The World of the Married: Episode 15 Recap & Review

These are the Recap & Review for The World of the Married: Episode 15. Da-Kyung wishes to be a perfect wife. But Sun-Woo tells her that her husband slept with her. She mentions what she told him that she would be like her. But Da-Kyung doesn’t believe what Sun-Woo said.

The World of the Married: Episode 15 Recap & Review

The World of the Married

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married: Episode 15.

Da-Kyung thinks Sun-Woo said so because she wants to ruin her family. But Sun-Woo tells Da-Kyung that she knows the underwear color her husband wore. She tells her that she doesn’t tell a lie to her. She tries to leave. Da-Kyung thinks Sun-Woo is very cheap. She thinks she would feel shame to face her son.

But Sun-Woo tells Da-Kyung that her son was at the internet cafe. Joon-Young is in the car to take a look at the two ladies. Da-Kyung returns home. Hyo-Jung asks Da-Kyung about Joon-Young. Da-Kyung tells Hyo-Jung that Joon-Young is fine.

Da-Kyung tells her parents to leave. But Byeong-Kyu wants to wait until Tae-Oh comes home. Hyo-Jung asks Da-Kyung if Sun-Woo said something strange to her. She tells her mother that she will ignore what Sun-Woo said. Byeong-Kyu asks Da-Kyung about the thing the woman told her.

But Da-Kyung tells her father that it’s nothing. She tells her parents to leave. Hyo-Jung tears up. Sun-Woo takes Joon-Young home. She tells him to eat something with her. Tae-Oh drinks at the bar. He remembers he slapped his son and his ex-wife cried in another man’s arms.

Tae-Oh thinks he hurt many people. He returns home when Da-Kyung is waiting for him. He apologizes to her. He asks her about his son. He goes to Joon-Young’s room. He finds out that his son is missing. He asks her where his son went.

But Da-Kyung only cares if her husband slept with Sun-Woo. She tells Tae-Oh that she won’t forgive him if he told a lie to her. He remembers what Sun-Woo told him not to tell a lie to her as well. Da-Kyung mentions her daughter had a fever at the night. She blames Tae-Oh for telling her a lie that he was with Je-Hyuk.

Da-Kyung asks Tae-Oh if he was with Sun-Woo when she called him. She yells at him when she asks him if he slept with Sun-Woo. He admits it. She laughs to ask him why he did it with Sun-Woo. He tells her that it was just a mistake. He mentions Sun-Woo has left.

Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyung not to let Sun-Woo bother her. But she tells him that she cannot trust him. She thinks the woman still has feelings for him. He explains to her that he tried to let the woman leave. She laughs because she doesn’t believe he slept with the woman for making her leave.

Da-Kyung cries in her room. Tae-Oh is sad as well. Sun-Woo confesses to Joon-Young that she missed his father. She apologizes to him. She cries. She tells him that she will support him even if he hates her. She tells him that she wishes him to be happy.

But Joon-Young tells Sun-Woo that everyone in the school thought he’s a thief. She tells him that she will protect him. He asks her to leave the place with him. She reminds him that he won’t see his father if he leaves. He wipes off his tears. He tells her that he will be fine.

Joon-Young tells Sun-Woo that he doesn’t want to see his father. She agrees to it. But she asks him to give her some days to prepare it. Tae-Oh wakes up. He goes downstairs. He sees Da-Kyung drinking coffee. He goes to drink water. He tries to leave.

But Da-Kyung thanks Tae-Oh for telling her the truth. She thinks it wouldn’t be easy. She asks him if his son knows what happened between him and Sun-Woo. He feels sorry for Joon-Young. She asks him not to let Jenny be like Joon-Young. She thinks she won’t be like Sun-Woo.

Da-Kyung tells Tae-Oh that she’s going to overcome it for Jenny. She wants to get through it with him. But she needs some time. He agrees to give her some time. He promises to try his best. She tells him to eat the breakfast. He has a seat to eat the breakfast.

Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyung that the soup is very delicious. She goes to see Jenny. He shows up when she’s taking care of Jenny. He gives her a goodbye kiss. Joon-Young tells Sun-Woo that he doesn’t want to see Tae-Oh. Tae-Oh knocks at the door.

Sun-Woo tells Joon-Young to stay in his room before she goes to open the door. Tae-Oh asks Sun-Woo about Joon-Young’s whereabouts. But she tells him to tell her what he wants to say to her instead. But he tells her that he wants to see Joon-Young.

Sun-Woo tells Tae-Oh that Joon-Young doesn’t want to see him. He breaks into the room and pushes her aside. He calls Joon-Young and he sees him. He apologizes to him for hitting him. He explains to him that he did it because he was angry.

But Joon-Young tells Tae-Oh to leave. He threatens to call the police if he doesn’t leave. He returns to his room. Sun-Woo tells Tae-Oh not to bother Joon-Young. She yells at him and tells him to leave. He drags her out of the house. He asks her if she planned it.

Tae-Oh asks Sun-Woo why she told Da-Kyung that she slept with him. He thinks she still loves him. She mentions he promised to protect his son. But he hits Joon-Young. She wonders if he fears Da-Kyung will leave him. But he tells her that Da-Kyung isn’t like her.

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Tae-Oh leaks that Da-Kyung is going to forgive him. He asks her if she’s disappointed. But she doesn’t believe his wife will forgive him. He reminds her that Joon-Young likes her because he’s in anger. He swears not to give up his son.

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