The World of the Married: Tragedy Revenge of Medea

“Everything that surrounded me was perfect.”

The doctor Ji Sun-Woo (Kim Hee-Ae) doesn’t expect her perfect life will be ruined by a hair.

The World of the Married: Tragedy Revenge of Medea

The hair is on the scarf of Tae-Oh (Park Hae-Joon). Ji Sun-Woo finds out that she is surrounded by lies. The husband has cheated for two years, and her best friends know it.

Only she doesn’t know, and she takes revenge quietly.

The World of the Married” is adapted from BBC hot tv show “Doctor Foster“. The rating begins with 6.3, and it breaks the premiere record of JTBC dramas.

The staff of “The World of the Married” isn’t luxury but it’s reliable. The director Mo Wan-Il filmed JTBC 2018 drama “Misty“. The screenwriter wrote JTBC 2016 drama “My Horrible Boss“.

“The World of the Married” is the cheating drama Kim Hee-Ae steps in after seven years. She made “Secret Affair” be the classic with her sensibility and tensional acting.

In “The World of the Married”, Kim Hee-Ae doesn’t disappoint us. She’s interpretation of Ji Sun-Woo’s psychological changes with her phenomenal acting.

Even the producer of “Doctor Foster”, Charles Harrison is stunned by her acting.

Cheating is the essential theme in Korean drama. “The World of the Married” is arranged in the weekend, and it gains rating with resonance.

“The World of the Married” continues the main plot of “Doctor Foster” In the first episode Ji Sun-Woo finds out that her husband cheated on her. In the second episode, she finds out that Da-Kyung’s in pregnancy. In the third episode, she finds out that her property is taken away by her husband. She decides to take revenge in the 4th episode.

“The World of the Married” focus on psycho-drawing comparing to Doctor Foster. Divorce is a serious subject in Asian. Sun-Woo decides to give husband a chance for her child, but she makes the decision after seeing the hypocrisy of her husband.

“The World of the Married” won’t bring the joyful revenge drama which most of people expect. Because no matter “The World of the Married” or “Doctor Foster” containing the same tragedy core.

The writer of “Doctor Foster” Michael Bartlett said that the inspiration of the drama came from ancient Greek tragedy “Medea”.

The princess Medea abandons the family and city to help Jason. But Jason betrays Medea and wants to marry to princess Corinth. Medea pretends to get along with Jason well. But she kills Corinth and the king, and she even kills the two sons of Jason. Jason takes his life, and Medea flees to Athens.

No matter the Ji Sun-Woo or Gema, the prototype is Medea who takes revenge on cheating husband and kills sons. Medea doesn’t have to be the murderer in 21st century, but she may also loses what she loves.

In the Doctor Foster Season 2, Gema breaks her ex-husband’s marriage and takes revenge. But her son Tom is missing.

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