Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Gu Xicheng calls Su Yanxi and walks to her. She’s startled to take off Fu Boya’s hand. Gu Xicheng grabs Su Yanxi’s hand. He tries to take her away. But Fu Boya stops Gu Xicheng. He tells him that he doesn’t end the talk with Su Yanxi.

Why Gu Xicheng Cooks for Su Yanxi?

Time To Fall In Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Gu Xicheng allows Fu Boya to talk with Su Yanxi. But he waits for Su Yanxi because she’s his girlfriend. Su Yanxi has to end the talk. Gu Xicheng takes her away. He mentions what he said that she shouldn’t be intimacy to other men.

Su Yanxi explains that she just encountered Fu Boya. She doesn’t believe Fu Boya has feelings for her. Gu Xicheng asks Su Yanxi why she didn’t mention her makeup skills in her resume. She remembers what He Jinxi told her that they cannot get anything if Gu Xicheng finds out that they tricked him.

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Su Yanxi explains that her families don’t like her job so that she didn’t write it. She adds that she likes her job. Gu Xicheng tells Su Yanxi to give the supplements to Grandma. He asks her if she wishes to drink chicken soup. She denies it and touches her leg. He sees it.

Su Yanxi brings the supplements to Grandma. Grandma asks Su Yanxi if the chicken soup is delicious. Su Yanxi tells Grandma not to prepare the chicken soup to her. Grandma laughs. Gu Xicheng tells Grandma not to care for their business.

Su Yanxi stares at Gu Xicheng. She thinks she shouldn’t trick Grandma. Gu Xicheng notes that Su Yanxi is staring at him. He asks her if he’s very handsome. She tells him that she doesn’t look at him. She goes to take the cereals from the cabinet. But the cereals drop.

Gu Xicheng catches the cereals. Su Yanxi tells him that she’s hungry. He cooks for her. But she finds out that he cooked two bowls of noodles. She thinks he has obsessive compulsive disorder. She wants to help him. But he tells her that he doesn’t need her help. He’s furious to walk away.

Lu Anan drinks with Situ Shuo at the bar. She calls Su Yanxi and asks her to pick her up. Su Yanxi goes to see Gu Xicheng. She finds out that he’s working. She doesn’t want to bring trouble to him. She takes the cab to leave. He returns to his room. He finds out that she’s missing.

Su Yanxi finds Lu Anan and Situ Shuo. Gu Xicheng calls Situ Shuo. He finds out that he’s staying with Su Yanxi. The guy asks Su Yanxi to drink with him because he gave many gifts to her. He tries to grab her hand. But Gu Xicheng stops the guy.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Fu Boya tells Su Yanxi that he made many friends because of learning how to draw. He tells her that he wants to work with her. She stops him when the worker is sprinkling. He remembers she protected him before he got hit by the water.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 stars Lin Xinyi and Luo Zheng.

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