-Oh takes Joon-Young home, and Da-Kyung tells Joon-Young to follow rules. She asks him to greet her before going out. Tae-Oh agrees to manage Joon-Young.

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Ye-Rim gets stomachache but she doesn’t find Je-Hyuk. She feels disappointed. He brings the tiramisu to her, and she feels happy.

Myung-Sook knows that Sun-Woo’s not on duty. Just then, a patient visits hospital because of stomachache. Myung-Sook sees the patient for Sun-Woo.

Sun-Woo arrives, and the patient’s family makes trouble because he thinks she made her family in pain. Myung-Sook explains that it’s not the fault of Sun-Woo.

The dean scolds Sun-Woo for her sluggish, and tells her to focus on the works. But she asks to resign.

Sun-Woo leaves resignation letter, and she packs her stuff to leave. Da-Kyung flatters Cha Do-Cheol’s wife in the gathering, and she wants to make up for Joon-Young.

Hyo-Jung doesn’t like what Da-Kyung did, but she doesn’t stop her. Da-Kyung gets praised by the ladies, and she knows that Sun-Woo has resigned.

Joon-Young is limited to go outside, and he complains about it. Tae-Oh says that he will talk with Da-Kyung about it. Da-Kyung returns home and tells Tae-Oh that the psychologist will come to see Joon-Young. She thinks it’s good for the kid.

The hospital lacks Sun-Woo runs well, and Joon-Young adapts his new family. Ye-Rim and Je-Hyuk backs to normal. Myung-Sook has a boyfriend. The people all have perfect life, but they still miss Sun-Woo.

Sun-Woo comes to the place where her colleague lives. The colleague asks Sun-Woo if she wants to work in Busan. But Sun-Woo says that she wants to take a vacation. Myung-Sook gets accepted by the dean, and she becomes vice president.

Tae-Oh is lost after Sun-Woo’s missing. Sun-Woo wants to protected her families but she lost her husband and son. The colleague tells her not to be persistent, and thinks time will solve everything.

Da-Kyung arranges her families to gather with Do-Cheol’s families. Tae-Oh tells Joon-Young to get along with Hae-Kang. Joon-Young feels antipathy.

Sun-Woo cannot get out from the painful emotions because her son dislikes her. She walks to the sea and wants to take her life. Yoon-Ki finds the clothes she left, and sees Sun-Woo in the sea.

Yoon-Ki saves Sun-Woo, and she cries in his arms. Tae-Oh sees the two, and he chooses to leave. Da-Kyung arranges family gathering to make Joon-Young get along with Hae-Kang.

Jenny cries. Da-Kyung mistakes Joon-Young beat Jenny, and she yells at him. Joon-Young is furious to talk back. Tae-Oh gives Joon-Young a slap.

Sun-Woo wakes up and she hears Joon-Young’s shout. She calls him, and he asks her to take him away. She goes to pick up him, but Da-Kyung stops Sun-Woo from taking Joon-Young away.

Da-Kyung thinks keeping Joon-Young is the best choice for him. But Sun-Woo points out that Da-Kyung just wants to keep Tae-Oh. She tells her that she slept with him. It makes Da-Kyung collapse.

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