Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3. Gu Xicheng catches Su Yanxi before she falls off the couch. Grandma invites Su Yanxi to have breakfast with her. She asks her if she slept well. Su Yanxi admits it. She mentions the couch.

Does Gu Xicheng Take Wedding Photos with Su Yanxi?

Time To Fall In Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3.

Su Yanxi explains to Grandma what she meant was that the couch is pretty good. Grandma tells Su Yanxi that she’s the master of the house. Su Yanxi gets a message from Fu Boya who asks for a meeting up. She goes to see him. She worries that he recognized her.

Fu Boya tells Su Yanxi that he wants to apologize her. He hands over the gift to her because he thinks they’re friends. He buys her band-aid because he noted that her leg is hurt. He tries to apply the band-aid for her. But she rejects it.

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Situ Shuo and Lu Anan arrive at the game room. Both are confident. Situ Shuo carries Lu Anan when he plays game with her. He realizes it. He drops her. He claims that he won if she didn’t interrupt him. Su Yanxi waits for bus at the bus stop.

Gu Xicheng shows up. He takes her to take wedding photos. The photographer forces the two to have a kiss. He catches the chance to take a photo of them. The wedding photo is hung on the wall. Su Yanxi complains it to Gu Xicheng after she saw workers hanging the photo.

Gu Xicheng tells Su Yanxi not to speak when he grabs her hand. Grandma tells the two that she wishes to get a great-grandson. Su Yanxi takes off Gu Xicheng’s hand. She asks him to explain it. But he refuses to explain it. He walks away.

Situ Shuo reports to Gu Xicheng that Fu Boya’s makeup products will affect their products. Gu Xicheng smiles when he thinks of Su Yanxi. Situ Shuo tells Gu Xicheng that his weird smile makes his heart in pain. Gu Xicheng wants to dock Situ Shuo’s salary to make him feel painful more.

Situ Shuo reminds Gu Xicheng that he has to live in his house if he does so. Gu Xicheng rejects it. It makes Situ Shuo belives that Gu Xicheng hid a beauty in his house. Gu Xicheng tells Xitu Shuo to clean the meeting room. Situ Shuo offers to clean house for Gu Xicheng. Gu Xicheng is furious to take the statue. Situ Shuo runs away.

Aunt Mei brings the chicken soup to Grandma. But Grandma thinks it’s not enough. Aunt Mei takes out the ginseng. She believes Su Yanxi and Gu Xicheng will be full of power after they eat it. Grandma mentions she saw the pillow on the couch in Gu Xicheng’s room. She wishes the ginseng to help her. She laughs and lets Aunt Mei add the ginseng into the chicken soup.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Su Yanxi tells Fu Boya that she cannot join his company because she has signed the contract with Flower Face. He asks her to sign the contract with him after she ends the contract with Gu Xicheng. She tries to say something to him. But she sprains her leg. He holds her arm when he cares for her.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3 stars Lin Xinyi and Luo Zheng.

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